so, what am i doing these days??

I am busy preparing myself to get out of the office i am currently working. Reasons are many. So, i am busy preparing for public sector entrance exams. have entrance test on Wednesday. Dont ask me what i am doing here instead of studying?? .. i am taking a break..

let me tell you how to prepare for exams while working..

1. make a schedule. what to study and what to be delivered in office.

2. come early to office and prepare for exam when nobody is around. yes, you need to utilize the internet and printer given in office. i am not doing any cheating here ok.. my ink is getting dried up. i have use my new cartridge given before the year ends.

3. so, when boss comes, it would look like you are really working hard, but you would doing double duty.

4. once in a while ask doubts to boss. or else he might doubt that you are doing something else. even though you have finished your work, dont show it to him. he might load you with new job.

5. most important . don’t tell anyone in office about the exam. they may casually leak the news to boss. yes stupid ppl can grade us low, saying that you tried to apply for a job elsewhere.

6. if you have to take leave and study for exam, dont do it just before exam. people should not get any hint. so do it a week before. before taking leave, casually tell people around you that you are having headache and feeling feverish. If you are a female, more advantage. ( yes, you need to use the fact that most of the Indian Men cant openly talk about menstruation). so, you just have to tell you have stomach ache. so, no further questions are asked.

7. after you come back, try to look dull. you are in recovering phase right. dont put make up. no earrings and bindi. it makes wonders.

8. In between take break by participating in various blog contest and read blogs. :D( addiction I say).

9.Prepare well, right the exam well.

now, all of you wish me good luck. I am desperate to get out of this office.

note: its really difficult to study again after 5 years of finishing college. especially with Diwali , little bunty at home, and hubby come over to stay with us for the festival.

My first video entry:

ok people, go call me crazy, here my attempt to take video with help of my colleagues.  i have tried to put two french plaits, making center partition. end result, it would look like a heart in the centre with french plait framing the shape.  look at the pictures for how it looks. last minute entry.22heart-braid

here is the link:

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note: ur guess is right, the model is Ms.Young, and it is taken in office restroom. 🙂

Pendrive that put me on guilt.

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“one gift shopping experience that drove you crazy?

This is an incident which I wanted to write for very long time. But always forgot. Thanks to Blogadda for making me remember the crazy incident and making me document it in form of post, and record it in my space.

It was already 25th of the month. Money had to be collected and gifts had to be bought. I was trying hard to concentrate on work. But somehow, the background thoughts were filled in party mood. This time, it was my boss birthday and best friends too. This excited me more. But I also had doubts in my mind, regarding my capability to host such a big party. We were expecting 40 people. The venue was fixed. The collections were in progress. Thank god, I didn’t take up the duty of going and collecting money from each staff. People dropped promptly by 25th, and gave in the money.

It was 27th, and I had not decided the menu. I was clueless on the amount to be spent on “snacks Vs gifts”.  I made my choice of making it 50-50 each. Which meant I had money only for cake and tea?  But I thought, I could save some money in gift and arrange at least some chips with it.

This meant I had to buy gift sooner. Going shopping in Bangalore traffic without a personal two wheeler was really tiresome. It was just not two gist I had to buy, but 5. 4+1(special gift). I was cursing the person who introduced this great idea of celebrating group b’day. i.e celebration of b’days of people of that month together on last working day of the month.  This month’s list included one young girl, one lady boss, one male manager, one helper. Though it was great idea, buying gift for all categories, according to their taste and more importantly within the budget was quite a task.

I was confident that the girl would like the handbags sold on commercial street platform, but didn’t know if the lady boss would like the funky stuff. Wanted to gift the managers a parker pen, but would the illiterate helper treasure it? So so many doubts. I literally took two days wandering on commercial street, garuda mall, chikpet ,central , Gandhi bazaar. But everything was in vain. The best thing is that, if I finalize on something, my friends wouldn’t agree on it.

