Glimpse of INDIA and green home

Now that all of you know that I am an Architect. So, where ever I go, I pick up the authentic fabric, colours, artifacts of the particular place. I have travelled a lot across India. Incase, I am asked to build a house with all the things I have collected and seen, it would look like the following.  Of course i would design house which is green in nature. An eco-friendly building.  let me explain starting with creativity on the looks, interior and colours and end with ecofriendly at end in just 10 points.

I made 3 collages, would explain all the picture starting from first left clockwise.

1. bright colours from Rajasthan  for the fabric on beds. they are the natural colour dyed and Cane furniture of India combines simplicity and comfort, with high aesthetic appeal.

2. Green colour boxes are hand painted kept on the wooden dressing would bring it more colour and green creeper would add life to the room.

3.traditoanl photographs depicting indian ppl will be used as cushion cover. Indoor plans would be kept as contract to plan paint on the background.

4. a green colour painted buddha kept on aluminum trunk would give the ancient feel to the garden. all the artifacts are handmade of recyclable products.

5. a royal magenta colour silk saree is used as curtain and sofa cover adding on colour and royal look to the Shah jhahans photograph kept in the room.  old silk saree which has been lying in the wardrobe for years will get new life with the creativity.

6. a variety of silk fabric and colours are used as cushion cover to emphasis the colours in the house.

indian recall1

6. I used carpet tile flooring. which is made of recycled wood and can be replaced in parts when damaged. it would qualify as a green material for flooring.

7. I use big windows, like the arched one shown in the photograph, which would bring in more light, I think all of know the importance of natural light and its effect on the paint used in the interior. with this I bring in more light and air inside my home.

indian recall23

8. I use recycled wood to make my furniture. would paint it with bright colours to give it a contemporary look.

9. use pebbles in the center courtyard, which would also act as rainwater catchment for rain water harvesting.

10. last but not the least, I would use ASIAN PAINTS -Green Assure from Asian Paints is more than just VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) Safe.

indian recall33Untitled

Now a good news, you dont need to be an Architect or interior decor to make your house look beautiful. what you just need to do is just a phone call to a toll free number.  Just read the above steps, follow it, your dream home is ready. In fact the website give you various designs available, colour theory, shade cards, patterns that can be implemented and what not?? So guys, you just need to finalize on the budget, rest is all at your door steps.

This entry is a part of a blogging contest organised by women’s web in association with Ripple Linksand Asian Paints.

note: all are googled images.  I could have written more on green building, that would take away reader interest, and it’s not much related to the contest. hence stopped with the interior. Hope you like my post.

8 thoughts on “Glimpse of INDIA and green home

    1. are yar.. ppl are either doing interior themsleves or depending upon interior designers.. so we ae getting less chance on it.. we just build houses and handover it to them.. 🙂

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