Good NEWS..

Hey, let me start back blogging with the good news. ya ya, its just not one, but many. I delivered my second baby on 6th of October 2014. Its a boy,weight 4.25kgs and measured 50cms.

As I was at chennai for delivery , I escaped the HUD HUD cyclone. looks like people at Vizag suffered a lot with No power and water. Image what would happened to me with my due date nearing and no water, power or transport.

Then within a month, i was called for a promotion interview. With  2 months old, I traveled to Mumbai and cleared it with flying colours. The interview committee was so impressed with my performance that, they wanted to give me two additional increments, but they don’t have powers to do it. It’s ok, I got promoted, that’s enough right now.

Hubby finally changed his company. so, there is a good salary hike. though it’s a midsize company, his position is good.

finally I am getting transferred to chennai. thought the process might take few more months, but it’s on papers. I am totally relieved.

Dad got upgraded to a two bedroom apartment from one bedroom by just paying 2 lakhs  more to the builder as he wanted that particular house which dad had bought. so, everybody in the family are happy.

my younger brother-in-law, who was kind of dependent on us, finally decided to try his luck by going to Kuwait. he got his visa. his tickets are booked. hope he gets a good job. now we will be vacating the chennai house. good thing is that my in-laws will not have a house in chennai and cant threaten saying they will move back to chennai leaving me alone with two kids.

finally everything is falling into place. hope good things will continue. now it’s time to introduce the new member of the family, SRIADVAITH. we call him Arjun at home.