It was already 30th, but everything was pending just because I had not bought the gifts. Only after the gifts are bought, the rest of the money could be used to buying cake. Thanks to bakery’s which were ready to give me cake on 5 hours notice, but that would restrict my choice of flavors.

I was almost on tears. Just then somebody gave this idea of gift vouchers. But again, that means I was giving people a limited choice. I had no time, had only two choices. I had to buy gift voucher from garuda mall, which was near by office. Which means, I could get either Westside voucher /shopper stop /fab india.  But again, was worried if everybody would like it. There were online offers. But it means more shipping time. Buy one get one offers didn’t work as we were supposed to buy only 5 gifts.

So I ended up buying pen-drives for all. Rest of the money was used to get cake, chips, tea and samosa. I did cost cutting by ordering just one cake instead of 5.

The party started. To my horror, one of the b’day  guy( the manager) had the same pendrive hung around his neck.  The cake cutting and snacks distribution went on well. Then the gift disturbing started. I handed over the packet to the office head. He weight it and said,” it looks small for a gift”. I just controlled my anger inside. He started calling everybody’s names. I was again shocked to hear my name in the list. The HR mockingly said, we wanted you to know the “pain of receiving the gift”. (Though it was uttered jokingly, it hurt me a lot). It made sense, for me the pendrive was a waste as I already had 3 with me, one of the same brand and colour. The gift didn’t make sense to the helper too. The manager already possessed one, and for others, pendrives were banned in office.  I did a mistake of just buying a gift, which was decided on haste, lack of time and patience. It was a bigger mistake as it involved everybody’s’ money for which I am answerable.

That is when I realized the importance of gifting right thing, to right person and right time too.

So people don’t make mistake like me, but check on this.

So people put in your best efforts for the right gift. This time the recipients are going to like it. No more of gift wastage or recycling, but its just enjoying the gift.

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PS. I was given pendrive, as that was my last day in that office.  I left the company for good, and with a good lesson on gifting.

update on Ms. Young

Yes, now it’s time for the new update on Ms. Young.

She calls me at 3 in the evening. I was out playing with my daughter. I tell her that I will call back again. She calls me again in the night, when my daughter is asleep. I run to put my mobile in silent and ask her to message.( mobile is a blessing, you can put it in silent when u want. )

MY: I want to know if there are any vacant houses for rent in your locality

ME: (I am a good girl you know, I help everybody.) Yes, it is very much there in my own apartment.

MY: when can I come?

ME: tomorrow at 10.00 am.

Then I go down stair, get that house owners phone number, call him, and fix up an appointment for the next day.

Ms. Young comes to my house by 9.00 am, on a Sunday. It’s a holiday. So what do you expect? I was just out of bed, they are here. I have a party to attend at 12 noon. The meeting is fixed at 10.30. but owner reaches only by 11.00. Mean while we offer them, tea, biscuits, fruits. My bunty starts playing with them. After a point bunty stops coming to me and wants to be with them only.  So right now only Bunty is Ms. Young ‘s friend. I am just helping her out ok. Still the distance is there.

MIL being a intelligent soul, get bunty ready for the party by giving her food, bath. Having them at home, I am not able to go for a bath or even have breakfast.

Finally the owner agrees, they settle with rent and agreement. It is already 12.00. I rush for a bath, get things ready while Mil got ready. Finally we reach the destination by 1.00 pm. When we just reach the destination, the auto driver calls somebody on phone to verify the address. A RTC bus comes and hits us from one side. Thankfully bunty and MIL were on the other side, it hit on my side of the auto. Auto gets partially damaged, but we all survive.

After two days, Ms. Young and I come to office together. I realize that she is just out of college kid with not so much of maturity. It is all because of the hype given by the boss, and the north and south barrier keeping me away from her.

Waiting for the next post on who guys, all married trying to impress Ms. Young.


This conversation happened in canteen yesterday. I don’t know , how much of it is true, is it exaggeration or real understanding?.

