Transit Home.

A home is generally a place that is close to the heart of the owner, and can become a prized possession. It has been argued that psychologically “The strongest sense of home commonly coincides geographically with a dwelling. Usually the sense of home attenuates as one moves away from that point, but it does not do so in a fixed or regular way.” Since it can be said that humans are generally creatures of habit, the state of a person’s home has been known to physiologically influence their behavioremotions, and overall mental health.  People may become homesick when they leave their home over an extended period of time. Places like homes can trigger self-reflection, thoughts about who someone is or used to be or who they might become.( from wiki)

But, there are days or years in life, when we actually stay out of our homes for our studies or work. Most of the times, its college hostel, working women hostel or we stay as paying guest in someone else home. It’s not that we just stay there for few days or months, most of the times, its more than a year. All of would have had stupid, smart, troublesome or helping roommates. In-spite of all odds, we do make it place/space personal.

it’s a single room with a bed, work table, a book shelf and chair,bean bag chair.


I just had to choose a Orange colour from the shade card. In fact sample bought was enough for me to paint a single wall. They are small 200 ml paint packs which can be bought at Asian Paints Colour World outlet, which can be used to sample how the colour would look on the wall and then the final decision can be taken. It offers a low-risk small trial pack so that customers are more comfortable in taking their final decision.

Now, I had to separate my work area from my sleep area. So, i decided to paint, the wall area starting from my table to the door end with orange to give it a formal look. To create a sense of balance, rest of the places were painted  half white.  I got inspired by Asian paints Spring dairy stencil design, but i could afford to buy and try it. hence i made my own design with washable crayons and paints.




To give a personal touch , made a stencil and used the washable crayons to make patterns on the wall and ceiling.


Mom sent two polka dot bed sheets. I just used them as curtain, little to cover the night lamp.



bringing flowers once a week from florist made my table graceful. I just used a glass tumbler, which was painted white as the flower vase.

At last, not all House owners like the idea of you painting the walls yourself, until you do well and show them, you made their house a better home.

Do you guys have any special attachment to the transit homes?? did you ever try anything to make it look special and personalised??

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2.Glimpse of india and green homes

3.why colours

4.chalk the ideas

Glimpse of INDIA and green home

Now that all of you know that I am an Architect. So, where ever I go, I pick up the authentic fabric, colours, artifacts of the particular place. I have travelled a lot across India. Incase, I am asked to build a house with all the things I have collected and seen, it would look like the following.  Of course i would design house which is green in nature. An eco-friendly building.  let me explain starting with creativity on the looks, interior and colours and end with ecofriendly at end in just 10 points.

I made 3 collages, would explain all the picture starting from first left clockwise.

1. bright colours from Rajasthan  for the fabric on beds. they are the natural colour dyed and Cane furniture of India combines simplicity and comfort, with high aesthetic appeal.

2. Green colour boxes are hand painted kept on the wooden dressing would bring it more colour and green creeper would add life to the room.

3.traditoanl photographs depicting indian ppl will be used as cushion cover. Indoor plans would be kept as contract to plan paint on the background.

4. a green colour painted buddha kept on aluminum trunk would give the ancient feel to the garden. all the artifacts are handmade of recyclable products.

5. a royal magenta colour silk saree is used as curtain and sofa cover adding on colour and royal look to the Shah jhahans photograph kept in the room.  old silk saree which has been lying in the wardrobe for years will get new life with the creativity.

6. a variety of silk fabric and colours are used as cushion cover to emphasis the colours in the house.

indian recall1

6. I used carpet tile flooring. which is made of recycled wood and can be replaced in parts when damaged. it would qualify as a green material for flooring.

7. I use big windows, like the arched one shown in the photograph, which would bring in more light, I think all of know the importance of natural light and its effect on the paint used in the interior. with this I bring in more light and air inside my home.

indian recall23

8. I use recycled wood to make my furniture. would paint it with bright colours to give it a contemporary look.

9. use pebbles in the center courtyard, which would also act as rainwater catchment for rain water harvesting.

