Mango Panna Cotta

I know its really difficult to cook tasty food for a person like me. I always escape saying, Sagittarians are not good cooks. So, Blame my stars and Sun-sign , not me for the bad food served.  I go Awwww looking at Food blogs. People present the cooked food so well. Seeing GB’s food blog, I feel that I should be living with her , so i can eat all the food cooked by her or learn  photography and join as assistant to a chef.

My mom is a good cook. everybody in the colony come to her for recipes or take gongura pickle or carrot halwa made by her. I never realised her importance until I joined hostel. Again, I was lost in a different world that I was not interested in eating for taste. It was only eating for survival.

Then came my Bangalore days. Where I was staying as paying guest and money to explore food. May found my place in a group of foodies. That is when I had Bajji’s as dinner, Death by chocolate ice-cream as lunch, enjoyed buffet lunch and dinner at various places.

Then I got married, came into a family of foodies. A father-in-law who would enjoy any kind of food, encouraged me to make mistakes and learn. Mother-in-law who would have food prepared by anybody else other than her.  A daughter who would not eat food, if it doesnt smell good, A son who has got a sweet tooth.

So, slowly I stared cooking/experiment. So, here is the recipe from GB’s blog which i tried. the picture below is not even half good as the picture posted by her, but I appreciate myself for the effort I took to make it. well, my family liked it a lot.


Update: Why I didn’t try the angle? Simple, with a toddler constantly opening the fridge for something or the other, i couldn’t take the risk for tilting the glass and keeping inside the refrigerator. And as I live in Vizag, where its hard to find nonseasonal fruits, I had to pay quite too much for 2 mangoes which I used in this dish.

Sharing the love of Grandparents and cousins.

Change is something which is constant. So many things have transformed in past 20 years. I am no longer The Kid who would wait for Dad to get sweets from the local market on first of the month, as the salary has arrived. There were two new dresses per year for sure, one for Pongal and one for birthday. There were two vacations per year, and The only place to visit was grandmothers village. Vacation was the time when all the cousins met. So much was shared, from the school tales, crushes, puberty, friends, movies  to what not?.  All would rolls under one single big blanket and talk all night in secret hush hush tones. All were given oil bath in an order, Had our lunch fed by one of the aunts or senior most cousin. Eating from same plate was so much fun. the dresses were passed on from the elder cousin to younger. same age cousins exchanged the dresses. All days and nights went by listening to grandma’s stories and getting scolding from grandfather for our mischievous acts. All ate homemade savories made by all aunts and played in sun and rain till we got tired. though we knew that we would all meet the next vacation, tears rolled down  when each of us had to go back to our respective towns. there was love, care and bonding. things were limited, but there happiness was unlimited.

the only mantra was, we got our grandparents love, stayed connected as a family and we never minded sharing joy or sorrow.

things have changed. I am not a stay at home mother. I work for my passion and keep telling the I am working to give a better standard of living for my kids. I don’t have so much of time. Really?? (working mother-  are we echoing our thoughts??)

Most of the days the child is all by herself. the time we spend with each other is less. even in the limited period, most goes in doing homework, activity class( swimming, dancing, painting). At times, we parents to do our pending tasks give gadgets to kids to keep them occupied till the work is done.

Today my kids get everything they want, from food, toys to designer clothes. But they don’t get the value of it. neither they use all of the things nor give it to others. They just need anything they want immediately. It more a demand than request. I observed that today’s kids want toys, what to play with friends but are not ready to share. They don’t want to talk to their cousins( sometimes they don’t even have one). they want everything to be theirs and their personal , let it be a TV in their room, bed,toys, at times even bathroom.

It makes me wonder, where did I go wrong in parenting?  when I checked with my cousins, I realised that it’s just not my kids, all the kids are behaving almost the same.


the major culprit seems to be technology and its advancement. everybody wants to make friendship with mobile, tablet, laptop  or television but not with human beings. we are not there with each other when required.

childhood, a part of life that creates memories.

Incidentally few months back, I was at my mothers place for the second Child’s delivery. it’s a small town without theaters or malls and less of internet activity. it’s a place with parks and beach. throughout my stay, I saw my daughter playing in park, going for a walk to beach on evenings. She went to temples with her grandmother, attended various kinds of functions( golu/navaratri/diwali/birthdays/anniversary’s etc). She started playing with neighbor’s kids, learnt new language. She would go out with neighbors daughter to pluck flowers. she had food from her grandmothers hands everyday in neighbors garden.  I realised that she had more food when she was fed by her grandmother, who used to feed my sister alternatively. ( say it competition with her aunt. ) . she was ready to learn new language and share her way of schooling with neighbors. she got love from all her grandmothers friends, who readily gave her toys of their grandchildren for her to play with. she slept long hours, never complained of not getting sleep . she bonded well with her grandparents.

I think in this busy life of mine i cannot do so many things at a time. I can spend time with my kids, but might not be able to teach her value of life . I might make dishes of their choice, but can take them around everyday to feed them. I might tell them stories at night, but might not give understand their views on it. I might teach them to do gardening, dancing, singing, but its always a solo performance. I want my kids to mingle with other kids,share their toys, thoughts and love.

then I made a point to take my daughter to her grandparents house twice a year. I want her to relive the moments I cherish today. I want her to learn to share and care for others. I want her to get her grandparents love. I want her to mingle with human beings not be a technology savvy.


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note: this post contains conversation between my daughter and me majorly. My daughter is 4 years old. 

“AajKalKeBacche”, I am not sure how many times I used this Phrase in past one year.. may be more than 5 times  everyday.

