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MIL being her, would have heavy breakfast at resort, as its complimentary and would have only curd rice for dinner. We tried all that was there in the menu card for breakfast and filled our bottles with coconut water as it was compliment. For the prices they charge, you need to be little shameless also. only problem was they had only powder milk and Bunty is not used to it.

We went to elephant beach on a private boat. it was fun, as we were all alone as a family in a boat. we took as many photos as we could on the boat, the water around.  This particular beach didn’t have any waves . it was a perfect still beach for swimming and see underwater thing. They had so many water sports happening in this particular beach. But, I could go on anything because I was not allowed.

I couldn’t resist, so I went on snorkelling. Was not sure if Pregnant women are allowed or not, I just made myself comfortable and went ahead. I felt so happy that I didn’t it. How could I miss such beautiful corals and life under water. me and hubby were busy playing in water. Bunty didn’t trouble us, she was playing with sand all by herself, didn’t cry for us. She too enjoyed playing in water.

By the time we came back, we were damn tired. on the way we stopped at a restaurant we served us proper south- Indian food. It was bliss to eat Rasam rice after two days. It was only day bunty had proper food. Somehow throughout the trip she didn’t eat much. she survived on biscuits and curd rice. Thank god that, I had carried snacks for her, or else I would cried seeing her not eating.

We were supposed to visit kalapathar beach in the evening, but gave a skip as we were really tired. we had early dinner and slept peacefully watching our TV serials.

Best part of Andaman was, they have RO treated in the places. You don’t really have to buy mineral water everywhere. you just have to fill the bottles. the Hotel also insist that we fill the water from filters installed in the reception. MIL and FIL were happy that Bar was closed on all the days as it was election time. They assume that none of their sons drink alcohol. We give them the benefit of doubt by acting innocent.


our boat, which took us to elephant beach. we were late, so we missed the glass boat ride.


the cottage in which we stayed. thank god all the cloths were removed while taking the photos.. or else you would have seen sarees and lungi’s there.


Bunty enjoying in water. She thinks this is called swimming.

100 happydays-3

Port Blair – Havelock + Radhanagar Beach #7

Next day we were heading to Havelock. I was excited as well as tensed. excited as I was going to see the world’s best beach, tensed as i was not sure what the travel agent had in store for us. We took private ferry , Makruzz to Havelock. we were disappointed as we didnt get window seat. They screened videos on all the islands in Andaman,, activities to do in Andaman. I slept off. it seems Bunty tried to wake me up many times to show me fishes and underwater creatures on TV.

it was Nice to see crystal clear water when we landed. I could clearly see all the fishes swimming underneath the clear water. luckily this time the driver was waiting with the name-card. it was 15 min drive to the hotel. The cottages were simply awesome, though they said it was overlooking the sea, we had to cross few bushes to reach there. Again we had half a day for ourselves. MIL being her, washed all her cloths looking at other tourist drying their cloths on fence and wire provided outside each room.

Evening we went to Radhanagar beach. Bunty was sleeping. So, we left her with in-laws and got into water. First times I went so far inside the sea. Wasn’t scared as my love was next to me. Hubby was enjoying all Bikini scenes . oh yes did i tell you, this was first time i wore shorts in front of hubby’s family. Nobody cared about it. why did i stop myself from wearing it all these years?. We played in water till we got tired. Bunty was scared of water. She was busy making her sandcastle. when it was almost time to leave, she wanted to play in water. we stayed there till we were thrown out. after sunset, nobody is allowed inside water. The guards chased us all out.

by the time we came back we were damn tired. we ordered food and went for bath. bathroom was a mess with all sand particles. BUnty had fun roaming from one cottage room to other. after the food was delivered, the housekeeper said, its 20% extra for room service. first time i heard of such thing. but we were too tired to bother about it.

MIl was happy as she could catch up all her TV serials in the hotel room. We enjoyed our privacy staying away from In-laws, and letting BUnty be with them when ever required.


Sunset at Radhanagar Beach.


The ferry in which we traveled.


The clear beach in front of our cottage.


Me and Bunty in water.


Bunty playing in sand.


After Reading Holiday post of LiFi, I thought I should too write about my Andaman trip.

We had an early morning flight. Since the journey was just 2 hours from chennai, and we didnt have anything to do till afternoon, we all decided to skip bathing. Yes, we ( me, hubby, bUnty, MIL,FIL,BIL and co-sis) just brushed our teeth, by then the cab driver started honking in front of our house. We just changed, ran downstairs with our luggage . early morning drive is bliss with no traffic in Chennai. We reached the Airport just on time. After all the procedures, I realized that mine and Bunty’s ticket were 10 rows away from rest of the family.Which meant I had to take care of Bunty all alone. Bunty was all irritated because of her disturbed sleep and ear pain in flight. She was not ready to have the breakfast served to her. I wish Air-India flights had some cartoon channel too in the list for kids.

Finally we reached the destination. To make things worse, the person who was supposed to pick us up didnt turn up. We had to make so many calls to the travel agent to get it sorted out. Finally the driver came. the hotel was just five minutes drive from the Airport. Again, receptionist couldnt find out names in the booking list. The travel agent didnt give the time of our arrival it seems. The category rooms which we booked were all filled. We were given spare rooms for an hour and then we got upgraded to Suite in the hotel. That was just not one room but all three rooms got upgraded. Isnt that great?? may be we deserved it after so much of waiting.

After lunch we went to Ross Island. First time in my life I wore a life jacket. It felt really weird. I felt that i would die out of suffocation wearing it than drowning in water. In-laws couldnt walk in the Island, so we got split into two couples and went exploring the island. Bunty enjoyed seeing deer, peacocks,rabbits and monkeys. It became difficult when Bunty asked us to carry her after a while. Bu then it was time for us return boat ride. ( not sure if its called boat). luckily we got into upper deck this time.