H1: you are not supposed to discuss about the house matters, namely about wife or in-laws or parents in front of so many people in office. You can share it with small crowd in canteen, say 4 persons group but not in a common hall.

H2: what did I say? I said I like watching TV news channels, where as my wife like seeing only cartoons. I don’t see anything wrong.

H1: nothing is wrong, but you don’t understand how this would have effect when somebody tells this to your wife. It is not like your wife will misunderstand you; it is that she will think you tell everything in office.

And he quotes an example of some X meeting his wife and telling her the following statements like

  • Your hubby thinks that you are still a kid as you see only cartoon

  • Why don’t you let your husband see TV?

  • Really you like watching so many cartoons? Your husband was telling me the other day

  • Why don’t you change your behavior? You do not understand your husband.

H3: yes that is right, once a while u can discuss essential things with friends to confirm that you are on right track of marriage, and it is happening in everybody’s life. It is just comparing one’s life notes.

H2: whatever you say sir, I have learnt 3 lessons after marriage.

So now let me put it a pyar ka rules post marriage( it is his rules and thoughts)

  • Never be angry with ur wife. Don’t ever try to show someone else anger on her. Even if there is a fight, finish it off before going to bed.

  • Listen to her. I know she would like to share tiniest thing happened that day, listen and process than simply letting of through ears. Remember what is required if possible everything. You don’t know when you will be questioned on it.

  • Never say something is wrong in food. Never on phone, also never take back the lunch box unfinished. Give her time to realize and tell by herself about the fault in recipe and just nod your head.

Now girls go ahead and come out with comments. So is there any Pyar ka rules for women too??

When there is a new girl in office,

there is new girl in office today. I feel both happy and sad. Happy that finally I got a company, but sadder as I am not the privileged only female in the office.  Ok, leaving aside my feelings, let me talk to what happened yesterday.

I need to name the new girl as something na, may be call her, Ms.young. yes she is 5 yrs younger to me. Do you see wrinkles on my face now?? Hmmm may be you will in someday. J.

Morning, my boss comes running inside the hall, we don’t have cabins, we believe in open hall working system. He announces that two people are joining the division. One of them is a female, so we need to make some quick arrangement. We need to create place for her, she is coming from our training school( yup rest all of us are direct recruitment).

Immediately, few boys were called, 3 peoples places were shifted. Yup, my place too was shifted. I understand that we need to accommodate her too, but why in such hurry. When I came I was not allowed a seat, waited for my table and computers to come. But, Ms.young has become a princess. Why because is young and unmarried or because she has the crown called training school candidate.

Whatever, all the set up disturbed. The highlight is that she has been given 15 days accommodation in guest house and is given transport facility too. Which I was not given that time. Yup that is the reason for me fuming. And she is been given vehicle to go and search for a house for herself, and is given permission to go out in office hours.

Someone in office rightly said, Ramayana and Mahabharata was also because of one woman, same is repeating now. For once, I did nothing but support the statement.

Isn’t my boss making me hate Ms.young for no reason? Whatever, I am angry on the system. Hope my mood changes over the weekend; I will be able to accept my new colleague.

Note: there were people who wanted the Ms.young to be seated in such a location that they can look at her from their place. Thank god that her looks were not disappointing thought it was not to our expectations built over a month’s time before her arrival.

God save me and world around !!!

It’s raining.. Yes, I love rain when it is a holiday; I am at home and not going out. But today, I do not like it. I have to come to office, unfortunately chose to wear white cloths. I have to walk cautiously so that, no car splashes the water on me.  I forgot to take umbrella too today. God save me !!!


It was so unfortunate to hear about the train accident in the morning. . It happened near my native place. My brother-in-law was supposed to travel in it, but luckily went on in other train as per his old schedule. Still that fear “if he had traveled” is so scary. Nobody to blame, but it just happened.


