50kg TAJMAHAL ( me)

I have become 50kgs. Yes, it was my dream to put on weight and touch 50.. I have been trying to put on for past 6 to 7 years..

Efforts by me to put on weight:

1. Eating lots of ghee, kind of finished a bottle a week
2. I used to sleep in afternoon after a heavy lunch
3. I used to have pizza with extra cheese on all weekends
4. I used to eat lots of banana’s
5. I used to eat rice all three times a day
6. I used to eat plain cheese cubes
7. I used to eat sweets, though I prefer spicy food

But nothing worked. Everybody around me were jealous, as I eat a lot but don’t put on weight. Finally one of my friends told,” ondana gudu ava”( if u become pregnant, u will put on weight). Finally the tip worked.. I have put on 5 kgs . hoping to put on another 5 kgs by end of my trimester. J

Note: I hope not to put on anymore than that. Or else it would be difficult reduce later..


Yesterday was a treat.. I wonder how all good things happen on same day. Few days back, I had casually told my friends that I feel like eating Gulab Jamun. One of them took it serious and had made it specially for me. She had got it to office to give me. She opened a box full of jamun and asked me to have as many as I want… wow it tasted really good.

After having a sweet, its general tendency of anyone to ask for something spicy to eat. Another friend just dropped in with a plate of chilli bajji. I was on cloud nine eating my favourite dishes..

With all happiness, I went home to tell MIL about the jamuns. To my surprise, my neighbours have given “sunuonda” and chicken briyani.

Wow what a day it was. Wish it happens once in a while.

Note: all this happens only if you are pregnant and shamelessly tell people around you about your cravings. And you would be leaving the city soon. J

Home alone.. :(

I am staying alone in a different city and my husband stays in a different city. I always thought it’s difficult for pregnant ladies to stay alone. I wouldn’t say it’s impossible, but it is difficult though.

Unfortunately due to my new job, I was forced to leave b’lore and settle in vizag. Though vizag is known for its natural beauty with sea shore and mountains abutting it, it’s also known for its high crime rate. I am caught alone in this strange land. I am new to this place and work. When I was trying to settle in the new atmosphere, I got to know that I am pregnant. Wow, yet another twist in life.

But luckily when I went for my first check up, hubby was with me. Neither of us could believe it, but were happy receiving the shock. Before my wedding, I planned a lot.. As in how to surprise hubby with the great news.. But when it came to actual moment, words flew out with tears…

2nd month- I would keep forgetting that I am pregnant and keep jumping around. My hubby has to call me every now and then from Chennai to caution me.

3rd month- I got an excuse to go Chennai, as it was my first diwali. Hence, I spent a while with my parents and hubby.

4th month- was kind of lucky as hubby got “work from home” option for few days, and mom-in-law came to stay with me.

5th month- it was a shift change. Mom came over to replace mom-in-law. So, had gala time shopping, going around the city, and eating out.

6th month- I was staying alone with mom-in-law and father-in-law. Hoping that hubby will join me soon.

7th month- hurry.. I am going to my parents place. So, here I am just counting days, so that I can have a relaxed life, and need not manage anything on my own.

confession of a wife…

I know I am doing this late, but never mind. I know it takes a great deal for me to say, “I love you” to anyone. But to you it always seems to be an exception. May be I should learn to tell you,” I love you” more often than wait for this particular day. I prefer writing it down as it remains a document of evidence for you to say in future that,” you did love me once, so better don’t fight with me now”.

I know it’s going to be almost a year since we got married. And most of the times I have only shouted at you than understanding you. But remember you too did the same. Still I like the carefree attitude of yours and un-egoistic nature. That is only keeping us move together in life. I really appreciate that quality of yours. You really don’t allow the fights to go more than few hours.

I like the fact that you don’t hesitate to show your love for me ever. May be that what gives me the energy for all the day. The kiss at the start of the day and hug at the end.. And I know I am so mean that I get work done from you. I keep asking you for things without moving my ass, and you don’t hesitate to get up how many ever times I ask request. God knows, who else can be as lucky as me to get such a lovely husband.

