Perfect Love by Shubha Vilas: Book Review

Story telling is like colouring wax. First it melts you, then it adds colour to your lie and then it shapes the new you.


About the Book
Author  Shubha Vilas.
About the Author Shubha Vilas is a TEDX speaker, lifestyle coach, storyteller and author. He studied patent law after completing his engineering degree. But, finally he chose the path of spiritual seeker.

Ramayana: the game of life is his bestselling series. He’s also the author of open-eyed meditations and the chronicles of hanuman.


The focus of his work is the application of scriptural wisdom in day to day living, addressing the needs of corporates and youth through thought provoking seminars. He has delivered more than 4000 lectures across the globe. He is also a visiting faculty at the Indian institute of management.

ISBN 9789387578562
Price(INR) INR350
Pages 203
Main Plot given Happily ever after are easier said than done. Love can be painful, it can lead to disappointments. But love is also the most precious gift we have- to give and to receive. How do we chose the right partner, and how do we sustain that relationship so it lasts a lifetime?

Spiritual life coach Shubha Vilas tells you how, with the help of six scintillating stories from the scriptures. These are tales of adventure and intense love, love that’s tests the limit of patience in lovers who find the faith in unconditional trusts, compassion and forgiveness. Nala and Damanyanati, Krishna and Rukmini and Vasavadatta,Satyavan and Savitri,Draupadi and the five Pandava brothers- these are accounts we may have heard many a time but have not had the opportunity to understand in such a depth and detail, and with such empathy.

But why 5.5 ways and not 6? Because the sixth way is a half-truth, which can be twisted either way.

Combining powerful story-telling with deep philosophical truths, perfect love is a treasure trove of scriptures wisdom for the modern age.

Characters Nala and Damanyanati, Krishna and Rukmini and Vasavadatta,Satyavan and Savitri,Draupadi and the five Pandava brothers.
Tone of writing  Simple and elegant.
My take on the book I always loved mythological books and love stories. When this came together in one book, it was a pleasure. I always read books on Krishna and Radha’s love, but not on Krishna and Rukmini, which came in as a surprise for me.

I like the way how the story is narrated with Quotations in between summarizing what we read, and the end detailed analysis of the story in author’s perspective. Key essence of all love story is nothing but,” trust”. Each story takes you through the experience of tragedy, love, trust, forgivingness, sacrifice and thrill.

For me, the book was more a reminder of friendship (between Arjun and Krishna), family ( Nala and Damayanati), elopement ( Krishna and Rukmini). Love is there everywhere, only in time of crisis we realize it.

Do I recommend the book? Very much.
On the other hand  my rating: 4.3/5.

Have you read this Book? What did you think? Let me know your thoughts and if you haven’t Read it yet, read it!!

Finally I would like to thank Author Shubha Vilas for sending me the copy for reviewing.


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