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It so happened that after designing few building I quit the organization for better prospects. So, i never got a chance to really see my building come up. finally here is my building where I am still present and seeing it come up. It feels so nice to see our own creation coming up isnt it?? But i am little disappointed, its a shed, but from far looks like a church. :P.

I am back..

  • I reached chennai, earlier than expected as my flight got preponed. So, I had to attend an B’day party that day.
  • next day, we didnt got out anywhere. It was cooling period of MIL. Had to help her cleaning the house and cooking. Me and Bunty did some sand art.
  • We went to express avenue on Sunday.We didnt get any movie tickets. Hubby didnt allow me to enter any shop. he was sure that i would shop something. Actually he was scared what my MIL’s reaction would be if we shop and go. Still i managed to buy a anti-glare glasses and liked something which was not in discount. Now feeling bad as everybody around me in office are saying i am looking old and not stylish with the glasses. If i tell this to hubby, he is going to kick me. we went to Circus. Bunty enjoyed it a lot. she wanted to see more animals. we promised her that we will take her to zoo.
  • Monday was jolly day as my mom was coming to pick me up. She asked if i wanted to go to T.Nagar. I was excited. But hubby said a big NO. Its festival time and we cant enter the street just like that. So, convinced him to take me to express avenue again. First i said lets but some salwar for bunty from fab-india. she has been asking for it from long. we didnt like anything, rather what we liked was very expensive. then we saw sale in SOCH was very tempting. I ended up buying two kurti’s, a salwar set, Dhoti pants and a saree. :). hope now you understand why hubby didnt take me inside any shop the previous day? Finally we reached my parents home.
  • Rest of the days were spent visiting all near and dear once.
  • Friday, we were back in chennai. on the way manged to make a short visit to the book fair.Bought few books for bunty.
  • Saturday we traveled all day in train and reached vizag in midnight. Advice for parents who are travelling with kids. Its better to book ticket in 2 tier. the berth is wider than other. Both you and kid can mange to sleep. less people will be affected by the kids screaming and running.
  • Sunday again was cleaning day. good part is Now left MIL at Chennai and brought Mom with me for few days. So no cooking for me. :).
  • Monday. took the privilege of getting up at 8 in the morning. now,  have to go for a site visit after great lunch. hope my building has come up the way i designed. :).

Television: Me, sister and Bunty.


There were days when I used to completely love watching TV. I was not bothered if it was a board exam next day. Let me explain.

Age gap between me and my sister is 10 years. So, when I was 15 and giving my board exam, she was just 5 years old, studying UKG. She never used to let me study. So my parents used to take her out in evenings, so I would get some time to study and come back my 9 pm. They trusted me and wanted me to study well for my exams. But what did I do? I used to watch the new released movie in cable TV. those days all the Cds used to come with subtitles. So I used to Mute the volume and watch it. I used to know our TVS Lil champ sound. So, I used to put back the same channel which my were watching when they left and go inside my room. I was conscious not to switch on the fan. yes, if I switch it off, then they will know that I was in living room right.

one of such days, they were screening Mohabatein. being hard core fan of SRK, I could give the movie a miss even though I had math’s exam next day. when my parents came back, I was all emotional. had to get into to the toilet to cry out.

then when it was my sisters turn, she was more open. she used to say, she need break. she used come out and watch a  movie. yes it used to 3 hours break and then get back to her studies.

now, why am I saying these days?? here is the actual saga.

we were watching tangled movie with Bunty. I changed the channel when there was a Kissing scene. But the remote being little slow, the channel switched to next one only after the kissing scene started. Bunty stopped me .

Bunty: Why are you changing?

me: I wanted to see what is coming in next channel

Bunty: But I want to see the kissing scene.

Me: what? I want to see that only. ( and she started crying)

MIL came in between asking what happened. I couldn’t explain. After some time, Bunty came to me asked if she can kiss me. when I said yes, and showed her my cheeks, she said, NO Not there. I am not sure what happened, may be the little one understand my shocked face and kissed me on my nose and went away.

so my dear mommy bloggers, did this happen to you? how do you mange?? It’s ok if she kisses me on my lips, But I don’t want her to do it with everyone.. 

