Confusion sorted.

I still wondering how to break this news.. But I feel Like sharing it you People, as i cant keep anything inside me hidden for so long. 

I was really disturbed that i missed my period. it put me in worry. I secretly bought a Pregnancy test kit, actually two for some weird reason. I couldnt sleep all night feeling nervous, when I could no longer wait I did the test. Test turned out to be positive. I immediately called hubby.. but being a sunday, he didnt pick up the call.. How on earth will he be awake at that odd hour. I msged him, waited patiently till he called. 

My mom was with me at that time. Intelligent her saw my test card and found out even before me informing her. She just smile sand said valentines-day gift for ur hubby?? ok , I will till you officially announce it to me.. I dont why, But i started crying( call it the hormones). 

Hubby called me. he was really cool about it. he said he wouldn’t believe till the doctor confirms it, But i had already done the test twice. I was crying more. we did have small Blame game saying its Ur/my fault. 

Was back to sense only after he called back and said, congrats. So, when are we seeing the Doctor. yes, I was blushing this time. He thought I was not ready for the 2nd one, I thought he didn’t want the second one etc etc. Finally, all the misunderstanding were sorted out. 

Next day, met doctor, but she trusted me so much that she didnt ask me to take test in her lab.  So, again i had a feeling what if the home test was showing wrong result. ( TV SOAP serial effect, It happened to sandhya of Diya aur bhati hum) . waited for Hubby to come from chennai, and went for scan next weekend. Yup, scan reports confirmed that I am 6 weeks pregnant. 

then I was trying to analyse what made me upset with the results at the beginning. 

1.most of my college friends have still not got married.

2. none of my school friends, except 2 have kids. that also they delivered only last year. between Bunty and to be born is only 3 years.

4. I am due for promotion this year. So, my appraisal and my due date will clash.

5. I had booked tickets for Andman , not sure if i can travel.

6. another break from carrer, locking up the house for 6 months.

7. new car which i bought

8. when everybody of this generation are talking about one kid or no kids here i am going to have 2.

9. will i be able to manage 2 kids on my own with hubby staying away.

10. and will Bunty accept a new little one in her life?

then finally I convinced myself saying that its my life, my wish. why should I really compare myself with others life. I will have 2 kids before I turn 30, with a nice age gap. what if i loose a promotion this year, i would get it next year. kids are Gods gift, when I am blessed my I should be happy.Yes i Know few of my friends are undertaking treatment, and have to go for IVF. 

So finally Now i am happy, and announcing that I am 8 weeks Pregnant. I know I could made the announcement little better, but my confusion took front seat.. yet to reveal the news to my office colleagues. not sure how to tell my boss that i am pregnant. :(. 

36 thoughts on “Confusion sorted.

  1. I read this a long time ago, but couldn’t find time to comment. Had to come back to tell you how happy I was to read this. Congratulations! I think 3 yrs age gap is great. Having 2 kids before 30 is amazing! I don’t have the courage to have even 1. People like you are wise. The long term benefit of having kids young will be all yours.

  2. Visiting your blog after ages and so glad to have landed on just the right post 🙂
    Heartiest congratulations to all three of you on the good news 🙂
    Sending lots of love and positive vibes your way!
    Take care 🙂

  3. My first visit here and I land up at such a beautiful post announcing motherhood. Really happy for you. And being a mother of two, I can very well understand the confusion, the dilemma, the hormones and all. Everything will be fine. Take care and be happy. 🙂

  4. Congrats.. Congrats… Congrats 🙂 This post has made me soooo much happy…. I could feel your emotions… Loved the conlusion so much 🙂 Bunt wil have a bubly soon 😛

  5. First of all, a very hearty congratulations! 3 years is a good age gap. You know, I had them before I turned 30. Yes, I missed out on promotions at that time, but, now, I am in a Senior Management position 5 years after my second was born. So, there is hope. Don’t let anything bog you down. 3 of my friends have been trying unsuccessfully to have kids, 1 succeeded through IVF, but, with a lot of challenges. Good luck with the baby! Hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy!

  6. Many Congratulations!! Do take it light on the job part..You can always mentor someone in team early so that by the time you leave things are in place.It would show that you care about workplace as well and you are going to give one of the best gift to Bunty and the kid to be born.A sibling and friend in home itself 🙂 Take care!Luv!

  7. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! 🙂

    It’s your life, your choice.. don’t let others influence your decisions dear… stay happy and enjoy this wonderful pregnancy 🙂 🙂 And I am sure Bunty will love the new little one 🙂 🙂

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