I got some rashes 3 days ago. Didn’t know the cause. Went to doctor, he too couldn’t find out. I told you na, my BIL was here for the weekend, he found out small insects on the window AC. It was tiny as dots, and whenever we switched on the AC, it would fall directly on to the bed. Hence we found out the reason. These small insects generally come for hens droppings. After opening the windows we realized that few pigeons come and sit and shit on the AC unit. These insects have come for them. So from yesterday we have been sleeping on living room floor.


today everybody in office went to particular table, and were laughing so loudly looking the monitor.  this is not the first time this is happening. they are not ready to include me to the group. their discussion continued and one person kept on checking my reactions and wanted to ensure that i am not listening to it. arey its office, they are discussing in loud voice, and i am not so dumb also. i could understand that they were seeing some colleague’s half dressed photos. they had been to beach on Saturday and had fun. intelligent them, they didnt even know that i can see the monitor’s refection on the window behind.  best part is they calling it as boy’s talk and excluding me from the conversation.. i just wanted tot ell them, ” grow up bachu”..  i am not the one who is going to feel bad for it, or react..

A visit to gents toilet !!!

reading  gkorula’s this post triggered me to write this post, which has no co-relation, but just got reminded of it.

I went inside gents toilet, when I was 6 years old. I walked along with my friend who was a boy, and went inside accidentally. But, I didn’t say anything to anyone, didn’t feel anything.

Next I went inside gents toilet when I was in college. It was intentional. I planned to go many times, that day I decided that I will definitely go. Before you guys imagine anything else, I am an architect, so as a architecture student it was needed for me to understand how the urinals work. So, it was official site visit to gents toilet. But, without getting permission from teachers. J

During my training period in 7th semester, I made terrible mistake with the toilet detail. My boss got frustrated, he wanted to tell me that, u need to step up to pee and urinal has to be at certain height, the partition between the urinals need not be of full length as nobody is going to peep. Mirror and do location should be kept in such a way that privacy is ensured.

How was I supposed to know that there is level difference between the floor level and the urinal floor level? How will I know about the partition height? This time, my boss said, I can’t help it; this is what happens when I ask a girl to design a gent’s toilet.

heat sensor urinal

( I thought I should have told him, that without a case study and model, how was I supposed to design urinal correctly, didn’t have guts to)

Later, I joined a private industrial firm. Where, I designed urinals with my previous knowledge gained during the training. Having a lady boss with me, saved me from trouble.

After few months of joining in the office, I was assigned the renovation work on the ground floor. That was when; I saw my actual urinal design coming into existence. I went through so many catalogs, visited vendors and got to know various varieties of urinals, starting from squatting once to waterless, to sensor to heat-sensor urinals.  I paid so many visits as part of inspection and testing the auto sensor working with pouring water on urinals and what not.


One day, when I was working on a Saturday, I realized that the water pipes for the ladies toilets were closed. May be admin people thought, women don’t work on weekends. It was an urgency, so, I had no choice but to enter gents toilet at my own risk.( I didn’t see anyone working in my wing, so walked it with a confidence). I finished my job, came out. That is when I was scared. My wing gents’ toilet had just one WC, 2 urinals and a washbasin. What if I was inside the toilet and come out to see someone using the urinal??, or just zipping in front of me?? Actually the office has two wings, and two gents toilet on one wing and one ladies and gents toilet in the other wing.( construction business na, so the proportion of female is less than male)

urinal design

Episode -2

I told you already that renovation work was going on. So females from ground floor had to use the toilet in my floor. So, the floating population and waiting time in the toilets increased, as we had one WC in ladies toilet. Again it was pro-active me suggested to change the gents toilet in the floor to ladies toilet. In-spite of putting a notice and sending circular, by habit, men come till the door and turn back. One instance, when I was just about to enter the converted gent’s toilet, the pantry boy just opened the toilet door. Both of were horrified, thank god, I didn’t scream but did make a noise which was heard to people sitting close to the restroom. From then, I just wait for few second when I have to enter the converted toilet. Poor guy, didn’t have guts to face me for many days.


