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why colours??

This Blog post is the part of The Asian Paints & Ripple Links Beautiful Home Blogger contest

how about a black and white house.  why colors when you can create beautiful space with everything and nothing. So let me share an idea on black and white house.

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here the basic idea is make the house look chick and elegant. let be professional meeting place, or add a pinch of colours in form of fabric and furniture to detail, the house had be made of monochrome.

living space:  when you have clean white wall, with white sofa, it automatically brings in a posh and business like look. I would combine it with zebra pattern fabric for curtains and cushion to emphasis the formal look. Of course would splash in colours during the festive time.

kitchen and bathroom: I know how hard it is to maintain anything white in kitchen and bathroom. still, when its white, we are inclined to clean it frequently or get cleaned. now did you get the idea, why i need it white?? so, i am into making my home perfect for every visitor and feel proud for the spec clean maintenance.

bedroom:  polka dots fabric would make it retro style, and colourful carpet would add life to my room. I would add color and life to the rooms with colour flowers and photographs.

so what do you guys say?? dont we have more and more creative options to do with accersories, furnitures and fabric, when we have base, BLACK AND WHITE as background??  the following are given by ASIAN paints for chosing of the wall colour combinations. So, keep it in mind while selecting.

  • The three primary colours- red, blue, yellow are also known as the parent colours.
    • Background colour: The colour with the largest proportional area covering three walls of a room.
    • Dominant or feature wall colour: The colour of the feature wall.
    • Accents: The colour used in the least proportion to enhance the overall décor.
    Interior Colour RelationshipColour Relationship

    Colour interactions

    • Colours look different on different backgrounds, in different contexts.
    • The grey chip looks much lighter on the black, whereas on white it looks darker.
    • The yellow looks cleaner and brighter on black than on white. The green chip on the blue seems to resemble the first and third green chip on the left, when in fact it is the same as the second one on the left.
    Exterior Colour RelationshipExterior Colour Interactions
    • If you want a colour to appear lighter in value, surround it with a colour darker in value and vice versa.
    • If you want a colour to appear intense or bright, surround it with a less intense or dull colour.


now hope you understand why I decided to main major surfaces as White, only few as Black. and also why I added the little tint of other bright colours to enhance the beauty?? Thank you Asian paints for the clear ideas on colouring and how to choose the colours.. 



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