#SoftestForBabySkin Activity-Active Baby


Here are the images of the pampers Premium care pants and pampers active baby diapers sent to me for review By Blogadda as part of #SoftestForBabySkin Activity. Diapers are blessing in itself for everybody. Though I was initially against it, but got used to luxury of using it.

Product: Pampers premium care pants. (XL- 12+kg).



product description. WP_20160509_13_35_38_Pro

Price: Rs.380

No of diapers: 16

cost per Diaper: around Rs.23/- . Kind of expensive.

look: its a break through with a nice bright colour. kind of attractive. its easy to distinguish and buy the product.

feel: It feels soft and light weight. In fact has a mild sweet soothing smell when you open the diaper. must be because of the baby lotion.

usability: I kind of found it really difficult to use, as my son doesn’t stay in place or co-operate while putting on a diaper. So, without a doubt i prefer a pant style over a regular diaper. WP_20160509_13_35_23_Pro

Extra feature:the following image shows the extra features of the Diaper. Dint find it very remarkable from other diapers.


Rating:  3 out of 5. yes its only 3 because I prefer pant style daiper over this. .

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