10. last but not the least, I would use ASIAN PAINTS -Green Assure from Asian Paints is more than just VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) Safe.

indian recall33Untitled

Now a good news, you dont need to be an Architect or interior decor to make your house look beautiful. what you just need to do is just a phone call to a toll free number.  Just read the above steps, follow it, your dream home is ready. In fact the website give you various designs available, colour theory, shade cards, patterns that can be implemented and what not?? So guys, you just need to finalize on the budget, rest is all at your door steps.

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note: all are googled images.  I could have written more on green building, that would take away reader interest, and it’s not much related to the contest. hence stopped with the interior. Hope you like my post.

why colours??

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how about a black and white house.  why colors when you can create beautiful space with everything and nothing. So let me share an idea on black and white house.

asian paint houses 11 asian paint houses1 Inbox12

here the basic idea is make the house look chick and elegant. let be professional meeting place, or add a pinch of colours in form of fabric and furniture to detail, the house had be made of monochrome.

living space:  when you have clean white wall, with white sofa, it automatically brings in a posh and business like look. I would combine it with zebra pattern fabric for curtains and cushion to emphasis the formal look. Of course would splash in colours during the festive time.

kitchen and bathroom: I know how hard it is to maintain anything white in kitchen and bathroom. still, when its white, we are inclined to clean it frequently or get cleaned. now did you get the idea, why i need it white?? so, i am into making my home perfect for every visitor and feel proud for the spec clean maintenance.

bedroom:  polka dots fabric would make it retro style, and colourful carpet would add life to my room. I would add color and life to the rooms with colour flowers and photographs.

so what do you guys say?? dont we have more and more creative options to do with accersories, furnitures and fabric, when we have base, BLACK AND WHITE as background??  the following are given by ASIAN paints for chosing of the wall colour combinations. So, keep it in mind while selecting.

  • The three primary colours- red, blue, yellow are also known as the parent colours.
    • Background colour: The colour with the largest proportional area covering three walls of a room.
    • Dominant or feature wall colour: The colour of the feature wall.
    • Accents: The colour used in the least proportion to enhance the overall décor.
    Interior Colour RelationshipColour Relationship

    Colour interactions

    • Colours look different on different backgrounds, in different contexts.
    • The grey chip looks much lighter on the black, whereas on white it looks darker.
    • The yellow looks cleaner and brighter on black than on white. The green chip on the blue seems to resemble the first and third green chip on the left, when in fact it is the same as the second one on the left.
    Exterior Colour RelationshipExterior Colour Interactions
    • If you want a colour to appear lighter in value, surround it with a colour darker in value and vice versa.
    • If you want a colour to appear intense or bright, surround it with a less intense or dull colour.


now hope you understand why I decided to main major surfaces as White, only few as Black. and also why I added the little tint of other bright colours to enhance the beauty?? Thank you Asian paints for the clear ideas on colouring and how to choose the colours.. 

Chalk the ideas..

with age, everybody seem to forget things. How many of you write down the ” TO DO LIST”, and get pleasure striking the done things. Oh well, how about a house which provides a wall space for it. Imagine a big black wall for you to write on in every room. the wall is either to write down the things to do, or can become a creative platform for the kids to show their imagination. How about the wall displaying the important dates of life or a cute proposal or love note from hubby. I am getting really excited thinking about things that can be done on a clean blank wall.

its always in our hands to chose the colour. If we can carry anything elagant, even black on nails can look fab.

barry-m-matte-nail-paint-espresso-002 Asian Paints does have a product called ‘chalkboard paint’, but it uses acrylic and not chalk as the medium. This paint is designed for blackboards or green-boards (as seen in classrooms). It can also be used on surfaces that are to function as a board, ie written on with chalk.

coming to bedroom, here are sample pictures. either you do it everyday, change according to the mood. write captions, or draw smething to complete or complement the bed. So, i would write a beautiful qoute everyday on the wall, read it, and relive it.

chalk book house

My dining and kicten would have the days menu. i would like the recipe which i would like to try and write important information which needs to be shared with my family.  it just no the corner, but the complete wall becomes mine and has scope to decorate and re-do.

