Pregnancy hormones..

I feel like writing a lot about what’s happening in my life, but somehow it’s not happening. maybe I should say that I have become more lazy with the second baby. ok, now I need to give a name for the second one, hmmm.. Chunty?? sounds matching to Bunty na.. its an obsession, can change it.

I should admit that I am being little careless with Chunty or after taking care of Bunty and office, I dont seem to have any energy for Chunty. I keep forgetting to take my folic acid, or nausea pills.  I just puke out everything after every meal. I don’t remember how it was during BUnty time. weird na, yes I don’t remember how it was.  What I remember is ,I used to be hungry always. My temper was bad.  This time I dont feel like having any food. Best part is I am no more hygiene conscious. I eat the road side pani-puri before going home, rely on Amul Badam milk. Yup dont have energy to cook anything after going home, so I have something outside and then go home.

Another Big thing I realised is, it’s not easy to have second baby with a toddler around. So many things we do, though we are not supposed to do. like carrying the toddler around. Sleeping next to them, realise the mistake only after they kick us in sleep. though you want to sleep after going home from work, it’s not possible as the First one is eagerly waiting for you to do the Homework and you also need to run around to feed the toddler.

Suddenly at home there is pressure to have a Boy baby, as though it’s in my hands. it’s all just because I already have a girl baby. What is their problem I don’t understand. MIL is praying to all possible God for a grandson. Best part is even after all that she doesnt take care of me. She still expect me to be normal and do all my regular house works.

Hormones are making me think all weird. Suddenly I feel hubby doesnt care for me anymore.( he is busy with new project and new office). but still he has to talk to me and ask about my health right?. He is not doing it. the same hubby took “work from home” option during BUnty time, he used to cut all fruits and pack it for me. Now all that is gone. he calls to check on his parents and his daughter and not me.  It is making me feel little lonely. He should ask about my nausea, monthly check ups and diet na.  How can he just ignore just because it’s my second time??

I am tired so soon, Just praying God that this phase runs quickly. But totally worried how would I take care of Bunty and Chunty alone.. :(.  happy that I would take 6 months leave and go to my parents place. :).

Midnight craving..


me: i want to eat something sweet.

him: will get you tomorrow morning dear..

me: no i need it right now.

him: ???????

me: our little baby wants it..

him: ok, let me check what is there in kitchen.

me: no much.. just the bread has to be used before tomorrow

him: hmmm.. let me see, what best can be done with that??

after 10 min..

IMG_0001 IMG_0002 IMG_0003 IMG_0004 IMG_0005 IMG_0006

Bread jamun.. wow.. i never had such a nice sweet in my life till now.. little chewy, but not as sweet as jamun.. mild and nice.. really nice..

tummy kush, mummy be kush..

him: time to sleep baby…

me: i feel like..

him: guurrrrrrrrr.. snoring…

IMG_0009 IMG_00102013-10-23 10.25.10 2013-10-23 10.25.31 2013-10-23 10.25.49

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My hair care fear .. And that was the end of my hair problems!

After reading this topic, I asked myself what is my hair care routine.. Did I really care about my hair??  Then I found this amazing poem in a blog. Read here for other details.

Kissing her hair I sat against her feet,
Wove and unwove it, wound and found it sweet;
Made fast therewith her hands, drew down her eyes,
Deep as deep flowers and dreamy like dim skies;
With her own tresses bound and found her fair,
Kissing her hair.
Sleep were no sweeter than her face to me,
Sleep of cold sea-bloom under the cold sea;
What pain could get between my face and hers?
What new sweet thing would love not relish worse?
Unless, perhaps, white death had kissed me there,
Kissing her hair.
(“Rondel” by Algernon Charles Swineburne)

Then I was fascinated and wanted to know how all this developed, as in hair style.. How people of those era used to take care of their hair and style them. Found this very interesting information. Go through Wikipedia for the detailed explanation. But here is the essence of it.


Read here for ancient hair story.. The importance of hair across various civilizations. It looks like hair and styling was given importance.

Egyptians and Greek women had long hair and used expensive accessories, in fact dyed their hair with henna. Romans used various tools like curling and ironing.  In china women braided their hair and geisha’s had hairdo’s done in Japan. African had this multiple braids done with coloring and stiffening. American had long hair and also bobbed hair. The western world preferred to cover the hairline with low caps and jeweled turbans and on and on…

it shows that people had hairstyles based on culture, gender related things existed from then.