Only One Life to Give: Book review.

I have heard of stories of Army , Air officers. But, I never read a complete book on it. Here is Book which tells different tales Of Air force officers and their life style.


Book Review:

An Air Force officer who upholds the nation’s dignity, a sister who gives up her life to care for her younger sibling, a bureaucrat who pays with his life for upholding the nation’s values, a father who rises above personal grief… Only One Life to Give is a collection of stories of such individuals who live by the values of compassion, honesty and dignity. The collection is an attempt to create a circle of influence that encourages us to extend a helping hand to strangers, family and friends.

Imprint Frog Books
ISBN 9789382473763
Height In Cm 5.5″ x 8.5″
Binding Paperback
Publisher Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd
Author Wing Commander Arun Kaul (Retd.)
Pages 190

My Review:

I started reading the Book without much expectations. But started developing a liking towards it. It is a collection of stories, filled with various emotions. It makes one cry and laugh, at times think how hard life if for our men. Language was Simple yet formal.( May be because its written by wing commander). I felt it was like another Chickens Soup. Small book, easy read while travelling, can be read in parts. The Book is dived into 4 parts. Professional, life, His family and stories from other people. Goodness of the writing style is, you can easy visualize the life of the person. Every story has a lesson to be learnt from. TI cover various topics from a flowering garden, strict supervisor to corruption . Over all it’s a nice read.

About The Author :

Wing Commander Arun Kaul spent his school years in St. Xaviers, Jaipur. He is a post graduate in Literature from St. Stephens College, Delhi and in Management from the Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi.After a career in the Indian Air Force, he had been the Group Head-Human Resources in Arvind Mills, Ahmedabad followed by a stint in the healthcare industry. He lives in Ahmedabad, pursuing his passion of creative writing.Only One Life to Give is his first published complete work of non-fiction.Arun Kaul can be reached at Or write to him at

Life Mantras: By a Life Coach – Book review

Isnt it nice to get a author signed copy for review?. I was pleased to get one from Preeti subberwal. When I read the title LIfe mantras BY a life coach, somehow it was ShahRukhKhan who came in my mind.  May be it was coincidence that reading the book had the same Romantic feeling. Dont take it otherwise, each line gets into mind like SRK’s dialogues. every word uttered brings in passion, energy and relive success.


Book: Life Mantras: By a Life Coach
Author: Preeti Subberwal
ISBN: 9383271663
ISBN-13: 9789383271665
Binding: Hardback
Publishing Date: 2013-11-08
Publisher: Power Publishers
Number of Pages: 124
Language: English


Book review:

Are you looking for valuable insights on every aspect of life?

Are you interested in a book that precisely and concisely explains whatever you need to learn about life?

Are you seeking for the ways to run your life smoothly, effectively, and miraculously?

If you say yes to any of the above questions, then you are holding the right book in your hand. This is a book that throws light on all the dimensions of life. The powerful life mantras provided will not just help you to stay positive and happy but also will inspire you to be your best. It is a book to be experienced and savoured before assimilating anything. It has been designed to give you a visual delight besides leading you on the road to deep and profound wisdom.It will empower you to unravel the mysteries and discover the secrets of a ful?lling life. It will encourage you to commit yourself to continual improve- ment and helping others. And once you resolve to do so, it doesnt matter from where you started, there is no telling who you will become and what you will accomplish during your journey.

My review:

there is nice feel holding the book in my hands. nice cover design, colorful, kind of very attractive. Language uses is very simple, easy to understand and interesting quotes are quoted when its required. The book is dived into various chapters. Either you read it from start and go into the topics which is required. I think it’s a book worth re-reading too. I am generally not big fan of self help books, but this book seemed to keep me hooked and interested. The book also gives a feeling of talking to self and introspection.  I think it’s worth having once own copy. everybody passes through a phase when we can’t think straight or depressed or want some help from other. This book gives a good company during those times.

