Bunty: snake snake!!!

MIL: where?

Bunty shows some hair rolled and fallen on floor near the staircase

Neighbor: oh my daughter would put it. Sorry

Bunty: you put snake in my house. I will put big snake in your house

Neighbor: how will you get it?

Bunty: I will collect whatever you throw, and put it in ur house

Neighbor: I will get scared na..

Bunty: then don’t throw snake in my house ok??

All of us had a good laugh. She picks up arguments like adults.


I took Bunty on flight when I went to Chennai. On return trip she understood that its MIL’s first time on flight.

Bunty: namma, she that bus there

MIL: ok

Bunty: namma, aeroplane will not come here. Bus will take us there.

MIL: is it?

Bunty: yes yes.

We take out seats in plane

Bunty: namma wear that belt. Or else that aunty with lipstick will scold u.

MIL gave a confused look. I had to tell that’s the airhostess. Bunty was so sweet to give the window seat to MIL .

Bunty: keep the cotton in ur ears like this.

MIL follows her instructions obediently like a kid.

Bunty: namma see there, we will go up now.

I was surprised throughout the trip. When I narrated the incident to my mother, she told me that, she was the one who explained the process to Bunty. Bunty remembered everything and tried to teach the same to her namma( my MIL).

Bunty has become parrot in the house, always repeating whatever we say and instructing her toys to eat food and drink milk etc etc.

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