After Reading Holiday post of LiFi, I thought I should too write about my Andaman trip.

We had an early morning flight. Since the journey was just 2 hours from chennai, and we didnt have anything to do till afternoon, we all decided to skip bathing. Yes, we ( me, hubby, bUnty, MIL,FIL,BIL and co-sis) just brushed our teeth, by then the cab driver started honking in front of our house. We just changed, ran downstairs with our luggage . early morning drive is bliss with no traffic in Chennai. We reached the Airport just on time. After all the procedures, I realized that mine and Bunty’s ticket were 10 rows away from rest of the family.Which meant I had to take care of Bunty all alone. Bunty was all irritated because of her disturbed sleep and ear pain in flight. She was not ready to have the breakfast served to her. I wish Air-India flights had some cartoon channel too in the list for kids.

Finally we reached the destination. To make things worse, the person who was supposed to pick us up didnt turn up. We had to make so many calls to the travel agent to get it sorted out. Finally the driver came. the hotel was just five minutes drive from the Airport. Again, receptionist couldnt find out names in the booking list. The travel agent didnt give the time of our arrival it seems. The category rooms which we booked were all filled. We were given spare rooms for an hour and then we got upgraded to Suite in the hotel. That was just not one room but all three rooms got upgraded. Isnt that great?? may be we deserved it after so much of waiting.

After lunch we went to Ross Island. First time in my life I wore a life jacket. It felt really weird. I felt that i would die out of suffocation wearing it than drowning in water. In-laws couldnt walk in the Island, so we got split into two couples and went exploring the island. Bunty enjoyed seeing deer, peacocks,rabbits and monkeys. It became difficult when Bunty asked us to carry her after a while. Bu then it was time for us return boat ride. ( not sure if its called boat). luckily we got into upper deck this time.


BUnty posing with the Deer next to her. She was scared to touch it.


Me and Bunty walking towards the church.

Then We waited outside the jail for sound and Light show. Anybody would get the patriotic feel when they step inside the compound. I would say Nobody should miss this show in Cellular Jail.


We went back to our rooms with tears and proud feeling in our heart. Day one was kind of mixed. Again this was first time, we as a family were eating outside together. We had to shout at out in-laws for constantly looking at the price and ordering.  They are never going to change. :P.

First Award

so, here is my first award,

by scribby

thank you scribby for this beautiful award.. u made my day..

taking from Scribby’s post, the rules that come with all the awards ;):

  • Link back to the blogger who nominated you.- Check
  • Post the blog award image on your page.-check
  • Tell 7 facts about yourself.-check
  • Nominate 15 other blogs.-check
  • Let the nominees know they been chosen.-check

7 facts about myself-

1. love to dance in rain, at least sit next to window watch each drop falling down

2. like anything to do with splashing of colours. saying it painting, rangoli or even cooking

3.like to watch SRK movies. DDLJ for any number of times, and cry for stupid scenes. basically love all romantic movies.

4.can get angry for very small thing, and forget about it very next moment.

5.if the customer service is bad at any mall, cant come back home without picking up fight..

6.a wanna be fashion designer, turned out to be an architect.

7.shopaholic.  ethnic wear freak.. wouldn’t mind buying N number of jumka’s of same style.

and lot more.. stopping with &, as i am asked for 7..

now passing on the award to few in the same list as scribby,

  1. R’s Mom
  2. Bikram
  3. Lifessong
  4. comfy
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  6. IHM
  7. cybernag
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  12. smitha
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  14. tikulicious
  15. Visha

please accept the award..

from ashreyamom

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Amma is a big word…

My baby called me out as Amma.. it feels so great. there is bonding coming up with the word. I know it’s by fluke, as my baby is only 2 months old. i don’t think she can even recoginise me by face. But, it really makes me so proud. For a second, I can’t believe that i am a mother. I am still finding it difficult to accept that I am married and I have a baby.
Note: Appa is really jealous on this.. :P.

Information travels faster than everything..