chalk book house2

my study, would filled with formulas. yes, i would like feel likeEinstein when i am studing.  I would keep a bright light to make me focus on work with walls blank or written to minimun,  keep really contracting furniture fabric or colour like cyan blue or bright pink and red to compliment the monotous black wall.

chalk book house4

make it romtic with qoutes and candle light.  keep rest of the thing white and make it a great black and white combo to increase the elegance.

chalk book house6

Hope, you liked my haouse of board and chalk. This post is written for The Beautiful Home Blogger Contest in association with Asian Paints andRipple Links. hey looks like a popular post would also win some goodies. dont know how they would check on it. anyways dont forget to like my post and write a comment. 

Beautiful Home part-1

Just the word MY HOME brings in lots of happiness to me. Who would have a dream home?. I am sure most of us have a dream home in our mind. some of us fulfill our wises, some reach it near, and for some it just stays as dream.

I think with current economic statistics, most of us spend all our savings to build our Dream home. We put in so many ideas, interact with planners, Architects, Interior decors . We plan, budget it , wait and fulfill our dreams is it?

here let me explain my dream house, a beautiful home.


everybody has their own requirements based on needs. I look for a duplex in an apartment.  Yes, I want to stay connected with other and yet have a feeling of staying in a independent house. I need three bedrooms, an open kitchen with dining. A formal and Informal living room. A big sit out.

now that my needs are established. I get into planning. I don’t believe in vastu, but I believe in science. I need natural light entering my home, and good breeze to prevail. So, I orient my apartment to the prevailing wind direction. A good light always makes a home warm and bright. I also save on energy use.

home-design-plans-425x282Kanchanjunga_Plan_1 Kanchanjunga_Plan_2

for the exterior painting of the apartment. As its a tall building, its nice if we stick on to the lighter shades, as it doesn’t obstruct or distract a traveler view, or a vehicle riders eyes. Still to add in a details, only for the sit out and balcony, bright colour is used. IT balances the look of the building, and breaks the monotony. I am going to used, Asian paint Apex weatherproof emulison. Asian Paints Apex Weatherproof Emulsion is a smooth, water-based, modified acrylic, exterior wall finish with silicon additives.

Apex Waterproof Emulsion
Product benefits
1Weather Guard

Apex is specially formulated to withstand extreme tropical conditions of high rainfall, humidity and heat.

2Excellent Protection against UV Attack

Apex provides extremely good protection against alkali and UV degradation, thus ensuring that the shade doesn’t fade for a long time and the paint lasts longer.

3Excellent Anti-algal Performance

Apex provides excellent resistance from growth of algae and fungi on the walls. This prevents appearance of black spots due to algal growth.

ca-3 1311110784-charles-correa-5-528x310

to give an idea here I have a example of Charles Chorea’s Kanchanjunga apartment, located in Mumbai.  Now that we have done the planning part, let get into the details.

the following are the tips given in Asian Paint website. I like it a lot. I am going to use thier ideas to make my home a better home.

Following are the primary ways of making colour combinations

  • Monochromatic- ( i am going to use them for Bedrooms)
  • Complementary ( for the sit out)
  • Analogous ( for the kitchen and study)


  • Do not use more than two primary colours in one room
  • Too many colours in a room create chaos
  • Build the colours in the room around the colour of the feature wall
  • Dark colour should be used against a light background
  • Accents or strong colours provide points of focus in a room
  • Keep the background colour white / light / toned down to highlight details like accents or trim or niches / corners etc
  • Use warm accents in a cool colour scheme


  • Dark rooms require plenty of light and need to be painted in light colours
  • Rooms used at night need colours that look best in artificial lights – white or yellow


  • Large areas may be painted with dark and bright colours
  • Identical colours on wall and woodwork create a clean and uncluttered look
  • Colours of natural material need to be considered while planning the room
  • Colours of the upholstery / carpet and curtains have to be in sync with the wall colours. They can either be in analogous or complementary combinations with the wall colour.

living room:

I like the textures given by Asian Paint. So would like to use them in my home.


