Interplanetary quest for the hidden stars!!!

Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited, has launched the “Magical Space Adventure” special packs for kids to discover a whole new magical universe and create their own stories every day.

The Colgate “Magical Space Adventure” has three different sets based on the ‘Magical Space’ theme to cut, play and learn – explore the mystical Alien Planet, float around the zero gravity Space Walk and experience the thrilling Space Launch. With more than 15 space characters, these packs will take kids on an adventurous journey into the magical space world. These packs are an opportunity to learn while having fun. The kids can create their own secret universe thereby expanding their creative canvas.


I am glad that I received the Colgate share your story parcel from Blogadda. My daughter was really excited to open the pack and cut the stickers. of course we did have so many fights as in who will cut with scissors and I had to give in as she claimed its her activity , she has to do it by herself.

After opening up, I asked what does she think seeing the stickers?? She smiled and gave her famous,” i know it all” look and spells out her Knowledge.

Firstly I must confess that i am really proud of my daughter. I never really thought that she had this beautiful ability to create stories with picture in hand. She could create so many of them with same set of pictures. I decided to post the most simple and her favorite one. I am sure the school books do have an effect on her. She had to end the story with a moral.. she would sing with a tune.. Moral of the story is…………. i am so glad that she wanted to include her brother in the story and both kids have a mission to accomplish. though there are few technical mistakes in the concept, I didn’t bother.. as i didn’t want to stop the creative flow of the kids..

here is the story….. I tried to make it five sheet story book kind with images and text Incorporated in it as told by Bunty.


Bunty and Arjun are siblings, who are set on a mission to find the treasure star hidden in mars.space2

They set to travel and they get lost in the way and led by the comet’s light to a new planet Saturn. Once they land, Bunty and Arjun get into the land-rover and start exploring the Saturn.They get greeted by an Alien.space3

Bunty asks the Alien if he Knows,”Where to find the treasure?”.

Alien says,”may be found in the moon.”

Arjun with help of  space station, gets in touch with scientist, lands onto the moon.space4

Finally they reach the target moon. Saturn and Sun smile at kids for achieving their target and finding the treasure.

moon seems to be disappointed losing the treasure.space5

Bunty and Arjun decide not to take away the treasure from the moon. Seeing which all the planetary beings feel happy, smile and wave good bye to the young Astronauts.

Moral of the story: Sky, ocean or earth, Never take what is not yours in name of greed and achievement.

“I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at Blogadda in association with Colgate.

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