Good news and Bunty tails.. :P

Hubby’s project is getting over this March end. He would be coming back to India. But he will be posted in Mumbai for a while.  Now I have started counting days. Just waiting for his tickets to be booked, secretly praying for “ no extension” for him in that project.

I have successfully stopped breast feeding for Bunty. I felt it was I high time I did something. She would be two years in two months, so had to stop her from pulling my dress in public.


On weekend took Bunty out to the only mall in vizag( as per my knowledge) , CMR. Bunty likes it a lot, she plays few games there, eats pop-corn, and at times gets new dresses from MAX. I already planned to buy her few dresses, but to irritate her, I just skipped kids section and went ahead. She got so angry, she spilled all the pop-corn, threw always her bangle and next moment she was on floor crying. I had pull her to side to stop my embarrassment. Promised her that I would but her dress.

Bunty: amma, idi bagunda? ( is this nice?)

She never asks she wants it. She will just ask if its nice. She was adamant in choosing the pink  colour dresses only. May be that’s why they made pink as girls colour. Finally had to buy 7 dresses, 2 of MIL’s choice, 2 of mine and three of Bunty’s choice. All the way back she was holding the packet of cloths with smile on her face.


Conversation on phone next day

Hubby: Bunty, hello..

Bunty: hello.. bagunava.. ? ( are you good??)

Hubby: emmi chesutunavu? ( what r u doing??)

Bunty: kotta dress chupistanu( will show new dress)

Hubby: amma koni ichinda? ( did amma get it??)

Bunty: hmmm.. kinda padi doladute kani amma konivaledu (she got only after I cried and rolled on floor)

Hubby laughed a lot..


17 thoughts on “Good news and Bunty tails.. :P

  1. that’s good.. I wish I can get away with this BF sooner.. It has been only 1.5 months so far and am already thinking about getting away 🙂 Bunty is cute..

  2. Thats two good news!!! or rather too good news 😀

    seriously once I was done with the Breast feeding I felt a kind of independence!!

    And kids n there tantrums!!! I swear!

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