Red colour adds in life to the building. Its kind of a warm colour which adds in boldness to the room. Hence i would like to experiment the brick red colour on my walls.


bedroom-2008 here I have struck to single colour Black. You can call them as complementary colours.  Painting Black brings in a kind of elegance and power to the room.

children bedroom 2:

Blue-Tween-Girl-Bedroom-Ideas-Top-Floor-Apartment-L-Shape-Bed-Bunka child bedroom, should have little more of colours, yet not disturbing the  taste or personality of the kid. Here the tree adds in a little creativity. the bed cum storage provides more space to the room. Bringing in natural light inside the room gives a live spirit to the room.  Blue is the colour of my kids bedroom.

guest bedroom:

bedroom-light As better to keep the guest bedroom neutral. So, I have decided upon the earthy colours. keeping it simple, is helpful for guest and also for us to clean as its going to be used once in a while.

study room:


images I am going for a must plain look here. Simple reason, I dont like any distraction in my study area. It needs to have a bookshelf, table and nice light. So, making the room with wooden finish gives in all the attributes required.


ultra-modern-kitchensbig-modern-kitchen-simple-home-decoration-acgraou7 kitchen is always good, when its all white and counter tops are of black granite. Cleaning is easy. Here a mild texture is added to the walls, still not very bright, but sober.

sit out:

Charles Correa’s Kanchanjunga apartment block

Sit out, is nice when its bright. It needs to add colour to the home. Brighter colour needs little less of maintenance, so when its outside, even if we don’t clean it regularly, it should looks bright and nice.

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Midnight craving..


me: i want to eat something sweet.

him: will get you tomorrow morning dear..

me: no i need it right now.

him: ???????

me: our little baby wants it..

him: ok, let me check what is there in kitchen.

me: no much.. just the bread has to be used before tomorrow

him: hmmm.. let me see, what best can be done with that??

after 10 min..

IMG_0001 IMG_0002 IMG_0003 IMG_0004 IMG_0005 IMG_0006

Bread jamun.. wow.. i never had such a nice sweet in my life till now.. little chewy, but not as sweet as jamun.. mild and nice.. really nice..

tummy kush, mummy be kush..

him: time to sleep baby…

me: i feel like..

him: guurrrrrrrrr.. snoring…

IMG_0009 IMG_00102013-10-23 10.25.10 2013-10-23 10.25.31 2013-10-23 10.25.49

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Yes i have Smart Suraksha with me and My daughter her

There are so many families in India who just don’t embrace the birth of a female child. let it educated, un-educated, rich-poor, its all the same feel when its comes to this particular aspect. this happened with me too. when my father was not ready to accept me when I was born, as I was a FEMALE, I wish I had smart Suraksha with me to tell him, there is no difference between a girl child and boy child except for the genitals. Though i am still surviving they had a wish to have a SON. that is why i wanted a Suraksha, a self realisation app which can change the mindset of the parents, the minute the button is pressed.

Almost every girl in this world get abused sexually. the severity of the case changes with the person and situations. I was too a victim not once or twice, but for so many years as i was not educated about sexual abuse or child abuse. when I was being touched inappropriately by peon in the school or relative, I wish there was smart Suraksha with me which would send message to my parents, school principal and the teachers and helped me from so many traumatic nights.  yes, I belong to era where openly talking about such things to parents is forbidden. if pressing a button could do it, I wish I had it then.

Sending girls fir higher studies itself is question mark in so many families.  fighting and getting admission in a good college was a great challenge. finally i managed to  get admission in a prestigious university. Still, how many every degree’s a man gets, his physical need and development is more than his mental or knowledge development. when I was in college, there were so many people on the campus road teasing every women crossing the road. the comments invariable used to made me  cry.  especially when those guys goings on triples come so close to scare me, and half the time they succeeded in touching. most of the times, I didn’t even know the culprit to complain, as they hide their faces under the helmet.  I wish there was smart Suraksha with me, which would send message to police station, dean and automatically debar them from college. I was scared of telling this at home, as that would be invariably stopping me from studying further.