 About the Author:

Preeti Subberwal is a Certified Master Spirit Life Coach, Certified Life Coach, and a Licensed NLP Master Practitioner.She is passionate about delivering personal and professional development workshops, seminars and coaching programs that empower the participants to attain their next level of success, fulfilment and self-mastery.

She is also founder director of ‘Thoughtful Engagement’, a firm that facilitates quick and sustainable positive change and transformation in individuals and organisations through powerful, practical and innovative solutions.

This book review is a part of “The Readers Cosmos Book Review Program“. To get free books log on to

Bunty tales..

  • she order what has to be packed in her lunch box previous night . I feel blessed, I don’t have to run in morning for the ingredients. generally she demands, idli with sambar, poori or noodles. She also checks her box in the morning before going to school. isnt she smart?? Once I told her how my mother forgot and kept an empty box for my lunch.
  •  she get bored of a toy in a day. with so much of thoughts and money I buy her a toy, she doesn’t even play with it twice.
  •  Bunty likes to dress up. but now a days, she wants to wear only t-shirts and pants. all the frocks are crying to be worn. she loves a spegati top very much. everyday night she wants to wear that only. SO, like the 50 dates movie, we need to wash it and keep it ready for her every day.
  •  Bunty likes repeat everything I do. one day, she was getting late to school. her grandma was about to lock the door and take her. Bunty asked her not to lock the door. she ran inside. she took my lip balm, applied it on her lips. applied little moisturizer on her hands and came out running it seems. everybody started laughing .

Happy new year 2014

Wish you all a HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2014.

so here let me set few achievable targets for myself for the coming year. hope I fulfill them. So guys wish me good luck with my target 2014.

  • TO make an organizer which works for me.
  • TO review few Architecture books.
  • TO read a subject related topic, and Prepare notes and keep it for future.
  • TO have a proper study time with Bunty, and making it a habit.
  • TO spend consciously, making shopping a need based than impulsive.
  • TO put more heart into my Project than just being deadline oriented.
  • TO be more organized, in everything from dressing to work.
  • TO Learn both Music and Venna perfectly with practice.
  • TO get back to painting and sketching.

There are so many mommy organizers available, but none of them seem to be indianised or they don’t fulfill my requirements. Few of the organizers are this and this. SO now, I want to make my own Organizer.

Next I spent little more than I intended to in buying few architecture books. So, i want to review them.

I think my boss would sent me for promotion next year. In my organization its interview based, not work based. SO, i feel its better I prepare for it. Best part is even If I apply for job else where, It would be useful.

Only the homework part I am taking care. I am not spending time revising what she knows. SO, i want to make it a 30 min routine in evening and make it study time. at least she will learnt to sit in one place.

This ends my list. many more can be added. but these seem to be more important to me right now.. So, tell me Do you have your list ready????

Any online sale i get tempted. I order it. regret for spending later. I bought 3 lip-balms as there was a sale. But, I have not even finished using one, I am getting bored of it. So, I dont want to waste more money on sale or online shopping.

When the deadline reaches, I Just finish the work, dont put in my heart and soul into it. I dont want to do it from now on. Instead I want to borrow extra time, and show my creativity too.

There are days when I have come to office and combed my hear, worn the pants of the dress with stitches out, or come to office with wet hair. From now on, i want to looked dressed up and organized. And hey I have subscribed for Velvettes, Fabbag. So, let me use few makeup things and look groomed.

I joined Music class. I think I told you guys. Now, I want to do it to perfection and practice everyday.

I am scared to start it again. Bunty would take my sketching book and scribble on my work. I dont want to be angry on her. I am not finding time to do. But I want to get back. Let us see, how many sketches I am going to make this year.


I am Participating in Blogathon – Jan 2014 by Maya.. just chk out the other wonderful post too.

