Aeklavya- I’m your shadow- book review

About the book
Author   Amit Gupta
About the Author  Amit Gupta was born in Katihar, Bihar. He has completed B.Tech. in Civil Engineering from SIEM, Siliguri. He is doing PG in Construction Management from NICMAR, Pune. He firmly believes in god and religious principles but not in social barriers His aim is to serve the nation through his writing and to inspire the youth of India to eliminate social disparity prevailing in the society which is ruining the young generation. Author’s 20% profit will be donated to ‘Human Support’ NGO which is directed by Mr. Baban Jha. For details visit:
ISBN 978-93-52017-52-2
Price [INR] Rs. 225
Pages 226
Main Plot given Traditions and customs are our cultural identity but when they challenge intimate relationships, they
become a curse.

Aparna takes the toughest decision of her life, the consequence that will change her destiny.

Aeklavya’s losses evolve him into a public figure.

But past knocks his door again…

They meet in the most unexpected way. Aparna wants to come back in his life, but Aeklavya remains
focused in his work.

Determined to walk in his footprints, she becomes the voice of many, eventually putting her life at risk.

Will her lost love come to her rescue? Will their present rewrite and conjunct their past lives?

No. of Characters Aeklavya : the main lead, who is in love with Aparna and moves out of the village for a job. He end up missing an entrance exam because of a communal riot. Loss of his mother and to break up of the love birds makes him lose his mind for a while, later He gets his wisdom in a Buddha temple, and writes a novel. He gets famous making it easier for Aparana to find him.

Aparana: a simple girl, who falls in love with Aeklavya in simple Bollywood style. But later portrayed as a strong individual who fights for women rights and makes Aeklavya fall for her.

Tone of writing is It is simple. A different kind of love story, adding a value to life.
My take on the book I loved the book. It gave a fresh insight to the regular love stories. It just echo’s my thoughts, where both the individuals should have their individuality and yet be together in love. Love can happen twice with the same persons. Personal happiness is also part of a couple’s happiness. Though the book says, I am your shadow, I feel that Aparana means a lot more to Aeklavya.
Do I recommend the book? Yes, very much. A fresh story.
On the other hand  

my rating: 4.0/5.

Finally I would like to Thank the Leadstart Publishingfor sending me the copy. It will be kept safe along with my other treasured books.



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