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Husband day care centre!!

Such advt do come on Daily newspaper. What should be the people’s reactions?. It is advt promoting Bar.

Husband day care center!!!

it almost says if women want to get rid of your husbands’ for some time, please let your husband drink.

now, should i appreciate the creativity of the advertiser or curse him for encouraging women to support their spouse to drink. yes, i agree drinking is not a crime in certain part of society.

now, this triggered my thoughts, as when do people start drinking?

culture: at certain families it is culture cum custom. so people take alcohol at home with limits.

school/ college: it is the major area where students get exposed to drinks. it starts out of curiosity and then develops as an habit.

work place: there are lots of organization, where they conduct parties, people start drinking take it as a prestige issue.

other than that, its family function or get together, where people start drinking due to mere provocation.

finally its people’s choice to drink or not to drink.

just couldn’t stop myself from sharing this image. people are open to comment



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