Pregnancy hormones..

I feel like writing a lot about what’s happening in my life, but somehow it’s not happening. maybe I should say that I have become more lazy with the second baby. ok, now I need to give a name for the second one, hmmm.. Chunty?? sounds matching to Bunty na.. its an obsession, can change it.

I should admit that I am being little careless with Chunty or after taking care of Bunty and office, I dont seem to have any energy for Chunty. I keep forgetting to take my folic acid, or nausea pills.  I just puke out everything after every meal. I don’t remember how it was during BUnty time. weird na, yes I don’t remember how it was.  What I remember is ,I used to be hungry always. My temper was bad.  This time I dont feel like having any food. Best part is I am no more hygiene conscious. I eat the road side pani-puri before going home, rely on Amul Badam milk. Yup dont have energy to cook anything after going home, so I have something outside and then go home.

Another Big thing I realised is, it’s not easy to have second baby with a toddler around. So many things we do, though we are not supposed to do. like carrying the toddler around. Sleeping next to them, realise the mistake only after they kick us in sleep. though you want to sleep after going home from work, it’s not possible as the First one is eagerly waiting for you to do the Homework and you also need to run around to feed the toddler.

Suddenly at home there is pressure to have a Boy baby, as though it’s in my hands. it’s all just because I already have a girl baby. What is their problem I don’t understand. MIL is praying to all possible God for a grandson. Best part is even after all that she doesnt take care of me. She still expect me to be normal and do all my regular house works.

Hormones are making me think all weird. Suddenly I feel hubby doesnt care for me anymore.( he is busy with new project and new office). but still he has to talk to me and ask about my health right?. He is not doing it. the same hubby took “work from home” option during BUnty time, he used to cut all fruits and pack it for me. Now all that is gone. he calls to check on his parents and his daughter and not me.  It is making me feel little lonely. He should ask about my nausea, monthly check ups and diet na.  How can he just ignore just because it’s my second time??

I am tired so soon, Just praying God that this phase runs quickly. But totally worried how would I take care of Bunty and Chunty alone.. :(.  happy that I would take 6 months leave and go to my parents place. :).

Confusion sorted.

I still wondering how to break this news.. But I feel Like sharing it you People, as i cant keep anything inside me hidden for so long. 

I was really disturbed that i missed my period. it put me in worry. I secretly bought a Pregnancy test kit, actually two for some weird reason. I couldnt sleep all night feeling nervous, when I could no longer wait I did the test. Test turned out to be positive. I immediately called hubby.. but being a sunday, he didnt pick up the call.. How on earth will he be awake at that odd hour. I msged him, waited patiently till he called. 

My mom was with me at that time. Intelligent her saw my test card and found out even before me informing her. She just smile sand said valentines-day gift for ur hubby?? ok , I will till you officially announce it to me.. I dont why, But i started crying( call it the hormones). 

Hubby called me. he was really cool about it. he said he wouldn’t believe till the doctor confirms it, But i had already done the test twice. I was crying more. we did have small Blame game saying its Ur/my fault. 

Was back to sense only after he called back and said, congrats. So, when are we seeing the Doctor. yes, I was blushing this time. He thought I was not ready for the 2nd one, I thought he didn’t want the second one etc etc. Finally, all the misunderstanding were sorted out. 

Next day, met doctor, but she trusted me so much that she didnt ask me to take test in her lab.  So, again i had a feeling what if the home test was showing wrong result. ( TV SOAP serial effect, It happened to sandhya of Diya aur bhati hum) . waited for Hubby to come from chennai, and went for scan next weekend. Yup, scan reports confirmed that I am 6 weeks pregnant. 

then I was trying to analyse what made me upset with the results at the beginning. 

1.most of my college friends have still not got married.

2. none of my school friends, except 2 have kids. that also they delivered only last year. between Bunty and to be born is only 3 years.

4. I am due for promotion this year. So, my appraisal and my due date will clash.

5. I had booked tickets for Andman , not sure if i can travel.

6. another break from carrer, locking up the house for 6 months.

7. new car which i bought

8. when everybody of this generation are talking about one kid or no kids here i am going to have 2.

9. will i be able to manage 2 kids on my own with hubby staying away.

10. and will Bunty accept a new little one in her life?

then finally I convinced myself saying that its my life, my wish. why should I really compare myself with others life. I will have 2 kids before I turn 30, with a nice age gap. what if i loose a promotion this year, i would get it next year. kids are Gods gift, when I am blessed my I should be happy.Yes i Know few of my friends are undertaking treatment, and have to go for IVF. 

So finally Now i am happy, and announcing that I am 8 weeks Pregnant. I know I could made the announcement little better, but my confusion took front seat.. yet to reveal the news to my office colleagues. not sure how to tell my boss that i am pregnant. :(.