Coming back

A hairstyle can be done on anyone, but whether it suits us are not is important. The various criteria for selection is by many factors, such as the subject’s physical attributes (natural hair type and growth patterns, face and head shape from various angles, and overall body proportions; medical considerations may also apply) and desired self-image or the stylist’s artistic instincts.

Now that I know what style to be done, I need to know the tools to be used on the hair.. such as Styling products like Leave-in conditioner, conditioning treatments, mousse, gels, lotions, waxes, creams, clays, serums, oils, and sprays are used to change the texture or shape of the hair, or to hold it in place in a certain style. ( did u know so many things existed? Honestly I came to know about them only now)

With this general preview, let me discuss my hair problem..

“All is well” was my statement for many years.. I never had problem with my hair. In fact I was known in my locality for my long hair and it continued. I always did relatively low-maintenance with my hair .  I only use to really boost the softness of the texture by using conditioner which is available in market with shampoo.

Then got married and became pregnant, still things were fine, as I was on vitamin pills. Result, I was glowing than usual, with good skin and hair.

With all the joy of welcoming the new born in the family, the un-welcomed hair-fall started.. It was a disaster I must say. Firstly I didn’t have time to take of myself. No time to take proper hair-wash, I couldn’t take hair wash, twice a week. Yes, my grandparent believed that I might catch cold and in-turn baby will also get flu. I was so frustrated that I went and literally chopped my hair. From waist length hair, mine came down( rather up) to shoulder level.

Not washing the hair regularly resulted in dandruff. Pregnancy hormones made the hair-fall worse. One day after hair wash I came out of the bathroom crying. When my mom asked what really happened, I just showed her the water drain cup, filled with my hair clumps blocking the water completely. In that rate I thought I would get bald soon, in fact I even thought of storing the fallen hair, so that I can make wig for later years.

image courtesy

image courtesy

My mom exclaimed that it is normal, but I couldn’t bring myself to peace. Next day I visited the doctor, where I learnt that Hair loss after pregnancy is one of the commonest problems reported, usually during period of one to six months after delivery. The reason behind is the changing levels of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone in the mother’s body.

I learnt that in postpartum period, hair become very weak and are more prone to break down easily. So, like my grandparent said shampooing frequently is not good, as it would break my hair.

I was given “ Sambrani” smoke created by using aromatic powder on charcoal  and given to hair. It dries up hair naturally and also the moisture content. Then I was make to wear” attu kattu”, a hair style made by just using the two side strands of hair from ear top and one from center, and plated. And rest of the hair is let loose. This also helped in quick drying of hair naturally.

Later, with a needle, the knots are removed. After every knot is cleared, comb is used.  If Hair is tied up tightly or pulled it will lead to their breakage.

With the baby, with seasem oil, I was also given light oil Massage

The doctor also said, hair loss after pregnancy is not a very grave condition if proper care of hair is done and balanced nutrition is taken.

This problem is temporary and the most important thing to be kept in mind is that as the old hair is being shed, new hair is growing, I came back to my normal but with a shorter hair And that was the end of my hair problems!

Love your hair with care … it always make you look prettier and merrier!

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I know it’s too late, but still I have to write about my labour story, if I don’t write it before my daughter turns , I will never do it or forget it

I was just waiting for my due date which is 5days away. My neighbors were saying that the baby may come any time now, as my tummy has descended really down and it is all good sign showing up. So to ensure safety of me and baby, my mom gave some home remedy. A root juice without knowing the consequences. I started getting backache. Around 10 pm, I had some bloody discharge. Luckily my husband was with me. Then we discussed if it is real pain or false labour like what I had last time.

Mom called her friend and asked her to accompany us and book a car. I could feel the tension in my husband’s face. Mom was hurriedly packing all the scattered things around. Dad was making few last minute calls. Sister was trying to help me out in most irritating manner. Still mom had to finish her dinner. She refused to eat. Mom and dad had their argument as in, who has to accompany, and who would stay home. Finally dad had to stay home with sister as he just underwent angio-blast and we didn’t want him to take any kind of tensions.

It was 11.00 pm by then and no signs of the driver coming. Meanwhile my neighbours had come. They gave me few neem leaves to carry with me, put some kumkum on my head, blessed me. I was in pain. Only my neighbor’s son could see it. He brought water from 2nd floor. I really appreciate his presence of mind and thank him.

