#SoftestForBabySkin Activity-Premium Care


Here are the images of the pampers Premium care pants and pampers active baby diapers sent to me for review By Blogadda as part of #SoftestForBabySkin Activity. Diapers are blessing in itself for everybody. Though I was initially against it, but got used to luxury of using it.

Product: Pampers premium care pants. (XL- 12+kg).

product description. WP_20160509_13_34_47_Pro

Price: Rs.450

No of diapers: 16

cost per Diaper: around Rs.28/- . Kind of expensive.

look: I just loved the new look with white cover and cyan colour letter. it looks better than the old blue colour regular pampers bag. its easy to distinguish and buy the product.

feel: It feels soft and light weight. In fact has a mild sweet soothing smell when you open the diaper.

usability: Pant style are easy to use. easy to remove with a toddler who doesnt stay at one place. WP_20160509_13_34_59_Pro

Extra feature:the following image shows the extra features of the Diaper.  what I loved is the Wetness Indicator  and all around fit. WP_20160509_13_35_09_Pro

Rating:  3 out of 5. yes its only 3 because of the price.

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