Continuing the previous post. The conversation happened just yesterday. I get a bounce next day afternoon. I think everything is over. But, my mother-in-law can take any conversation to any extent. So, soon she has told my husband that, ,” your wife thinks I am a slave as she going to put money in post office in my name”. Great. What else I can say now or do? I am all crippled. I wanted to do something good. But it turns out the other way round. My ignorant husband believes everything what his mother says. He just listens to one side of the conversation and concludes from it. L.


I somehow enjoy talking (scolding) about my mom-in-law. I have become so addicted that, I can’t sleep even a night, without discussing about her to someone. She is both the best thing and worst thing which happened to me. So, here are the few dialogues between her and me.

First time:

All of a sudden, it happened when we were watching a TV serial.

Mother-in law(M): I lost 25 lakhs of money.

Me (D): what?

M: if my son didn’t marry you, he would have got a Flat in apartment, 10 lakhs cash and girl, who is working.

D: so what am I supposed to do?

M: no nothing I am just telling you.

D: ok.

(She goes back to the room to do her work, M goes back to kitchen to continue cooking.)

After few days, the same conversation

M: you should be really grateful to us

D: why? (With a surprised look)

M: you parents didn’t give us any money; we spend all the money for the wedding

D: hmmm (what the heck. What did you do to all the money we gave )

D: (calls her husband) what is all this non-sense, I can’t take it anymore.

After few months, the same conversation happens.

D: I am thinking of opening a RD account for you in post office.

M: why all that, it’s ok. By the way, what is it??

D: I will deposit some amount for you every month. You will get all the money with interest after 5 years. Then you can buy whatever you want.

M: (smiles) I will become old then, what will I buy or use the money for?.

D: (I know that, anyways I will take it from you then and buy something for my kid) that is your wish. You buy gold or something..

M: if I got my son married to my cousin’s daughter, I would have got money now only.

D: (what?? Gets frustrated) oh yes, if that is the case, ask your son to get married to that girl now only and take the money. In case that money is not sufficient, get your husband also married again.

M: what didn’t I say that you are making so much of fuss; I am staying here only because of you.

D: I also didn’t say anything.

M: you don’t even give your salary to your father-in-laws hands.( so that, i can buy jewels from your money and give it to other sons and grandsons.)

D: (why should I give? When i am handling all the expenses and buying everything what you need) not like that, I don’t want you to take any tension at this old age. so I will only manage everything.

M: we are not money minded family. We got my son married to you. It’s all our fate. Because of you, we are seeing poverty.

D: ( right, how cans she be so immature) ok. Ask your son, why he selected me?

M: ( goes to kitchen and back with glass of milk) drink. It’s getting late na. Let’s sleep.

D: ( sleep? Is she mad or what? Neither can i tell this to my husband, as he would support his mother only. Where do i let all my frustrations? Hmmm.. let me write it my blog.)


Life seems to go the way I like. I am getting everything I want till I met u. there was something pulling me towards you. What is it? Is that your looks, charm or it’s just that I feel comfortable talking to you.

It was late in the night. I had to catch a bus. You offered me a ride. That was the first time I came out with you. I didn’t know the city either, but just trusted you and came along. You were driving in a high speed. I had no balance. I was holding your bag tight, which was between us. I couldn’t tell you, that I am afraid. I asked you lots of questions to bridge the silence between us. I still don’t know how many you answered. I couldn’t hear it in the noisy traffic around.

We stopped at mall, which is famous in the city. You were walking casually in escalators. I didn’t know the directions. I just followed you like an obedient student. You ordered food for us. Just then I realized I didn’t have enough money, I couldn’t ask you to pay for me in the first outing. You paid for it. I pretended to give you. You said its ok. Then I started telling you all my stories. You were just nodding. I was surprised how someone can be so silent. You said, “that you like to listen than to talk”.

Still there was lots of time left. We went around the city.

We reached my destination, the bus stand. It was so crowded. I lost the direction. My luck never favors me. it didn’t leave me that day too. We had to wait for the bus, as it was delayed. We spent few more hours together there.

You asked me to sit in a place and you went searching for my bus. I felt bad, making you roam like this in the middle of the night. But I had no choice. Finally was happy seeing the bus. I sat inside. I thought you would be there till the bus starts. But you left me and went back. I spent all journey thinking about you and first encounter.