Television: Me, sister and Bunty.


There were days when I used to completely love watching TV. I was not bothered if it was a board exam next day. Let me explain.

Age gap between me and my sister is 10 years. So, when I was 15 and giving my board exam, she was just 5 years old, studying UKG. She never used to let me study. So my parents used to take her out in evenings, so I would get some time to study and come back my 9 pm. They trusted me and wanted me to study well for my exams. But what did I do? I used to watch the new released movie in cable TV. those days all the Cds used to come with subtitles. So I used to Mute the volume and watch it. I used to know our TVS Lil champ sound. So, I used to put back the same channel which my were watching when they left and go inside my room. I was conscious not to switch on the fan. yes, if I switch it off, then they will know that I was in living room right.

one of such days, they were screening Mohabatein. being hard core fan of SRK, I could give the movie a miss even though I had math’s exam next day. when my parents came back, I was all emotional. had to get into to the toilet to cry out.

then when it was my sisters turn, she was more open. she used to say, she need break. she used come out and watch a  movie. yes it used to 3 hours break and then get back to her studies.

now, why am I saying these days?? here is the actual saga.

we were watching tangled movie with Bunty. I changed the channel when there was a Kissing scene. But the remote being little slow, the channel switched to next one only after the kissing scene started. Bunty stopped me .

Bunty: Why are you changing?

me: I wanted to see what is coming in next channel

Bunty: But I want to see the kissing scene.

Me: what? I want to see that only. ( and she started crying)

MIL came in between asking what happened. I couldn’t explain. After some time, Bunty came to me asked if she can kiss me. when I said yes, and showed her my cheeks, she said, NO Not there. I am not sure what happened, may be the little one understand my shocked face and kissed me on my nose and went away.

so my dear mommy bloggers, did this happen to you? how do you mange?? It’s ok if she kisses me on my lips, But I don’t want her to do it with everyone.. 

Bunty tales..

  • she order what has to be packed in her lunch box previous night . I feel blessed, I don’t have to run in morning for the ingredients. generally she demands, idli with sambar, poori or noodles. She also checks her box in the morning before going to school. isnt she smart?? Once I told her how my mother forgot and kept an empty box for my lunch.
  •  she get bored of a toy in a day. with so much of thoughts and money I buy her a toy, she doesn’t even play with it twice.
  •  Bunty likes to dress up. but now a days, she wants to wear only t-shirts and pants. all the frocks are crying to be worn. she loves a spegati top very much. everyday night she wants to wear that only. SO, like the 50 dates movie, we need to wash it and keep it ready for her every day.
  •  Bunty likes repeat everything I do. one day, she was getting late to school. her grandma was about to lock the door and take her. Bunty asked her not to lock the door. she ran inside. she took my lip balm, applied it on her lips. applied little moisturizer on her hands and came out running it seems. everybody started laughing .


Bunty: snake snake!!!

MIL: where?

Bunty shows some hair rolled and fallen on floor near the staircase

Neighbor: oh my daughter would put it. Sorry

Bunty: you put snake in my house. I will put big snake in your house

Neighbor: how will you get it?

Bunty: I will collect whatever you throw, and put it in ur house

Neighbor: I will get scared na..

Bunty: then don’t throw snake in my house ok??

All of us had a good laugh. She picks up arguments like adults.


I took Bunty on flight when I went to Chennai. On return trip she understood that its MIL’s first time on flight.

Bunty: namma, she that bus there

MIL: ok

Bunty: namma, aeroplane will not come here. Bus will take us there.

MIL: is it?

Bunty: yes yes.

We take out seats in plane

Bunty: namma wear that belt. Or else that aunty with lipstick will scold u.

MIL gave a confused look. I had to tell that’s the airhostess. Bunty was so sweet to give the window seat to MIL .

Bunty: keep the cotton in ur ears like this.

MIL follows her instructions obediently like a kid.

Bunty: namma see there, we will go up now.

I was surprised throughout the trip. When I narrated the incident to my mother, she told me that, she was the one who explained the process to Bunty. Bunty remembered everything and tried to teach the same to her namma( my MIL).

Bunty has become parrot in the house, always repeating whatever we say and instructing her toys to eat food and drink milk etc etc.

BUnty-tail.. nope tales..

Reading all the blog friends post, I realized that I am not writing much about bunty. She has been doing lots of things, which I have been telling everybody around me(even if they are bored or it’s a repetition) but not my blog friends. So here are the tales of the tailed bunty.

She has great fascination towards dog. She gets so excited seeing them or listening to barking sound on roads. She gives the sweet expression of discovering Dog and recognizing its sound.

You tell her “KUKKA” ( Dog in telugu) she immediately says “BOW BOW”..

Other day I took her to zoo. I was showing her white tiger. Immediately she said “PEDA KUKKA”( big dog) I simply hat to nod my head. He was so excited that she wanted to take the massive animal home, was showering all love by giving flying kiss and saying Bye to White tiger.  Yes for us every animal is KUKKA and every bird is KAKKA( crow).

unexpectedly  she picks up new words and uses them rightly too.

Now we have learnt cow,dog and coeo( crow),eg(pig).. of course the kach( catch) and goo girl( good girl) after all the task performed.

So I am also becoming a goo mummy keeping track of her growth in blog at last.

Amma became Mummy..