BUnty posing with the Deer next to her. She was scared to touch it.


Me and Bunty walking towards the church.

Then We waited outside the jail for sound and Light show. Anybody would get the patriotic feel when they step inside the compound. I would say Nobody should miss this show in Cellular Jail.


We went back to our rooms with tears and proud feeling in our heart. Day one was kind of mixed. Again this was first time, we as a family were eating outside together. We had to shout at out in-laws for constantly looking at the price and ordering.  They are never going to change. :P.

Change and Challenge..-100 happy days-1

Ok, now that i understood, things around me and people with me wont change, I will the change the way i look at things. I am 18 weeks Pregnant, I think I have all rights to stay happy for the little one inside me, and one who is with me. Let MIL,FIL,BIL,SIL hubby go to hell. I want to cheer myself and my little ones.. So i decided that I will do happy posts from now on.. of course crib on others when i get upset, not to cry  all day.

So let me start with the little one inside me. BUnty has named the baby Arjun. we dont know the gender yet, but she wants a little brother. actually she wants a elder brother. Now that its not possible, we have convinced for a younger one. she gives a good night kiss and good morning kiss to Arjun. but she also tries to punch my stomach. That really scares me.

Bunty has already put so many conditions for Arjun. Arjun cannot play with her toys or books. She will share her bed with him, but he cannot sleep next to mumma. She will only take him to school on her cycle, but they have to be in different school. My god, my head spins when ever she comes up with such conditions. I didnt know Bunty has thought so much before Arjun/arjuni ‘s arrival.

I enrolled BUnty in Summer camp. She is enjoying her painting and dancing. everyday she sings all latest movie songs. her Favorite Song right now is ” Lungi dance ” from Chennai express. She loves Thangabali – villan of Chennai express.

petty things blown out of proportion.

I am just surprised that how silly things turn into big fights in my house. Those are the times I think if I really married the right guy? .

todays fight made me really think if at all hubby loves me, or its just the money and certain responsibilities which are holding us together. Our relation is  just a phone relation, meeting up once in 3 months. In those meeting also in-laws complain about me, I end up crying all night and spend rest of the nights talking about Bunty, future and expenditure. Romance has completely vanished from my life.

ok coming back to the petty issue. I enrolled Bunty in a summer camp. its hardly 500mts from my house. To my luck, they were not providing the transport. After so much of request, Teacher herself agreed to drop back Bunty as a favor. I am really thankful to her as she understands my situation. On Thursday, unexpected she took leave, so she couldn’t drop my daughter. she called me in the morning to inform me about it. my in-laws said its ok, just a day , we will pick her up. later on Saturday, thinking that i would at home, teacher had planned to go somewhere else, so she didnt drop my daughter. But ya she did call me about her inconvenience. I had requested my neighbour to pick Bunty from school as I was still struck in traffic.

now my in-laws have decided to scold the teacher for being irregular. how stupid of them, they don’t see anybody helping them . they just take it as a right. we are not even paying the teacher. and best part is hubby shouts at me on phone saying that i cant manage things. I dont understand how hard it is to walk those 500mts with BUnty. BUnty did her complete pre-KG from that school. everyday same in-laws used to go and pick her up. now that they have got used to convenience of others picking and dropping, they just dont want to step out of house. How did they think that they can just go and scold the teacher. how smart they are in manipulating my husbands thoughts. now its decided that after a week, after paying all the fee, my daughter will discontinue the summer camp just because one day they had to walk and bring Bunty back and they are scared that it will happen again. where do i go and bang my head??

in-spite of being pregnant i don’t get to live happily or peacefully. my life is great na.. with the 5 months tummy, i go around the city hunting for a vacant house near my daughters school, do little more of office work as my appraisal are nearing with regular taking care of BUnty and running for salt packet and soaps as they are over at home.

my dear hubby why dont come down and take care of things here. its easy to hear from parents and judge about your wife na. why dont you share the responsibility instead of shouting at me. As you dont have courtesy to call and say sorry, i am not going to pick up ur call for few days. This time i want you to understand that i am hurt.

yet another Rant..

I thought I would write about my Andaman trip or Bunty;s new school.. something happy happy.. but this new problem has come up, so here I am to let out my frustrations. 

One of my colleagues wanted to buy a house. he was saying that he is not getting married as he doesnt own a house. Me being all good, told him about houses for sale in my area. It so happened that my owner decided to sell my apartment.  I told him the news. he came home once when hubby was there, I showed him the house. Next he came again when In-laws were there. I was little hesitant. Then he brought his family members to show. though it was irritating, I had to bear it, as many others too were interested in the property and came seeing.  

The worst thing is, he came back to office and started telling me that I didnt even offer him coffee or tea. He never informed me about him coming home. He came so many times as a buyer not as my guest. What does he expect I would entertain all unwanted guest who come in presence of my in-laws and absence of my hubby in a gossipy neighborhood. 

Now that all agreement and loan processing is done, he wants me to vacate the house. I has showed him the house telling that, i would leave the city for 6 months or more for my delivery. in-between I cant take the stress of searching, packing and unpacking now.  I would vacate the house in August. Hubby, in-laws, my parents will be there,that time even packing would be easy for me. I also told him that if he wants he could use few of my furniture, invertor and AC till i come back. But he is adamant, that I vacate the house by june. 

Best part is he is asking me to shift, as his friends another colleague of mine wants to live in the house. Its so frustrating. Its adding more stress to me. Just now I finished taking admission in near by best school. which means I have to stick on to this area only.  rents near by the school is really high. I would be paying so much rent, not live in it, in a new apartment where I dont know the neighbors. 

Please God give me more strength so as to tolerate all crazy people in my office.