Birthday dress

Yes, bunty ‘s birthday is coming up. I bought her 4 dresses. Here are the pictures.

I wanted her to try them, but she is reluctant to remove them. She already used 1 dress which I got for her b’day. I realized that she is found of pattu-pavadi. Initially she was little uncomfortable as, she never wore a full length dress till now, that too silk for highly humid climate.

now dress is done, but debate is going on if the party has to be small one or a grand one?? Finally we are convinced that we are going host only a small party with only bunty’s friends. So, she will also enjoy. I don’t want to bring in office crowd and try being a good hostess, leaving the baby in unknown world.


Struck with her..


I don’t know if it happens to all? To me if I concentrate or like something, I am with it always. I breathe that particular thing. Let it be finishing a drawing for a building or reading a book or eating mangoes. People get bored after sometime, but I take a little longer time to come out of it.

Recently I realized that, I have developed a craze for eating papaya and parathas. I can’t stop myself from eating it, if I see it.  It’s not eating but also talking about it. now the addiction is on my baby girl. Everybody I meet in the office, I don’t remember whether I greet them or not, but I tell my Barbie tales. I start my day with her updates, what she did yesterday. May be people will get bored of it, but I can’t stop it. At times, I get confused and tell the same story to a person twice.

Today morning, I called my dad from office and told him that Barbie ate raw beetroot yesterday and looked like hanuman with all red colour around her mouth. Then, I called my husband and told him the same. By then few people around me already heard it. One by one my other colleagues started entering the room. What I did I do?? Again the same story. My friend came to my seat; I didn’t notice him sitting behind during the phone conversation. When I just started, he himself completed the story. I felt little embarrassed. I just blushed because of stupidity.

My Barbie’s antics are great records for me. Not for others right.

I was just wondering if it happens to all. Is it only me so hyper and talking about Barbie. She has become my world and I don’t think I can come out of it at any point of time.

grow up bachu

i tried to keep pillows around my daughter, so that she doesnt crawl, but she started siting. i tried to put her in walker, so that i can do my work peacefully, but she is moving all around the house and pulling everything in her reach..
my mom says,” grow up bachu.. only then you can take care of her. think ahead of her”.
is it possible to think ahead of 6 months old daughter? she is so unpredictable!!!!. she keeps me on my toes every minute.

Amma is a big word…

My baby called me out as Amma.. it feels so great. there is bonding coming up with the word. I know it’s by fluke, as my baby is only 2 months old. i don’t think she can even recoginise me by face. But, it really makes me so proud. For a second, I can’t believe that i am a mother. I am still finding it difficult to accept that I am married and I have a baby.
Note: Appa is really jealous on this.. :P.