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W- review

Synopsis :

Cardiothoracic surgeon Oh Yeon joo’s (Han Hyo-joo) father mysteriously goes missing while writing the last chapter of his webtoon “W”. Yeon joo goes to his office and is shocked to see a scene of the dying Kang Chul (Lee Jong-suk), the main character of W, on her father’s computer. While reading a note left behind by her father, a hand from the monitor pulled her in and she finds herself on the rooftop of a building next to a bleeding man. She manages to save him and realizes that the person she saved was Kang Chul. Yeon joo later discovers that she can only leave the webtoon based on Kang Chul’s change in feelings. When that happens, the words ‘to be continued’ will appear and she will teleport back to the real world


A story with in a story…

I really found this series very thrilling with proper twists. the plot in every episode takes new unexpected turn making a person wanting to watch the next episode. the story itself is unique, with a person travelling from real world to the world to webtoons, falling in love with the protagonist of the webtoon.

The parts of the drama which i found interesting:

  1. The scene where Ms.Oh is pulled inside the monitor and tries to save the webtoon character, in spite of the confusion of being in a different world, meeting her favorite webtoon character Mr.chul in pool of blood, she treats him with her best efforts as a Doctor.
  2. The way the ” to be continued ” comes behind making Ms.Oh disappear from the world of webtoon. Later, when Ms.Oh realizes that she has to put Mr.Chul on a surprised expression to make “to be continued ” occur, so that she can get transported back to the world. She tried to use different logic’s to surprise Mr.Chul from slapping to kissing to getting naked in front of him.
  3. What ever happens between Ms.Oh and Mr.Chul gets updated in the webtoon automatically.
  4. The way Mr.Chul thinks to put back the problems to send Ms.Oh back to her world.
  5. I liked the conversation between Mr.Oh and Mr.Chul. where he tells that he cant shoot as he created the character in such a way, where Mr.Chul has to be righteous to his actions.


To be continued……..

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Jealousy Incarnate- Review

This is a Korean Drama, which i watched in Viu app.. Recently I have become a big fan of Korean Dramas. I must have watched more than two dozen of them by now. I realized that I have so much to talk about it, but unfortunately didn’t get anyone who watches these dramas as crazy as me.  hence i decided to put in my views of each drama here. Though i wanted to write it episode wise, but no time.. so let me make it as simple as possible.


Synopsis: Weather caster, Pyo Na-ri (Gong Hyo-jin), and news anchor, Lee Hwa-shin (Jo Jung-suk), are long-time colleagues at SBC broadcasting station. Na-ri has had a crush on Hwa-shin three years ago but things change when she meets the perfect man Go Jung-won (Go Kyung-pyo), a rich heir and close friend of Hwa-shin.f1c1df60-e8b6-4c44-9614-2d93df5d5dd2

Pyo Na-ri : She is an hard working Anchor , who wants to become an reporter. But unfortunately at the interview she becomes an contract employee, ends up doing weather report which is part of the news. though it is not considered so much important by others, Na-ri does it with all passion. she considers it to be the best part of news, and feels proud that she can let people know if they need to carry an umbrella, will it snow or is it going to be windy??. She does all the menial jobs to get paid, so she can make her younger brother go to medical college.


this is image of Na-ri doing a weather forecast. she is given butt pads and asked to bend to make the news more interesting.

Lee Hwa-shin: A true reporter in all sense. He would tell the facts and truth without considering the outcome of it.He even exposes his Brother’s malpractice in food market, which makes his family go bankrupt. He is most confident when he is in front of camera, can deliver the news without any error. He is worshiped be all his Juniors and makes his boss worry of the kind of remarks he would make when he is reporting news live.

Go Jung-won: A rich business man, only friend of Lee Hwa-shin. He sponsors dresses for the news channel. A dream boyfriend for many.He is engaged to a news reporter , but calls off his engagement after he starts liking Na–ri.

Episode -1: Na-ri is sent for a project to Bangkok,which is her first travel abroad. Jung-won happens to take the same flight with Na-ri and is amused by her talking. he tells her that he is a fan of her, for which she is completely smitten. after landing, Na-ri meets her long time crush Hwa-shin who shuts her off with his cold attitude. During the make-up before the shoot, Hwa-shin gets cut on his chest. while trying to treat it, Na-ri feels is chest and says something is odd. Hwa-shin assumes that she still has crush in him and is trying to feel him.