I know how much you are struggling hard to convince me that you are going to be a perfect dad… and I always complain that you don’t care. I am sorry about it. I just feel that you are not talking much to baby like me. May be our baby is smart and it understands the silent love of yours unlike me.

I should also thank you for your patience.. That you tolerate me so much, though I interfere in all your office and personal works. I know, I should keep myself away.. May be eventually I will learn.

I think I am in all love with you from the time I knew that I am pregnant. Thanks for all the efforts you are taking to stay with me and the baby.. But for you, staying in this strange land would have been difficult for me. I know I irritate you by scolding your mom often.. I am sorry , I can’t help it. I feel all this extra love what I have might be due to release of this oxytocin. It’s a hormone which gives this special love bond. How much I wish I had this hormone always in me.. J

I feel that, whatever I felt, I already wrote in the blog which I wrote for your b’day. So, here I am struggling to write. Anyways, it feels nice to write a love letter, even after becoming your wife and making a promise to live with you all my life. It was so nice to read your long love letter last year.. so, I thought of giving you the pleasure of reading this love letter..

Love you dear

-Ashreya’s mom.


Oh ya, how can I forget the favourite topic of any pregiee.. The cravings.. I did have lots of name sake craving earlier during my first trimester. I kept on nagging A’sD to get me raw mangoes to eat. But he being known for his laziness didn’t fulfil my “mango” wish at all.

The following is the list which i wanted during different months of my pregnancy:

Raw mangoes


Gongura pickle

French fries

KFC burger

Tuti-fruity ice cream

Kaju katli


I think the list seems to be never ending. I have fluctuating cravings. I want something at that very moment. When I am offered the same, I don’t want to eat it. In fact I remember asking my mom-in-law to make kozhukattai and later refused to eat even one. Poor lady, I kept on troubling her for my crazy wishes.

Now in the 7th month, my latest craving is for water melons. J


My baby has started kicking me. My husband is all happy, as the baby is able to do something which he could never do to me. J. Initially I could feel the kicks only during the night. I am hoping that my baby is not a nocturnal kind. But now the frequency has changed with time. Baby kicks me when I plan to take rest. I feel that I am going to have naughty kid as it doesn’t allow me to take rest at all.

First check up: 11th week.

Finally I could remember a Doctor’s name. Dr.K. I am supposed to meet her every month and learn from her how my baby is growing. I had to be good with her and listen and follow every tip she gives me. Finally i put on 1.5kgs of weight. Wow, that is an achievement for me. I always had difficulty in gaining weight. I had to take thyroid test, haemoglobin test. I was prescribed folic acid. Initially I had difficulty in remembering that I am pregnant, and I am not supposed to run or jump ;).

Oct 12th 2010.

I am so inspired by “boo boo baby talk blog”, I decided to write one of such kind. As I am in family way, and expecting a junior soon, thought its nice way to document the experience.

I was having terrible stomach ache. I decided to see the doctor. First time I was seeing a gynaecologist. Was feeling little embarrassed to sit next to all pregnant ladies with big tummies. I thought it was just going to be casual visit.

Doctor prescribed few tests. I thought it was normal for them to check, as they want to get more money. I had to undergo an ultrasound scan. They made me drink lots of water. When my bladder was full, I was ready for the scan. it was first time. Let me tell you, it’s really uncomfortable experience. Your bladder is full and the Doctor presses you abdomen. You would be at constant tension that you might bust then and there. I doctor looked at me and smiled. I thought, he was going to say, everything is normal and ask me why, was I there for the scan. To my surprise, he told me that I was six weeks pregnant. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it at all. It almost took me a day to accept the fact. I am planning to have a baby this year. But I never thought it would happen so soon. But anyways, I am all happy happy. J.