Driver came after 30 minutes and we started from my place to pick mom’s friend from her house. We reached hospital by 12.00. Driver took me in shortest road but really bad road with all pot holes. That aggravated my pain and I shouted at the driver. My mom asked me to shut my mouth and asked me not to think about my pain. After reaching ,my husband went running behind the doctor and admin guy for my admission and insurance application forms.

Then I went inside the labour room. The doctor examined me and said I was into labour and I started dilating. Nurse took blood samples for tests. I was asked to change to hospital dress, and then shaved and enema was given. I was lying on the bed for more than 10 hours with mild contractions and bleeding after constant internal examination. I couldn’t wait any longer. I kept on asking doctor when it all will be over.

Nurse started giving me an IV. Pain started worsening. I couldn’t take it. I started screaming. I scolded the nurse, my husband for the cause. I even cried that I don’t need a daughter as she might undergo all this ritual. I cried for a pain-killer, but doctor wouldn’t give.

At 4.00pm Doctor went outside to my people that chances of c-section are 50-50%. I was shifted to pre-labour room. The doctor breaks my water and out that it’s brown in colour. Meconium it’s called. It is baby’s first stools. There was a high chance that baby has eaten it also. So pediatrician was also called. Doctor inserts a pipe into me take out all contents from my bladder. It hurts a lot. After that what I remember was only pushing and pushing. Doctor asked me not exert too much and push only at the time of contraction as it might put strain on baby. Finally, baby’s head was visible. I was asked to move to next room, the actual labour room. Before they could bring a wheel chair and take me in, I ran to bed. I was all excited and literally ran, as I thought baby might fall down any time. Finally the baby was out at 6.47pm. Doctor still didn’t tell me the gender. I was all exhausted. I wanted to get up and run to see the baby, but doctor still insisted me to push. I was furious and asked her now what. She said still placenta is there inside. Again few more pushes and doctors pressing my stomach, and stitches were being put. It felt like too many stitches, I didn’t dare to ask her how many.

A nurse came with my baby. I was all confused. I was in tears. I couldn’t see baby much as my tears were blurring my eyes. They showed me the baby. Due to clitoris projection, I asked if the baby was boy. Doctor started laughing. She told, “Don’t tell me, you don’t know to distinguish between the gender after all this”. I started blushing and called my baby by her name Advika. Yes, on my labour table I had finalized her name. My husband doesn’t know it till date. J.

Baby was examined and nurse had taken her out of the labour room for the rest of the family members to see. People were surprised as everybody thought it would be a boy baby. My mother was the only one disappointed. Rest of the family was ready to welcome the little angel.

I was asked to stay in post-labour room for that night. But I insisted in going back to room. I was taken in wheel chair. I was in hospital for next five days. In-between read for the NICU episode here. All night I kept on looking at her, dint sleep. I can’t express how happy I and my husband are to have such a beautiful daughter.

Days in NICU..

Bad days in my life. Was more painful than the labour. I pray that, even my worst of worst enemy should not go through this..
Yes, my baby was in neo-natal intensive care unit.
It was just the second day after baby was born. I think it was around 9 pm. I was eating bread with milk in the room. I was sitting on a plastic chair. Baby was sleeping on bed.
Baby opened it eyes .
Appa( my husband): hey, kutti( means small in Tamil)..
Amma( me): finally appa is playing with baby??( smiles)
Appa panics and call MIL and MOM. I sit all confused on my chair. I am not able get up because of the stitches.
Appa: baby is vomiting blood.
Everybody is shocked. The nurse station is just opposite to my room. We call the nurse. And she in turn rings up the doctor in charge.
Jr. Doctor: what happened?
Appa: baby has vomited. did you people give the baby honey or something?
Amma: no we didn’t.
Jr. Doctor: let me call the pediatrician
Pediatrician: did you collect sample?
Amma: ( thinks, what the hell? Sample?) no
Jr.Doctor: just give the bed spread with the vomit. And take the baby to NICU.
Amma is still struck to the chair. Appa and MIL carry the baby to NICU.
After they leave the room, Amma cries. She is just feeling depressed seeing the empty bed. Appa comes after ten minutes.
Appa: baby is crying. You need to come to NICU to feed her. Wheel chair is coming for you.
Day 1 at NICU.
Amma sits on wheel chair for first time. She is taken to NICU, which is in ground floor, 2 blocks away. Security in the NICU asks her to wear apron, gloves, hair cap, etc etc.. ( amma is crying and angry at him for delaying)
The nurse comes with baby and takes Amma to feeding room.
Amma: what happened to my baby?
Nurse: nothing. We have just kept the baby for observation. You don’t have to worry. You will be called every 2 hours to feed the baby.
Amma: can’t I stay here?
Nurse: no no, baby will be kept in Incubator. There is no place for you here.
Amma is taken back in wheel chair to her room. She is holding Appa’s hands and crying. Amma goes back to room to see both MIL and MOM sleeping.
Day 2 at NICU.