Episode-2:Na Ri suspects Hwa Shin to have breast cancer, so she tells him to go for a check-up. Hwa Shin gets angry and curses her. Meanwhile, Na Ri somewhat continues to pop into Jung Won’s head, so he heads to SBC to see her. this episode certainly has weird scene of Na-ri not missing out any opportunity to feel Hwa-shin’s chest, be it office or in public on road. it is kind of gross.







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Aeklavya- I’m your shadow- book review

About the book
Author   Amit Gupta
About the Author  Amit Gupta was born in Katihar, Bihar. He has completed B.Tech. in Civil Engineering from SIEM, Siliguri. He is doing PG in Construction Management from NICMAR, Pune. He firmly believes in god and religious principles but not in social barriers His aim is to serve the nation through his writing and to inspire the youth of India to eliminate social disparity prevailing in the society which is ruining the young generation. Author’s 20% profit will be donated to ‘Human Support’ NGO which is directed by Mr. Baban Jha. For details visit:
ISBN 978-93-52017-52-2
Price [INR] Rs. 225
Pages 226
Main Plot given Traditions and customs are our cultural identity but when they challenge intimate relationships, they
become a curse.

Aparna takes the toughest decision of her life, the consequence that will change her destiny.

Aeklavya’s losses evolve him into a public figure.

But past knocks his door again…

They meet in the most unexpected way. Aparna wants to come back in his life, but Aeklavya remains
focused in his work.

Determined to walk in his footprints, she becomes the voice of many, eventually putting her life at risk.

Will her lost love come to her rescue? Will their present rewrite and conjunct their past lives?

No. of Characters Aeklavya : the main lead, who is in love with Aparna and moves out of the village for a job. He end up missing an entrance exam because of a communal riot. Loss of his mother and to break up of the love birds makes him lose his mind for a while, later He gets his wisdom in a Buddha temple, and writes a novel. He gets famous making it easier for Aparana to find him.

Aparana: a simple girl, who falls in love with Aeklavya in simple Bollywood style. But later portrayed as a strong individual who fights for women rights and makes Aeklavya fall for her.

Tone of writing is It is simple. A different kind of love story, adding a value to life.
My take on the book I loved the book. It gave a fresh insight to the regular love stories. It just echo’s my thoughts, where both the individuals should have their individuality and yet be together in love. Love can happen twice with the same persons. Personal happiness is also part of a couple’s happiness. Though the book says, I am your shadow, I feel that Aparana means a lot more to Aeklavya.
Do I recommend the book? Yes, very much. A fresh story.
On the other hand  

my rating: 4.0/5.

Finally I would like to Thank the Leadstart Publishingfor sending me the copy. It will be kept safe along with my other treasured books.



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From Yesterday by Anupam Dasgupta-Book review

Author Anupam Dasgupta
About the Author Anupam Dasgupta writes contemporary fiction largely based on his personal experiences and observations. He firmly believes in the adage, “truth is stranger than fiction” and is of the opinion that the world around us is full of interesting events and colorful characters. “From Yesterday” is Anupam’s second novel. His debut novel “Salsa!” was released in May 2013 and was subsequently re-published as “Salsa World is a small place” in February 2014. His interviews and articles related to the book were featured in leading Indian dailies like “The Times of India,” “The Hindu,” “The New Indian Express” and “Deccan Chronicle.” Anupam has done his Bachelors in Engineering from Jadavpur University and MBA from IIM Indore. He has worked for more than a decade across roles in Business Development, Consulting and Strategic Planning. He currently works and lives in Bangalore, India. Besides his passion for writing, Anupam has an ear for soulful music and loves singing. He is also an avid follower of Latin dance forms and a keen social dancer. Anupam can be reached at dasgupta.anupam@
ISBN 9789352015924
Price [INR] Rs. 225
Pages 224
Main Plot given Adi and Anita meet in Chennai and instantly fall for each other. However Anita’s past comes back to haunt her. The sequence of events that follow, leave Adi heart-broken. Adi moves to Chicago for work and happens to meet Christina. Christina is instinctively attracted to Adi. On the other hand, Adi distinctly senses the presence of Anita around him.