Most of the women are sent for work for better earning to the family and finding a better groom in the market. I was also sent to work for the same reason. not that my family survived because of my income. because i had to save for my wedding. I managed to get placed in a good company. when I was at work, there were few higher officials who use to stand behind me in the name of monitoring my work, looked directly into my dress.  Any amount of layers of cloths didn’t protect me from their X-ray eyes.when I try to get up, he would hold my hand and move the computer mouse in the name of checking the document. I wish there was smart Suraksha with me, which would send message to his family ( as they need to know about him)and the CEO of company. yes I was helpless in spite of being capable of handling the situation as the person who misbehaves himself is the in charge of  women grievance in office.

when I was of marriageable age( according to my parent), so many came and saw me as a product in display for buying. few told i was shirt, few felt i was dark, few wanted me to quit work after marriage ,few dared to ask my past indirectly trying to find out about my virginity. I wish there was smart Suraksha with me, which would send message to his and my parents, showing the true nature of their children. though we call ourselves a developing country, our country will never develop with such people and their mentality.

there are so many incidents in which i could have used the smart suraksha in past… So many people fought for women rights and safety in past, so many are doing now. through out only one thing is constant, ” Women safety is always at stake”. May be always their is dependency.

now that I have a daughter of my own, I no more wish I had smart Suraksha with me. as I will be having one to ensure that she is always safe. even if she is not able to communicate with me, I want to ensure that she can reach me any time when she needs me. I need to teach her not depend on others for their approval at any stage of her life. she needs to decide what is right for her. if a person touches her, if she is capable of hitting him back, i will teach her to do that.  that would be SELF SURAKSHA. if a knowledge going to help her, remove the barriers in society, i will teach her the SURAKHSA knowledge.  if she is being abused at later stage, i will teach her the SURAKHSA confidence to move ahead in life( work or partner) . when she is really in need and cant fight herself, then i would give her the Smart Suraksha App. The weapon which would definately save her, when she is in need and cant fight by helrself anymore.

I am participating in the Seeking Smart Suraksha contest at in association with Smart Suraksha App


this is written as part of contest WeChat’s Youtube

WeChat provides multimedia communication with text messaging, hold-to-talk voice messaging, broadcast (one-to-many) messaging, photo/video sharing, location sharing, and contact information exchange. WeChat supports social networking via shared streaming content feeds and location-based social plug-ins (‘Shake’, ‘Look Around’, and ‘Drift Bottle’) to chat with and connect with local and international WeChat users.Jeff Xiong, Co-Chief Technology Officer of Tencent, manages the WeChat team.safe_image wechat2 WeChat-international-users-header-image


tomorrow is my history exam. I have so much to study. after getting freedom, now I feel I don’t have freedom to choose what to study. I need to study the complete syllabus and write what teacher expects me to write and get marks to satisfy my parents. hmmm, let me try WeChat and talk to few people, and find out if they can help me??

let me call, Gandhi ji, Bhagat Singh as there is big chapter on them, will pull in my best friend then he can also benefit for the exam from the conversation.

systems-thinkingMe: ( calling B) hey, Barat, how are you? how much have you studied?

images (1)Barat: i don’t know. i am confused what to study and how to start?

systems-thinkingMe: shall we call Gandhi ji directly and know his struggle directly from him then reading from book written by somebody else?

images (1)Barat: don’t forget Bhagat  Singh , history mam said he too is important. a sure question is going to come about him

systems-thinkingMe: yes, i want to try this WeChat, so let me take this opportunity to call them.

GandhiGandhi ji: hello beta, why have you called me at this odd time?

systems-thinkingMe: bappu ji, i am having exam tomorrow, will you help me?

