Autumn concerto- Drama Review


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 About the Drama
Genre  Romance
Starring Ady An

Vanness Wu

Ann Hsu

Language Taiwanese drama series
No of episodes 34
Year of Release 2009 ( I saw the drama almost after a decade, it still fits into this generation)
Main Plot The rich- smart-heartless Ren Guang Xi, who constantly dates women because of  bets in college. He ends up falling in love with the Cafeteria girl Liang Mu Cheng opposing his mother, the Director of the college. Guang Xi findsout out that he has brain tumor, and agrees for treatment after a lot of cajoling from Mu Cheng and his mother. Guang Xi’s mother forces Mu Cheng to leave for the benefit of Gunag Xi. Guand Xi forgets everything after the surgery and loves Yi Quan his Doctor. Guang Xi and Yi Quan decide to get married.

Mu Cheng leaves Guang Xi on the surgery day. She later realizes that she is pregnant with Guang Xi’s child,but decides to raise him on her own. She gets help of Tuo ye, who has one sided love for her.

After 6 years, Guang Xi end up fighting a law suit for a village where Mu Cheng lives. Though they stay under the same roof, he doesn’t remember Mu cheng nor knows Xiao le is his son. After sometime when he regains his memory, he tries to take revenge on Mu Cheng assuming she betrayed him 6 years ago by marrying her.

Later he feels that Mu Cheng keeps betraying him for Tuo ye and decides to divorce her. But Guang Xi and Mu Cheng end up together because of their love for each other and their son Xiao Le.

Characters Liang Mu Cheng-  the female lead, a warm person ,who becomes orphan at young age and is raised by step mom and a pervert step dad. She faces many challenges in life. Becomes a single mother because she had to save her lover Guang Xi’s life upon her mother-in-law’s demand.

Ren Guang Xi- the male lead, he suffers from brain tumor, which makes him forget his past after a surgery. Though sub-consciously he keeps thinking of Mu Cheng. After remembering the past, he loses trust on Mu Cheng as she left him before the surgery and always gives priority to Tuo Ye.

He yi Qian- A doctor, who loves Guang Xi and takes care of him.

Hua tuo Ye- The male second lead, who loves Mu Cheng and always by her side taking care of her and her child Xioa Le. He keeps waiting for his love to be Reciprocated.

Xiao Le- Cute little child of Guang Xi and Mu Cheng who keep waiting for the Alien dad to return to his family.

Characters worth mentioning Xiao Le- the kid really acted well. We end up loving the character so much, that every time the kid cries, your heart breaks.

He yi Qian- though looks negative, a positive character, who is always helping the people around except for the selfish love.

Gary- Secretary of Ren Guang Xi, a good looking flower boy.

Random thoughts **May Contain Spoilers. Read with caution**

The drama kind of reminds me of Winter Sonata, but thank God this has a better cheerful and Romance in this. I never thought they would should so much skin- ship unlike Korean drama.

It’s a regular drama with rich boy falling in love with a poor girl, and the mother of the son trying to separate them. The girl realizes that she is pregnant and decides to raise the child on her own. The boy and the boy’s mother comeback because of their love for cute little grandchild.

At least every episode has scene showing Abs of Guang Xi, attracting more female fans I Suppose. No complaints though 🙂

The last 3 episodes were really dragging, wish the killing part and court scenes didn’t happen.

loved the final episode. worth re-watching .

Do I recommend the Drama? Yes, very much for all the romantic drama fans, this is worth watching. It shows a progressive love life, starting with infatuation, misunderstanding and finding the true love again.
On the other hand  my rating: 4.3/5.

Have you seen this drama? What did you think? Let me know your thoughts and if you haven’t seen it yet, watch it!!


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