Yes i have Smart Suraksha with me and My daughter her

There are so many families in India who just don’t embrace the birth of a female child. let it educated, un-educated, rich-poor, its all the same feel when its comes to this particular aspect. this happened with me too. when my father was not ready to accept me when I was born, as I was a FEMALE, I wish I had smart Suraksha with me to tell him, there is no difference between a girl child and boy child except for the genitals. Though i am still surviving they had a wish to have a SON. that is why i wanted a Suraksha, a self realisation app which can change the mindset of the parents, the minute the button is pressed.

Almost every girl in this world get abused sexually. the severity of the case changes with the person and situations. I was too a victim not once or twice, but for so many years as i was not educated about sexual abuse or child abuse. when I was being touched inappropriately by peon in the school or relative, I wish there was smart Suraksha with me which would send message to my parents, school principal and the teachers and helped me from so many traumatic nights.  yes, I belong to era where openly talking about such things to parents is forbidden. if pressing a button could do it, I wish I had it then.

Sending girls fir higher studies itself is question mark in so many families.  fighting and getting admission in a good college was a great challenge. finally i managed to  get admission in a prestigious university. Still, how many every degree’s a man gets, his physical need and development is more than his mental or knowledge development. when I was in college, there were so many people on the campus road teasing every women crossing the road. the comments invariable used to made me  cry.  especially when those guys goings on triples come so close to scare me, and half the time they succeeded in touching. most of the times, I didn’t even know the culprit to complain, as they hide their faces under the helmet.  I wish there was smart Suraksha with me, which would send message to police station, dean and automatically debar them from college. I was scared of telling this at home, as that would be invariably stopping me from studying further.

Most of the women are sent for work for better earning to the family and finding a better groom in the market. I was also sent to work for the same reason. not that my family survived because of my income. because i had to save for my wedding. I managed to get placed in a good company. when I was at work, there were few higher officials who use to stand behind me in the name of monitoring my work, looked directly into my dress.  Any amount of layers of cloths didn’t protect me from their X-ray eyes.when I try to get up, he would hold my hand and move the computer mouse in the name of checking the document. I wish there was smart Suraksha with me, which would send message to his family ( as they need to know about him)and the CEO of company. yes I was helpless in spite of being capable of handling the situation as the person who misbehaves himself is the in charge of  women grievance in office.

when I was of marriageable age( according to my parent), so many came and saw me as a product in display for buying. few told i was shirt, few felt i was dark, few wanted me to quit work after marriage ,few dared to ask my past indirectly trying to find out about my virginity. I wish there was smart Suraksha with me, which would send message to his and my parents, showing the true nature of their children. though we call ourselves a developing country, our country will never develop with such people and their mentality.

there are so many incidents in which i could have used the smart suraksha in past… So many people fought for women rights and safety in past, so many are doing now. through out only one thing is constant, ” Women safety is always at stake”. May be always their is dependency.

now that I have a daughter of my own, I no more wish I had smart Suraksha with me. as I will be having one to ensure that she is always safe. even if she is not able to communicate with me, I want to ensure that she can reach me any time when she needs me. I need to teach her not depend on others for their approval at any stage of her life. she needs to decide what is right for her. if a person touches her, if she is capable of hitting him back, i will teach her to do that.  that would be SELF SURAKSHA. if a knowledge going to help her, remove the barriers in society, i will teach her the SURAKHSA knowledge.  if she is being abused at later stage, i will teach her the SURAKHSA confidence to move ahead in life( work or partner) . when she is really in need and cant fight herself, then i would give her the Smart Suraksha App. The weapon which would definately save her, when she is in need and cant fight by helrself anymore.

I am participating in the Seeking Smart Suraksha contest at in association with Smart Suraksha App

Profit or Loss??

I wish to get my story published in Chicken Soup for the Indian Entrepreneurs Soul in association with

Few months after I my marriage, i realized that my life is under mess. Me and my husband had to repay too many loans. My husband was not ready to tell me the details. He just said, “ Don’t count my salary for household expenses, run the house in single salary ”. The one thought which struck me was, “ what if I had not been working?”. Still I waited for him to open up. Few more months passed, I became pregnant. House expenses raised. Due promotion missed him, putting us in more pain. To pay back a loan with high interest rate, I had to take a loan in my name for the first time. Staying away from husband for the job, running around banks with a growing child inside me, made me cry day and night.

