so, what am i doing these days??

I am busy preparing myself to get out of the office i am currently working. Reasons are many. So, i am busy preparing for public sector entrance exams. have entrance test on Wednesday. Dont ask me what i am doing here instead of studying?? .. i am taking a break..

let me tell you how to prepare for exams while working..

1. make a schedule. what to study and what to be delivered in office.

2. come early to office and prepare for exam when nobody is around. yes, you need to utilize the internet and printer given in office. i am not doing any cheating here ok.. my ink is getting dried up. i have use my new cartridge given before the year ends.

3. so, when boss comes, it would look like you are really working hard, but you would doing double duty.

4. once in a while ask doubts to boss. or else he might doubt that you are doing something else. even though you have finished your work, dont show it to him. he might load you with new job.

5. most important . don’t tell anyone in office about the exam. they may casually leak the news to boss. yes stupid ppl can grade us low, saying that you tried to apply for a job elsewhere.

6. if you have to take leave and study for exam, dont do it just before exam. people should not get any hint. so do it a week before. before taking leave, casually tell people around you that you are having headache and feeling feverish. If you are a female, more advantage. ( yes, you need to use the fact that most of the Indian Men cant openly talk about menstruation). so, you just have to tell you have stomach ache. so, no further questions are asked.

7. after you come back, try to look dull. you are in recovering phase right. dont put make up. no earrings and bindi. it makes wonders.

8. In between take break by participating in various blog contest and read blogs. :D( addiction I say).

9.Prepare well, right the exam well.

now, all of you wish me good luck. I am desperate to get out of this office.

note: its really difficult to study again after 5 years of finishing college. especially with Diwali , little bunty at home, and hubby come over to stay with us for the festival.