Chalk the ideas..

with age, everybody seem to forget things. How many of you write down the ” TO DO LIST”, and get pleasure striking the done things. Oh well, how about a house which provides a wall space for it. Imagine a big black wall for you to write on in every room. the wall is either to write down the things to do, or can become a creative platform for the kids to show their imagination. How about the wall displaying the important dates of life or a cute proposal or love note from hubby. I am getting really excited thinking about things that can be done on a clean blank wall.

its always in our hands to chose the colour. If we can carry anything elagant, even black on nails can look fab.

barry-m-matte-nail-paint-espresso-002 Asian Paints does have a product called ‘chalkboard paint’, but it uses acrylic and not chalk as the medium. This paint is designed for blackboards or green-boards (as seen in classrooms). It can also be used on surfaces that are to function as a board, ie written on with chalk.

coming to bedroom, here are sample pictures. either you do it everyday, change according to the mood. write captions, or draw smething to complete or complement the bed. So, i would write a beautiful qoute everyday on the wall, read it, and relive it.

chalk book house

My dining and kicten would have the days menu. i would like the recipe which i would like to try and write important information which needs to be shared with my family.  it just no the corner, but the complete wall becomes mine and has scope to decorate and re-do.

chalk book house2

my study, would filled with formulas. yes, i would like feel likeEinstein when i am studing.  I would keep a bright light to make me focus on work with walls blank or written to minimun,  keep really contracting furniture fabric or colour like cyan blue or bright pink and red to compliment the monotous black wall.

chalk book house4

make it romtic with qoutes and candle light.  keep rest of the thing white and make it a great black and white combo to increase the elegance.

chalk book house6

Hope, you liked my haouse of board and chalk. This post is written for The Beautiful Home Blogger Contest in association with Asian Paints andRipple Links. hey looks like a popular post would also win some goodies. dont know how they would check on it. anyways dont forget to like my post and write a comment. 

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