Amma is taken to NICu every 2 hours in wheel chair. Appa accompanies her. In the morning, Amma is curious to see the Sr. pediatrician. Appa bring old reports and tells about spleenomegaly  to Doctor.

Sr.pediatrician: nothing is wrong with the baby. We even did palpitation. She is all fine. May be the baby has eaten mecum before delivery. As the baby has not passes motions till now, lets observe for one more day.

Amma continues her routine of going every 2 hours or 4 hours based on need. 
Day 3 at NICU
Amma: has baby passes motion?
Nurse: not yet. But Doctor was saying that baby’s eyes are yellow. So, we need to take a blood test.
Amma: why?
Nurse: doctor thinks baby might have jaundice.
Amma: so, what is next now?
Nurse: don’t worry. Let’s hope for the best.
Evening, Amma meets Gynecologist and tells her the story. The sweet lady talks to the Pediatrician and confirms that baby had passes mecum before delivery. Nothing to worry, and baby can be sent back to room.
Day 4, which is day 5 for us in hospital.
We get discharged. We are back home happy.
Hey people smile, now we are out of it.. baby is perfectly normal.
Note: there is post coming about the spleenomegaly soon.

Suspense ends…

I delivered a girl baby on 29th of may 2011, at 6.49pm. I just can’t express how happy I am. I wanted a girl baby, and finally it is.. J. It was a suspense till the end for everyone. But, I kind of got an hint a month ago when I went for a scan. The doctor was showing each part of the baby and explaining. She said, this her brain, lungs, stomach, liver, kidney etc etc. but at point, she drew two ovals and nodded to her junior. I knew she was showing ovaries. She thought that, I wouldn’t notice or understand that. I confirmed that it was a girl baby.

False labour

It was Saturday morning. I had severe back ache. I was not sure what was happening. I told my husband about back ache, hoping that he would massage. But he went and told my mom. Mom is always mom. She called my friend, asked him to bring his car. I was taken to the nearby hospital. As it was a Saturday only duty doctor was available. He checked me. He called the gynecologist. But the gyn said, she can’t come to see me. Hence I was taken to another hospital, which was 20 km away from my house.

We reached the hospital. Doctor came to examine me. Oh ya, it was internal examination. I can’t say how much I hate it. As she was examining, I started bleeding. Doctor told me that I might be in labour any moment. I was asked to remove all my jewels and I was sent to labour room.

To my surprise and doctor’s surprise, I was the only patient for the day. The previous night they had some 22 cases including labor, DMC, uterus removal. I was asked to sleep on a bed. I didn’t get sleep. I was all excited knowing that I was in labour and going to have a baby soon. Lady in my next bed had a c-section done and got wheezing. I was holding her baby. The feel of holding a baby is great. Then the baby and the lady were shifted to ICU.

It became evening. Still there were no signs of pain. I asked the doctor in charge and went out the labour room to meet my mom and husband. They were all the more restless. I thought it was going nowhere. I asked the doctor in charge to send me back to my room for the night. They agreed to send me back.

I waited all night hoping to get pains. Doctor, who came to examine me, taught me few exercises. I did them every 40 minutes and walked for 20minutes each hour till noon. I was bleeding again. I was sent for scan. The scan reports said, I would be in labor any moment. But, there was no sign of pain. Suddenly fetal heartbeat was dropping down. So the doctor decided to induce me the next day for pains or else to do a c-section.

Monday morning, the senior doctor visited me. She said baby is in position. But it’s lazy to come out. So, I was asked to go home.

Note: as the hospital was multispecialty hospital, had to pay a huge amount for nothing.. as in false pains.


Here I am back after a long break.. Had to come back to Chennai, it was an emergency.

It was Sunday morning. At 6 am I got a call from my dad’s colleague. They were just talking casually to me. I was angry as they were spoiling my sleep. I told them I will call later and cut the call. Again I got call from them. This time they wanted to talk to my husband. I woke him up and gave the phone. My husband gave a shocked expression and went to balcony to speak further. I was all confused.