GandhiGandhi ji: no beta.. i dont cheat in exam or pass on Bit paper or show you scan images like Rajini in Robot?

systems-thinkingMe: wow Bappu ji, you are so upto date .. you seem to know a lot about our era, but we are struggling to read about your freedom struggle

GandhiGandhi ji: passion beta. you need to like what you do.. then you will like everything.. Remember Surya’s Dialogue in Gajini???

images (1)Barat: Yes Bappu, if u like doing the difficult thing, then difficult thing also will seem easy. but you saw the movies which is much easier then reading history text books.

GandhiGandhi Ji: great. hmmm.. so what is problem now?

systems-thinkingme: that i have history exam tomorrow, teacher said she will ask question about you and Bhagat Singh.

12Bhagat Singh  then why don’t you talk to your History teacher instead of us? you need to develop courage to ask what you want?

GandhiGandhi Ji: Listen Bhagat, they have exam, if they ask the teacher about the question paper, then they will follow the wrong path. they should be truthful.

12Bhagat Singh: what truth is there? getting marks is ultimate goal. what path we choose is not necessary.

images (1)Barat: Sabash Sari anna poti( sabash, now that’s a nice competition)

systems-thinkingme: stop stop. now just tell me what were your principles, what all you did in short. so that i can write and get marks.

images (1)Barat: what if they ask for 15 marks question? let them tall long story only. even I forget few lines in between, I can make up by Rang de basanti movie. hey by the way can we call  Amir and Om Prakash , so they can tell us better, I mean in the story format so I will remember better.

systems-thinkingme: ok let me call them too..

220px-AamirKhanTIFFSept10Amir: Hi hi  hi.. its nice to see you all..

systems-thinkingme: hello sir.. but we are not in press meeting. you can be casual now.

220px-AamirKhanTIFFSept10Amir: i am always cool.

images (1)Barat: no you are perfectionist.

220px-AamirKhanTIFFSept10Amir: smiles. so beta, why did you call me?

images (1)Barat: wait sir, we are calling Om Ji also

220px-AamirKhanTIFFSept10Amir: so you want me to do a movie for you?

images (1)Barat: no sir

systems-thinkingMe: we want you to talk about your character in Rang de basanti movie.

220px-AamirKhanTIFFSept10Amir: you mean that? hmmm… actually i am out of that character for now. ask me about my new Avatar in female role.

images (1)Barat: but my history teacher would not accept that answer for her freedom struggle question na.

Rakeysh-Omprakash-MehraOm: this is the reason i have stopped making  such movie. i want to convey something, this generation understands something else.

systems-thinkingme: how did we disappoint you sir

Rakeysh-Omprakash-MehraOm: everybody saw foreign lady, Soha’s dressing, Amir bottoms up, songs. they saw everybody’s acting, but not the story line

images (1)Barat: but my history teacher said it’s a good movie. we can learn lot about the freedom fighters from it.

Rakeysh-Omprakash-MehraOm: ( he feels irritates) call your history teacher in line.

systems-thinkingMe: oh.. let me link her up too

imagesTeacher: what is this.. you people are calling me at this time? when i taught in class you people slept, now when i am sleeping you are waking me to ask doubts

images (1)Barat: no mam, sorry. Director Om wants to talk to you.

imagesteacher: yes sir, tell me.

Rakeysh-Omprakash-MehraOm: what made you think Rang de basant i is all about freedom fighters of that era.

imagesteacher: that is what you showed in black and white in movie na.

Rakeysh-Omprakash-MehraOm: so you missed seeing all colour part?

imagesteacher : no sir, we all saw how two couples fell in love, and but you never showed how she got pregnant??

Rakeysh-Omprakash-MehraOm: furious.. you lady.. you cannot take conclusion from what have shown in a movie with so much of money spent , actors acting, etc etc

220px-AamirKhanTIFFSept10Amir: yes OM, you didn’t give me a chance to be close with the heroine, i would have the scene perfect you see.

Rakeysh-Omprakash-MehraOm: shut up and get lost.

220px-AamirKhanTIFFSept10Amir: gets irritated and goes offline’.

imagesteacher: so where were we?