I was working in late hours that day. All of a sudden, I hear footsteps, I get conscious and took the mopping stick from the janitor and was ready to hit whoever it was (as I was the only female on the floor), I open the door and see a security guard standing there. I didn’t get any words. I was scared and just went inside the toilet again and took my mobile to call up my friend. He came running, was standing out of the toilet door, waiting for me to come out and ensure everything was right. I came out and was glad that I saw a known face. I switched off all the light and was about to leave, I saw the same security again. I bluntly started shouting,” security, and security”. He said, “I am here only”. Before I could utter another word, he said sorry. He explained that he had come to check and switch off all unwanted lights when I was inside the toilet, he heard the flush sound and was about to leave and that is when I saw him.



For one of the competitions in the office, I had worn a nine yard saree( this photo was also taken inside the restroom). Proper madisar for 8 hours straight. That means, If I have to pee, I have to remove the saree completely and re-dress again. Yes, I managed to do it 4 times that day. I had to remove the saree, throw it out and use the toilet and come back and do it. Every time I was careful to lock the main toilet door. But one time I forgot, so you can guess the disaster right?? Thank god, it was in ladies toilet, and the person who entered was my boss.

Other toilet disasters are pants nada( thread) going inside or getting knotted , I forget to lock the door in urgency and then just hold the door with my palms resting on it, so the door doesn’t open even if somebody pushes, or going inside the toilet with hanky , mobile and pen and not knowing where to put them. Waiting in the queue and chatting had been the best time-pass. I even did photo-shoot session in front of the toilet mirror when I am all dressed up and my boss enters.

Did you ever face such a situation??

Passport renewal

Yesterday I had been to passport office. There were so many things to do. I had to wait in big queue for getting inside the building. Later, I had to sit in a big waiting hall, to take an appointment. It was funny, yes, u move seat by seat, when the first person, few rows before you finishes his query with the passport officer. After a wait of two hours my turn came. Can you believe he gave me appointment date in august for tatkal?? What is the purpose of tatkal?

Then, I had to request the security to allow me to meet the APO. Yes, he let me see him. After a long conversation, he accepted my request and gave me appointment for today.

I went to passport office. It is too good, the ambiance and the service too. At par with the corporate culture, it didn’t feel like I was in a govt office. Luckily I had all my documents with me in order. Within two hours everything, including the cancellation of old passport was done.

Now next task is taking passport for the bunty. I am just getting worried, if I have to take for the appointment and stand in the queue for hours together. My god, even the thought of it is making me dizzy.

Now coming back I had lots of questions:

–          Is passport office trying to get more revenue by making ppl take new passport after they get married in the name of spouse name addition, change of address, renewal etc etc.?

–          Now, if you have to take passport for the kid, new rule is that, parents should have added their spouse name in their respective passport. That means, two fees to be paid, then third fees for the kid?.

–          Minor passport expires in 5 years, so take the kid, u as the guardian go along to with the kid for renewing it every five years?.

–          How does this system work abroad, where changing partners is common, u have a biological father and guardian too?

–          Is it IRCTC, where major revenue is through ticket cancellation, passport offices too get money majorly from renewal and addition of spouse name and change of address?

I took my passport when I was in college, that too because it was compulsory for attending placements.  I didn’t bother about adding spouse name after getting married, as I thought marriage certificate will do when I travel. But now, when I have to take passport for my baby, all this has come up.  Worst part is doing it all alone when your hubby is not staying with you. Other problem is my old passport is Chennai issued; now I need to get in vizag. Both mine and hubby’s passport have different address. so it a problem when i have to take passport for bunty.

finally all this is because, i didn’t want to pay the fees for just adding spouse name, when my passport still has validity.  why cant adding spouse name be just a stamping on one of the pages, instead of  making me a new passport. 😦