AD went out of the room and spoke to his parents. I got a doubt that, they were hiding something from me. MIL gave me milk and breakfast immediately. They asked me to take bath. All this was confirming my doubt. Then again I got call from dad’s colleague saying, nothing to worry angio is done. I was not sure why angio and what exactly it is. AD is smart. He took my laptop and locked it. He was sure I would Google what it is. Later they told me that, dad was admitted in Apollo. I couldn’t control my tears after knowing he was in hospital. Immediately I asked AD to book tickets in tatkal.

It was difficult to travel 16 hrs without reservation, when you are seven months pregnant. We made a break up journey. Still sitting for 6 hours straight was hell. At least for the second half of journey, I got ticket in AC 3 tier.

Finally we reached Chennai. But stupid husband as always created non- sense in the last minute. He wanted to go to his house, freshen up and sleep for some time and then go to hospital. He expects all formalities. He wanted me to greet his brother, SIL at that point of time. Thank god, I didn’t have a knife. Or else I would have killed him. I asked him to go his way. I took an auto and reached Apollo.

I went straight inside hospital. Mom was in waiting lounge. She told me that, dad was in ICU. We can him see in only in the evening. I waited there. The doctor called us to his cabin. I was curious to know what happened?. My mom gave me shock telling that dad had a heart attack last night. They didn’t tell me as I am pregnant. It took a while for it settle in mind.

It was visitor’s time. Mom got passes to see dad in ICU. But the doctor didn’t allow me to see dad . I was sent home immediately as I could catch infection. I was not allowed to stay in hospital also. It took me three days to see dad.

Now things have settled. There is more pressure on mom. Everybody is clueless why this happened.

Note: Dad had a heart attack. He is only 52, with no blood pressure or diabetics or anything else.. But still he had an attack. Best part was neither my parents nor my in-law told me about it till I reached Apollo hospital. It took me 16 hours to reach chennai, and my husband kept the news away from me and was making me laugh all the journey.

Why I am pregnant so soon?

I am really fed up answering people why I am pregnant so soon?. It’s my life and I have all rights to have a baby. Still I couldn’t tell them all that, as it would sound arrogant.

So here are few reasons why I am pregnant.

  1. I am already 26 years old, my hubby is 31. I don’t want to look like a grandma to the kid; I want to be her mother.
  2. I consider 26 is right age for me to have a healthy baby without complications.
  3. I feel that I am having a secured job. I and my husband earn enough to take care of the baby and its expense
  4. I and my husband feel that we have all our life to enjoy. We consider that having a baby around is more enjoyable than anything else.
  5. I feel that my parents and in-laws are becoming old with various medical exertions. So, it’s better for me to have a baby and get their support now.
  6. Only if have a baby now, I can plan to have a second one before I turn 30.
  7. Before I loose the attention as a new bride, I wanted to renew the pampering by becoming pregnant.
  8. As I am staying away from my husband because of our jobs, I wanted an excuse to stay with him.
  9. As my sis is in 10th standard, I wanted to have the baby during her holidays. So, I don’t disturb her or my parents during her +2 or college admissions.

Hence, I would declare that my baby is not a fluke baby, its planned baby. I am happy to have my due date, just after my first anniversary. J. So people stop bothering that I am pregnant so soon. I feel like to be this fertile.

weekend with nail art…

I went out with hubby for last check up in vizag. Entering the third trimester makes me feel a little nervous. Doctor said everything is normal. I have put on another 3 kgs.. good that it is all baby’s weight and I have not put on fat. I am all pleased putting on weight now.

After the check up, I went to the nearby mall. I happened to see a telugu movie. Though movie was not good, I enjoyed pop-corn and coke. Don’t know, when again I will be in theatre ? looks like, it would take a long time for me see a movie in theatre.

Nail art: in the same mall, I saw this poster. I was so thrilled that I decided to get my nails painted. I was imagining that, they would take a size”0” brush. Take some paint and do some strokes on nail. I was actually ignorant on it. I realised after the seeing the kit, that they a stencil and stamping machine. I was all confused which design to get done. I was very specific and was trying my own design and colour combination there. The lady was so patient with me, though i asked to remove the nail polish thrice, made her try a design and asked to remove it as I didn’t like it. I asked her to take a rose flower design from one template and butterfly from other and put it in small nail.

Now that nail art went on well, I am scared to do any activity using my hands. I don’t want all the efforts to go waste. So, now I am taking care of my nails with great concern. J