After Reading Holiday post of LiFi, I thought I should too write about my Andaman trip.

We had an early morning flight. Since the journey was just 2 hours from chennai, and we didnt have anything to do till afternoon, we all decided to skip bathing. Yes, we ( me, hubby, bUnty, MIL,FIL,BIL and co-sis) just brushed our teeth, by then the cab driver started honking in front of our house. We just changed, ran downstairs with our luggage . early morning drive is bliss with no traffic in Chennai. We reached the Airport just on time. After all the procedures, I realized that mine and Bunty’s ticket were 10 rows away from rest of the family.Which meant I had to take care of Bunty all alone. Bunty was all irritated because of her disturbed sleep and ear pain in flight. She was not ready to have the breakfast served to her. I wish Air-India flights had some cartoon channel too in the list for kids.

Finally we reached the destination. To make things worse, the person who was supposed to pick us up didnt turn up. We had to make so many calls to the travel agent to get it sorted out. Finally the driver came. the hotel was just five minutes drive from the Airport. Again, receptionist couldnt find out names in the booking list. The travel agent didnt give the time of our arrival it seems. The category rooms which we booked were all filled. We were given spare rooms for an hour and then we got upgraded to Suite in the hotel. That was just not one room but all three rooms got upgraded. Isnt that great?? may be we deserved it after so much of waiting.

After lunch we went to Ross Island. First time in my life I wore a life jacket. It felt really weird. I felt that i would die out of suffocation wearing it than drowning in water. In-laws couldnt walk in the Island, so we got split into two couples and went exploring the island. Bunty enjoyed seeing deer, peacocks,rabbits and monkeys. It became difficult when Bunty asked us to carry her after a while. Bu then it was time for us return boat ride. ( not sure if its called boat). luckily we got into upper deck this time.


BUnty posing with the Deer next to her. She was scared to touch it.


Me and Bunty walking towards the church.

Then We waited outside the jail for sound and Light show. Anybody would get the patriotic feel when they step inside the compound. I would say Nobody should miss this show in Cellular Jail.


We went back to our rooms with tears and proud feeling in our heart. Day one was kind of mixed. Again this was first time, we as a family were eating outside together. We had to shout at out in-laws for constantly looking at the price and ordering.  They are never going to change. :P.

6 thoughts on “100 HAPPY DAYS-2

    1. those are lovely pics.. and looking at the prices on menu .. i find my mom do it all the timeeeeeeeeeee .. and then the famous , leave it ..i will make this for you at home :0

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