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Anya’s Lyrics- Book Review


About the book
Author  Nikhil Kumar
About the Author  He is 32 year old advertising professional from banglore.
ISBN 978-1530307210
Price [INR] Rs. 582(
Pages 180
Main Plot given A story of one girl’s courage in the face of our society’s worst offences.
Anya’s Lyric is the critically acclaimed new book by Nikhil Kumar, that tracks the journey of a young girl’s self-discovery and the roads that lead her from a turbulent childhood to peace. We see the world through Anya’s eyes – a girl who suffers from a learning disability – and discover places, incidents, and people through her. A girl born on an unlikely day to an unlikely couple, Anya stumbles through her chaotic life that gets undone at every step because of her inability to communicate what she wants to say.
Follow her journey of courage, self-discovery, and empowerment as she gradually finds the hidden path to peace.
No. of Characters Anya the lead. rest others have just charter etched names like ‘the man with one arm’, ‘the ordinary man’, ’the boy with a twisted leg ’, ‘the magician’, ‘the tall woman with full red lips’  etc .
Tone of writing is Serially, continuing from one story, one character to another, which shows how Anya life is interwoven with others though they are strangers.
My take on the book The book has a different start, it says,” I was born because of one man’s inability to read”. and the person is a postman. the letter keeps moving from place to place in hands of different characters who change the fate of the little girl Anya. A girl who is  born 29th feb, because it follows a specific albeit unnatural routine as the author says.

A very different way of narrating a story linking different characters of different time period and regions, different age, religion, from rich to poor. the only connecting element is the letter which the postman couldn’t read. I am sure it must have been challenging for the author to write a story in perspective of a girl who is mentally challenged. it the correlations and pieces of the story which makes it gripping to read.

Do I recommend the book? Yes,  you can read it at a go. It has lots of Dark shades, with serious thinking and thoughts attached to it. it makes the reader go through lots of sad emotions attached to the character.
On the other hand  

my rating: 3.5/5.

Finally I would like to Thank the Nimi Vashi (PhD),Blogger and Founder:The Readers Cosmos  for sending me the copy. It will kept safe along with my other treasure books.



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