Remember Kajols’ dialogue in KKKG??

she tell farida, that i have become Mom for ma.. ??

just facing it with Bunty trying to call me by my name ,amma and mummy.. she calls amma, thinks its wrong and calls again MUMMY .. blame rest of the family for confusing her…


I had trained her to call me Amma.. but others have introduced Mummy to her and also taught her my name.. so she comes to me, call Amma, then corrects herself and calls mummy, when i ask her again, she get confused and just calls me by pulling me around and not addressing anything.. now i am confused to how to react.. should i correct her??  or let her choose my name??

i think its all MIL training.. my daughter is not getting Nana-amma( father’s mother). she when ever Bunty calls Amma, she jumps and run pretending to be Amma.. what to do, she is the one with her throughout the day.. may be that’s why Bunty thinks Amma to be her grand-ma, and i became Mummy..

break ke baad.


hey all.. i am back after the small break.. let me confess, staying at mom’s place is like heaven. I didnt realize it till date. The only thing i did through out my stay was eating,sleeping and meeting people.


I started on Friday on Janamstmi. my neighbors dressed my daughter as Radha, here is the pic. I realized that my daughter is really found of jewellery, and she was reluctant to remove of the jewels and was just posing for more photos to be taken. has tough time removing them. let me tell you she has already broken most of my earrings and bead chains.

Train journey to Chennai:

Traveling with kid at night is a pain, 14 hours journey sharing the berth is another story. Bunty occupied all the place, i had to just mange on the edge without falling off. she got cranky in the middle of the night and wanted me take her for a walk in train. finally  managed to put her to sleep.

Week at mom’s place:

luckily MIL had to go for a wedding, so i went to my mother place on the same day. next day happened to be my parents anniversary. I had got a personalized photo book from Let me tell you, i really enjoy ordering in this site.

There was a exhibition going on, so i purchased 3 set of Jumka’s. Two new dresses. gave Bunty sugar candy( panji mittai). just trying to tell her, how i spent my childhood waiting for such exhibitions to come and eat candies and pop-corn, which other wise are not found in my town.

rest of the days went visiting other people and patch up driving class. I took bunty for swimming too. She didnt enjoy initially, she was scared of going into water, but towards the end she was not ready to come from pool. poor baby got so tired, that she sad on the pavement after 10 minutes in water, later started chasing the crows on the pavement.  she slept all day due to tiredness.

before i could wink, all the days went off, and had to come back . coming back was a big drama, so dont want spoil the jolly mood of the trip.

Return journey:

it was a day journey. which means more trouble. Bunty wanted to walk the full length of the train. she has also picked up new words from a girls gang in the train. she has learnt apple, banana and mango. i am proud if Bunty.. :).

bunty talks

bunty was playing with my phone. she dropped it as usual. this time instead of crying, she tried to remove the battery and successfully removed the sim card too.

me: ohi, what are you doing??

bunty: charging..

i am surprised, from where she has learnt the word and used it for mobile. she is grasping things..


while bunty is having food,

me neighbour: what are you eating bunty?

bunty: uppappu.. ( she means pappu, which is dal)

N: everyday you eat only pappu??

bunty: nods here head left and right saying no , and changes the food as kakka( that is what she is taught for Non-veg food).

again she has become manipulative. she doesn’t want others to comment on her food.  god knows from where she is getting these qualities.


i am successful in teaching bunty to say rather the actions for good morning,evening, shaking hands. she says thanks you too.. 🙂

she can identity nose, lips and eyes.  lot more to go.. she has learnt to show the things what she wants. she will show her sipper when she is thirty and feeding bottle when she is hungry. that is a good sign indeed.


now coming to the complaints about her,

she like to wear chappals,sandals and any footwear. but the bad part is she will want to wear everybody’s in the lobby. she will eventually push the shoe rack, ( i am scared that it will fall on her) and will try everything . she will search of the correct pair and will walk inside the house too with it. then i will have to take it back, ask my neighbors if it is theirs and arrange everybody’s shoe-rack. :(.

she already has four pairs for her, but still not satisfied like amma( me me me.. :))

she generally does her susu or potty in one corner of the house. she is scared to use potty seat, so we let her go, as she doesn’t do any where else. even if she is in my neighbors house, she would come back home and do it, or else she would do it the entrance lobby. but now a days she is purposefully doing it one me. today she did it on me at 8.45am. that means no time to change. hence rush to office with same cloths, smelling susu. hope ppl dont think it did it.. 😦


did i tell you?

bunty wanted dog. she saw a dog on road and wanted it. so, what did i do, bought her a toy. so, now she is playing with it and wants to take it for a walk like my neighbors do.. 🙂


When mom wanted to be a fashion designer…

long ago, i wanted to become a fashion designer.. but some how it didnt happen.. on weekend this is what happened.. i realized that bunty has developed modelling talent too.  my neighbors( 8th std kid, is found of bunty and dressed her like this. bunty comes home, gives poses to take picture.. in case if i think of changing my profession to designing, i have a ready model too.. what do u ppl say??

Bunty b’day pics

pattu pavadai..
cake cutting..
finally the cake!!

Bikram.. here is the cake for you..  so, you must be wondering that, the cake has a two tier in 3rd pic and the cake cutting photo has only one tier.  it was a disaster. i had ordered the ice-pasterey. we expected ppl to come on time, and we didn’t want to arranged hings in front of them. we just placed the cake. our neighbors just said, 2 minutes and made us wait for long. then what happens.. yes you guessed it right, it started melting, the foundation collapsed and the top layer dropped on the bottom one. so, we cut only one cake. rest was again refrigerated and then distributed.

still we enjoyed her party yesterday. Bunty and her friends had great time, playing with balloons, eating cake and home made food. it was great day for her and us too.

p.s: Bunty is a year old.. that doesn’t mean i am also getting older.. 🙂