I thought everything will be under control as I am going to my parents place for my baby’s  birth. I was going to live there for more than 7-8 months. Mean while I would get increments, so can manage with my salary and all the savings when I will return. But my parents constant pressure of buying  a property irritated me. How do I tell them that even after earning a six digit salary, me and my hubby are under a financial crisis, and I don’t know the reason for the same.

Finally the secret was revealed. He with his best friends have opened a software company a year ago. They all had taken loans and invested on the infrastructure.  Initially the company went on well, they developed few softwares and earned a nice amount. My Brother-in-law who got selected for American embassy, got fascinated by this software company and didn’t accept his offer letter. Brother-in-law became the in-charge of the company. Rest of the partners went ahead with their regular jobs. None of them turned back to look at the company. Slowly the recession started. They didn’t get any project. All of them had to put extra money from their pocket to pay the electricity bills, rent and staff salary. The burden hit all. Mean while our wedding was fixed, so hubby had to take another loan for the wedding expenses. For so many things, his salary was not sufficient which increased the pressure on me. I had to work till last to compensate the expenses.

Problem was simple, all the partners lost interest in the company. Each one got an onsite offer, and moved on with their lives and paying back loans was easier for them. My family, me, hubby and Brother-in-law were caught with the dilemma of running or closing the company.Brother-in-law was not paid any salary. So, that meant we had to pay for his expenses too. Every week video conferencing of the partners slowly reduced with their own family priorities. My peace of mind was lost in the whole process.

Finally the infrastructure and prime location of the company came to rescue. We sublet half the premises for a testing centre. The testing centre needed a computer administrator for the operation for which Brother-in-law fitted in. Testing centre took care of the salary of Brother-in-law, rent and the electricity bill. Luckily it was a gain from the drain. Atleast we didn’t have to shell out extra money from our pocket every month.  I realized that any amount of talking, arguing or crying is going to change my husbands or his partner’s way of looking at their business.

All the partners seem to have a job in hand which pays them well. This software company is laid side track, and they have lost the interest in very early stage of it. They don’t want to take risk by leaving their present jobs and hunt for new projects. They have got used to their lavish lifestyles( expect my family), so its difficult for them to sustain the pressure of financial crisis. The location of their current jobs, each of them is literally staying in different countries. Communication and staying connected is also becoming a trouble. The company is still there for namesake without much of development.

Starting a business is not a big deal; people should also have the stamina and willpower to run it. Incase one partner is not ready or accepting the advancement, other should convince or get convinced. the fire to run, the goal to achieve, targets should be clear. With every hurdle, a new solution should be found, dream should become bigger. Running away is not a solution . entrepreneur is true fighter.   

updates for last post..


the one with red dupatta is me.. it was during my previous office annual day celebration. and that’s the kind of sketches i make.. mostly faceless too.. :). i always believed in exclamatory mark.  they were must in my drawings those days.. the line representing the cleavage and the dot representing the navel.

good old days, when i had fans for my drawing.. friends requesting me not to draw anything when i borrow their books,  boys feeling embarrassed if i drew something on their drawing boards, professors warning me to stop sketching on college walls, as they could identify my sketching style.  seniors betting with me for sketching the most sexy figure, with minimum cloths, yet not vulgar. he he he.. yes we did have such bets in architecture colleges.. guess what i won.. :)..

god only knows what Bunty is going draw.. all my sketch books are deep under the draw, as my hubby has warned me not to give shocks to his parents. :(. so now i am waiting for a day when i would be alone, and get back to myself.. call myself an artist.. learn dancing with Bunty and give performances with her.  i feel like Chanadramuki ( ol Bhulaiyaa-Manjulika) when i feel my dance jewellery and look at those make-up items..