Rakeysh-Omprakash-MehraOm: its my line. don’t copy. i wanted to show how this generation can fight for their right, making impact on society and for its betterment. how they can fight against corruption in this nation taking inspiration from our freedom fighters.

imagesteacher: oh.. you never gave subtitles na sir, so i didn’t understand.

Rakeysh-Omprakash-MehraOm: its not worth talking to you. i am quitting .

GandhiGandhi ji: peace people. you need to talk it out and not fight. what do you say Bhagat?

12Bhagat Singh:  i have lost hopes on India after listening to the conversation. if i am still there, they might take out different meanings for “Inquilab Zindabad!” also. let me go back to sleep and assume India future after my death.

GandhiGandhi ji: hmmm.. there is no patience.

systems-thinkingme: you mean Gandhi giri?? oops Gandhism??

Gandhi Ji: now dont call all circuit family. i have had enough.

imagesTeacher: tell us what you wanted to tell Bappu?

GandhiGandhi Ji: there is no such thing as “Gandhism”, and I do not want to leave any sect after me. I do not claim to have originated any new principle or doctrine. I have simply tried in my own way to apply the eternal truths to our daily life and problems…The opinions I have formed and the conclusions I have arrived at are not final. I may change them tomorrow. I have nothing new to teach the world. Truth and non-violence are as old as the hills.

images (1)Barat: so u mean to say we can too make history and its keeps changing with time.

220px-AamirKhanTIFFSept10Amir: i am back.

systems-thinkingme: ok Amir, thanks for returning. we were discussing on Gandhi ji’s saying. he says we don’t have to study about him, as they were solutions of him at that particular time.

220px-AamirKhanTIFFSept10Amir: exactly. did you see Tare Zameen Par?? that is what i emphasized. why this kind of education system? why “by heart “so much and write for the sake of exams? live for you passion and create an impression . dont leave it as a mark in history. give place for others to make their own story.

imagesTeacher: in all tears.. thanks for teaching me a valuable lesson.

images (1)Barat: doesn’t that mean, i don’t have to write history exam tomorrow?

systems-thinkingme: is that mam?

imagesteacher: no, you have to learn about them, but need to by heart and vomit in exam, but you have take your interpretation. learn for not sake of marks, but out of interest.

images (1)Barat: last minute learning is not the solution.

so, I wasted all night talking to you, and gaining nothing. i could have at least slept or thought of a solution on improvising the education system in India.

jai hind!!!


note: this post is not written to hurt anybody’s sentiments on freedom fighters, teachers or movie starts. i just wanted to bring out the change in thinking about the education system which still follows “by heat and vomit ” procedures, expect kids to remember all the dates, war’s movements and names with places. finally the essence of the history is lost.

My first video entry:

ok people, go call me crazy, here my attempt to take video with help of my colleagues.  i have tried to put two french plaits, making center partition. end result, it would look like a heart in the centre with french plait framing the shape.  look at the pictures for how it looks. last minute entry.22heart-braid

here is the link:

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note: ur guess is right, the model is Ms.Young, and it is taken in office restroom. 🙂

women empowerment

I liked this photo of my mom, which is kept in my grandparent’s house. My grandmother was against girl child’s education. She always wanted them to learn household chores and get them married off at early age.


My mom, secretly learnt to study. When this came to my grandfather’s notice, he encouraged her to study, put her in school. Grandmother used all her tricks to put a stop to it, but she lost the battle. Mom finally made her way to high school. Though grandmother didn’t allow her to study more, my mom made it till SSC.

My mom developed fascination for book. She always feels she is different world when she see’s books. Gift her book was best way to make up after a fight.

Once while travelling, grandmother had to take mom’s help to find the right bus. She needed mom to read the prescription and give her the medicines. She wanted my mom to sign the postal orders, or take money orders which she received from her sons. That is when grandmother realized her mistake. Now she feels proud to looking at this particular picture, which she keeps under her pillow.

I feel this photo is eye-opener for my family then, and made older generation realize their mistakes. Now they want every girl in the family to be educated. For me, this is an symbol of women empowerment.

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Note: I am lucky to have this photo scanned few years back, as grandparents were not ready to given of all photos to us.

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