It started with My daughter demanding a “Tablet” for her birthday. As usual, being a guilty parent, my husband who stays away from us got her” the gadget ” as gift. From then on, my life changed a lot..

Me: Bunty pack your bag for school.

Bunty: Why so many books amma.. I wish I could just take the Tablet with me for school.. I can Play when teacher is not looking at me. trace alphabets than writing on book so many times.

Me: what???AajKalKeBacche??know to use gadgets and relate it to everyday life. 

Me: Bunty, come write Homework

Bunty: I don’t want to write

Me: you have to write dear..

After so many talks, bribing, crying she agreed to write. and she was not writing properly, as in not touching the red line in her four line book.

Me: Bunty write properly. ( in a harsh tone, as I was losing patience)

Bunty: why are you behaving like a “stepmother”.

Me: ( all shocked) what? from where do you learn such things??

Bunty: yes, Cinderella’s stepmother keeps troubling her and gives her a lot of homework.

checking the YouTube history gave me an insight that she has been watching in YouTube . AajKalKeBacche?? learn from stories and use it in their vocabulary. 

we are using Dishtv at home. I didn’t expect her to handle two remotes. But she just remembers the channel number and explores the cartoon channels with up and down button.. my MIL in spite of teaching her so many times couldn’t gasp it.

we had gone to hospital has my second child was not feeling well. It was 6.30 in the morning. we didn’t want to wake Bunty. So, we decided to keep the door of the apartment open, and leave her informing the neighbors. She had woken up before we returned . it seems she searched the house, didn’t find us. she climbed the dining table to find my MIL’s mobile phone. she called to my number. I was really overwhelmed. She had so much of maturity to control her anxiety and search for a tool to reach us. she was  happily watching TV till we came back. AajKalKeBacche?? know to tackle situation beyond our expectations.

Bunty is extensively using my phone and tablet. So I decided to switch off the Wifi at home. Smart girl found it out and just switched the button on immediately after I switch off.  So, I went a step ahead and stared disabling it in tablet when she is not looking. unfortunately, she learnt the trick too. then I put a password. Dint know she is such a good observer, she unlocks it too. So, I need to be really techie to handle these days kids.AajKalKeBacche?? keep us motivated to learn and keep updated.


There are so many educational apps. so had installed few for her. went little ahead and added few games. But now, with related search history she had installed 78 games and tried playing most of them. lucky that it has parental control. it has so many games that manicure for Barbie, haircut, baking, changing diaper for baby, what not?? crazy game designer I say..

one day, she was really getting late for school. I was at door holding her bag and shoes. she came out to wear them, suddenly she ran inside. I was really anxious , didn’t know what I forgot. she went inside, just to out a lip balm.. ( she assumes it to be lipstick, gave it to her as it was winter) .

Me: was it necessary to wear it now??

Bunty:  I can’t come out without wearing lip balm.

Me:( faints)AajKalKeBacche?? observe us getting ready, and of course TV advertisement teach them a lot . 

At School:

Teacher: all of you bring your notebooks.

Bunty: I don’t want so much of homework.

Teacher: you have come to big class. so you need to learn more.

Bunty: If you give me so much of homework, I will not come to your school.

Teacher: ( before she could recover from the shock)

Bunty has managed to pool in other kids and all of them shouted saying ” we don’t want homework”. I am sure she is going to be a Union leader. Teacher lost, and didn’t give homework that day.

Teacher: Bunty do exercise.

Bunty: ( after doing for 5 or  6 counts) I can’t do it anymore.

Teacher: why?

Bunty: when my grandma was young she worked a lot. all her joints have eroded. If I do exercise, then I will also have pain when I become old.

Teacher: AajKalKeBacche….

These are just few glimpse. But there are many more instances where i had felt ” Kids these days” syndrome. Hope God gives me all energy to tackle this kid.. 😛

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Creative toilets..

I wrote a post long back on toilets here..  this is another post which caught my fancy.. here..

check it out and please do tell me how do feel ?? I mean would you like to use such toilets??

Check out this video..  I appreciate the designers idea.. but just worried how the pubic will react to it??  Do people in India accept such ideas??  Please leave your feedback.

Good NEWS..

Hey, let me start back blogging with the good news. ya ya, its just not one, but many. I delivered my second baby on 6th of October 2014. Its a boy,weight 4.25kgs and measured 50cms.

As I was at chennai for delivery , I escaped the HUD HUD cyclone. looks like people at Vizag suffered a lot with No power and water. Image what would happened to me with my due date nearing and no water, power or transport.

Then within a month, i was called for a promotion interview. With  2 months old, I traveled to Mumbai and cleared it with flying colours. The interview committee was so impressed with my performance that, they wanted to give me two additional increments, but they don’t have powers to do it. It’s ok, I got promoted, that’s enough right now.

Hubby finally changed his company. so, there is a good salary hike. though it’s a midsize company, his position is good.

finally I am getting transferred to chennai. thought the process might take few more months, but it’s on papers. I am totally relieved.

Dad got upgraded to a two bedroom apartment from one bedroom by just paying 2 lakhs  more to the builder as he wanted that particular house which dad had bought. so, everybody in the family are happy.

my younger brother-in-law, who was kind of dependent on us, finally decided to try his luck by going to Kuwait. he got his visa. his tickets are booked. hope he gets a good job. now we will be vacating the chennai house. good thing is that my in-laws will not have a house in chennai and cant threaten saying they will move back to chennai leaving me alone with two kids.

finally everything is falling into place. hope good things will continue. now it’s time to introduce the new member of the family, SRIADVAITH. we call him Arjun at home.