‘From Yesterday’ takes us into the world of love as Adi, Anita and Christina brush each other’s lives in the beautiful city of Chicago. Does Adi find his true love? Does he find Anita in Chicago? Does Christina lose in love? Adi unravels the answers to all these questions, as he gazes at the Bean, on a cold evening in the Windy city.”

No. of Characters Anita, a make—up artist blessed with name, fame and fortune, yet cursed with a lonely and loveless existence.

Adi, a young, ambitious and jet setting management professional, yet nursing a broken heart.

Christina a bright, young and independent individual, brimming with optimism.

Tone of writing is The story is kind of in flashback mode as the title suggests. With a touch of suspense and mystery. There are more of colloquial words used making it a light read.
My take on the book The book kind of gives today’s scenario, where people are carrier oriented, try to seek their soul mates through social media sites and where age doesn’t matter.

The characters are well etched, showing the goodness of each character, evolution of a person from bad past to not able to accept someone because of the age difference in case of Anita shows her tenderness. Adi seems to fall so deeply in love with Anita, making him not accept Christian, shows his sincerity. I feel if I write more, it would be a spoiler.

Being from Chennai, I loved the parts best where he describes about the city and Chicago too.

Do I recommend the book? Yes, a light read.
On the other hand my rating: 3.5/5.

Finally I would like to Thank the Leadstart Publishing for sending me the copy. It will be kept safe along with my other treasured books.


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Fables from India by Uday Mane – Book Review

Author  Uday Mane
About the Author  Based out of Mubai, Uday Mane is an entrepreneur, script writer and a digital marketing professional. He started his writing career with fables, several of which are featured in this collection.

His debut novel, the helpline, was released in 2014 to rave reviews. INR5 per book was donated towards child welfare through Rotary club and NGO Vidya.

Uday Mane volunteers for storytelling and English speaking sessions for the underprivileged through Vidya. He is avid reader and admires the writings of Salman Rushdie, Rohinton Mistry and Charles Dickens among others. He loves to Travel and explore places, watch movies, and collect( and read) classic novels.

ISBN 978-93-52016-26-6
Price [INR] Rs. 175
Pages 168
Main Plot given A king’s negligence costs the prince his eyes, How will the kind make amends?

A farmer is torn between resurrecting his wife and uphold his duties, What will influence his choice?

A jester lives tow lives. Masked for others. Unmasked for himself. His masked side brings happiness to everyone, but what brings happiness to h is unmasked side?

A magnificent tree bears fruits of different kinds, but the kings wants it to be cut down to serve justice. How will the tree defend itself?

An orphan boy is in search of the world’s bestselling book. Will he eventually find it?

A dog struggles to uncurl his tail. Will he break the curse that curled his tail in the first place?

A young boy and his pet lamb are separated from each other. Will their friendship stand the test of time?

No. of Characters It a book of collective stories, hence can’t say no of characters.
Tone of writing is It is simple.
My take on the book After so many years, felt like reading a good bedtime story with a moral. Its best part is, its not fox and lion of Panchatantra, but its reading little bit of history with certain value added it. Sometimes it makes me question the reality. It’s a pack of 22 short stories, which makes a month’s read for the kids as bedtime story. Over all, it’s a good book.
Do I recommend the book? Yes, very much.. I loved reading it and have been reading to my kids too.
On the other hand  

my rating: 4.0/5.

Finally I would like to Thank the Leadstart Publishing for sending me the copy. It will be kept safe along with my other treasured books.
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Radha by Leena Saldanha-Book review

Author Leena Saldanha
About the Author  LEENA Saldanha is a writer, reader, cook, cat lover and food freak, besides being an inveterate procrastinator. Although technically she holds a graduate degree in philosophy and a post graduate degree one in English literature. She has worked with NGOs in tribal hinterlands of Maharashtra, urban poor in slums of Pune. She has also worked in one of the Pune’s biggest Ad agencies as creative director and chief strategy officer.
ISBN 978-93-52017-51-5
Price [INR] Rs. 225
Pages 220
Main Plot given No one has ever recorded the voices of Radha- one of the most powerful characters in all of the chronicled history. As one half of the indivisible entity’ Radha Krishna’ she resonates through millions of lives every day. And yet, her songs remained unsung; her stories untold. Until now.

