The Perfect Gentleman- Coffee table series-1- Book review

 About the Book
Author  E L George.
About the Author  El George is an excellent observer and writer of life in all its essence. A person who believes in the saying: If life throws you a lemon, go ahead and not only make a lemonade but also share and enjoy it with life kind.
ISBN 9789352010998
Price(INR) INR149
Pages 125
Main Plot given The Perfect Gentleman- Observations, perceptions versus reality.

Who is a Gentleman?

Who can be called a Perfect Gentleman?

What does being a Gentleman really mean?

Are we looking at appearances or something more?

Characters This is a collection of 14 short stories. Each revolving around one person, and how he becomes a gentleman.
Tone of writing  Simple and straight.
My take on the book The books takes us through varied emotions. At a point it makes us smile, cry in pain, wonder and also rethink.

Each story in book is kind of an observation of a particular incident, bringing in a new perspective of how we look at certain community of people and how they helped the society in crisis.

I also like the fact that the author has tried to bring across the stories from different cities, different time frames, thus making is complete in all aspects.

Do I recommend the book? One time read.
On the other hand  my rating: 3.3/5.

Have you read this Book? What did you think? Let me know your thoughts and if you haven’t Read it yet, read it!!

Finally I would like to thank Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd for sending me the copy for reviewing.





























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