Terrible experience…

At 7.30 in the morning I got up exhausted. I was brushing my teeth; saw a blurred image as reflection. Feeling giddy, I sat down. My mother-in-law gave me a glass of juice. After drinking that, I felt a lot better. Clock ticked 8. I was getting late. I hurried to the bathroom. My bad luck, I was constipating. I didn’t know that constipation is dangerous during pregnancy. All of a sudden I was shocked to notice that I was bleeding. I shouted for help. I opened the door and sat on the bathroom floor speechless. Seeing what had happed, my mother-in-law dropped the utensils in her hand, and started crying. Seeing her cry, I got more terrified.

She took me to the nearby clinic. Dr.Shanta kumari is a retired gynecologist from KGH. We stood there near her door steps, waiting for her to open the door. She called me inside. She asked me what the problem is?. I gave her my reports. She was looking at it. I said,” I am bleeding”. She gave me a puzzled look. I said, “may be because I was constipating”. She asked me if I had piles. I didn’t know. She wanted to check my blood pressure. She was trying to hold my hand; I fell unconscious on the examination table. She got me sugar water to drink. I was feeling little better after that. I was waiting for her to say something. Then she said that blood pressure is low. She asked me to lie down on the examination bed. I was feeling scared looking her wear the gloves. I didn’t know what kind of test she was going to perform. Quickly she inserted a finger and removed it. She said,” I don’t like to examine this way, as it would disturb the baby”. The gloves were stained in blood. She finally said, she can’t tell anything till a scan is taken. She asked me to visit the hospital in the city. She asked me not move much and she said if I bleed more, then I have to take few tablets to recover from abortion. The word hurt me. I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t as my mother-in-law was already crying. (need to emotionally support her na).

I came back home. I wanted to call my husband and cry. But my mother-in-law asked me not to inform anybody. it was ridiculous. i was powerless to switch my thoughts to something else. I badly needed a company. I longed to talk to someone. I felt abandoned after a long time. Meanwhile my neighbors’ gathered looking at my mother-in-law cry. I felt like a patient sitting on bed, others coming to see me. One of the neighbors’ suggested me to take a call taxi and go to the city hospital. I ate curd rice, took folic acid tablet. (as it helps the growth of the baby).

After sometime the cab driver came. I asked my neighbors to accompany me. Meanwhile my mother in-law packed a bag with two set of cloths, bed sheet, my brush, paste etc .looking at the bag I got petrified. It was kind of confirmation that I am going to get admitted in hospital for an abortion.

We sat in car. And we asked the driver to take us slowly. We reached the hospital. I had to climb three stairs. Due to tension I couldn’t walk. My legs were trembling. I Was lucky to see the doctor immediately as I went in as emergency case. Doctor asked me why was I here so soon, as I visited her only last week. In a fable voice I said, I was bleeding. She asked me to recline down on examination bed. She took various scary equipments for the test. She put a screen across my hip. I couldn’t see what she was doing. But realized vaginal tests are really painful. After the examination she gave me a sympathetic look. She asked me to get a scan done immediately. I went to the scan room. I was in a hurry to know the results. But they were not allowing me until I filled al the forms and drank water till my bladder was full. It was difficult to even walk after the examination.

In the scan room: I went inside. The doctor gave me a suspicious look. He wanted to confirm if was married or not. I was praying god for first time. Doctor looked at the monitor and my face. I was trying to interpret what would be the results . but he gave a neutral expression. Then seeing me getting worried, he switched on the speaker. He asked me if I am able to hear anything. I didn’t understand anything. He asked me loudly, if I am able to hear anything. I just nodded my head. He said, that is ur baby’s heart beat. I couldn’t stop crying. I felt like a mother for first time. I could feel my heart beating faster. I wanted to smile, cry, hug someone.

I went to the doctor with reports. Doctor said,” thank God, baby is safe”.Doctor advised me not to jump or dance ;). She asked me to be careful henceforth and eat properly. She advised me to take bed rest for next few days. So I was feeling bored. Hence wrote this terrible experience. ;).

Still I wonder what happened? Why it happened. End of all that, I feel bonded to my child. Every time, I feel my stomach(which is being prominently seen now a days ;)), there is special feeling which I never felt in my life earlier.