This book, entitled an eponymous ‘Radha’; is a collection of 101 poems written in the voice of Radha.

This book is Radha speaking to her beloved Krishna in poetry, across the ages, in an endless conversation that ebbs and flows and heavens and rests like the rhythm of a vast ocean. Sometimes she is young girl, sometimes she is an old women, sometimes she is petulant in love for Krishna, sometimes she is unflinching in her courage in letting go of her beloved Krishna. This book is an imaged conversation between 2 of the most evocative characters of all the times. Her Krishna is as present in the most as Radha is, although he never spoke a word. This is not a love story. This is the love story.

No. of Characters Radha and Krishna.
Tone of writing is It is simple. Modern style of writing poems.
My take on the book When I first saw the book, I thought it was regular yearning for love by Radha, just like Mirabai Poems. But the book took me by surprise, as it was not the regular Radha-Krishna type of poems. For example the author tries to find Krishna in everyday day to day life in the modern world, like girls lunch out, ordering ice-creams, in rain, in maids.

Some poems are long, some are really small. There were also small verses saying, “there is perfect love story, its RadhaKrishna”.

In the end, it a collection of poems, the authors dairy, where she remembers Krishna in everyday happenings in her life. I could feel the love of the Author towards Krishna from the page one till the end.

Do I recommend the book? It’s not everybody’s cup of tea. Unless you too love Krishna as much as the Author, you might not be able to relate to her feelings as Radha and appreciate it. But for the people who love it, you can re-read it and relate to it.
On the other hand  

my rating: 2.5/5.

Finally I would like to Thank the Nimi Vashi (PhD),Blogger and Founder:The Readers Cosmos  for sending me the copy. It will be kept safe along with my other treasured books.


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People Called Ahmedabad by Nisha Nair-Gupta

About the book
Author  Nisha Nair-Gupta (Curator)
About the Author  Nisha Nair-Gupta is the founder and principal curator at the People Place Project and the principal architect at Design Variable. With varied work experience as an architect, journalist and being an active participant in public art initiatives, she oscillates between her two interests of design and writing. She has spearheaded People Called Mumbai, the first curatorial and publication venture of the Project and now the second, People Called Ahmedabad.
ISBN 978-1635873467
Price [INR] Rs. 425
Pages 316
Main Plot given People Called Ahmedabad is the city’s collective narrative through stories of its people. 55 Stories that assimilate the city, falling serendipitously into compartments to encompass its history. An endeavour that has sifted through the city to bring forth stories about the mujawar at Ahmed Shah’s tomb, the scion of the city’s oldest philanthropic family, a refugee community that now calls the city home, the significant kitli culture, entrepreneurs who have made the economy of the city tick, internet sensations who have revived the love for food among youth, a museum that talks about conflict, a bookseller at the city’s famous ravivari and many more often we take the city we dwell in and the life around us for granted. People Called Ahmedabad is an attempt to pause, listen and reflect. To let the city and its people reveal some untold stories
No. of Characters It a book of collective stories, hence can’t say no of characters.
Tone of writing is It is simple. It kind of felt like reading various blogs on same topic.
My take on the book When I started reading the first few chapters, I felt like I was really going to read the history of Ahmedabad. It held my curiosity for a while. Being an architect, I could relate to the way the author approached and tried to get analogy for CEPT.  But, going beyond, it just remained a collection of stories of various people, local, some settled in Ahmedabad, and how the city influenced their lives. I really loved the history telling part , where a Muslim family is responsible to light lamp for goddess Lakshmi, stepped well, Gandhi ashram, etc.
Do I recommend the book? Yes, for people who are planning to visit the city or get to know it. It just a collection of stories. In spite of visiting Ahmadabad and getting related to the city, I couldn’t enjoy all the stories in the book.
On the other hand my rating: 3.0/5.

Finally I would like to Thank the Nimi Vashi (PhD),Blogger and Founder:The Readers Cosmos  for sending me the copy. It will be kept safe along with my other treasured books.