50% off day..

what did i do all day??

I booked so flight tickets for parents,In-laws and everybody in my family. First I thought It would be a second honeymoon for me.. But because of stupid hubby, it has ended up as family trip to Andaman. deals were actully good. But makes people spend a lot. For instance it happened with me. Had to Book tickets for Mom, MIL ans FIL for their geral swapping to take care of my daughter. and then 7 tickets to andaman. Still i am supposed to book 4 tickets for BIL’s family. I am running in negative money now. I also sponsered younger BIL’s family. THis means, No more trips this year. Hope FIL takes care of the accomodation part. :).

Did you guys book any ticket?? If not check out the offers in Spice jet and air india..