I am back..

  • I reached chennai, earlier than expected as my flight got preponed. So, I had to attend an B’day party that day.
  • next day, we didnt got out anywhere. It was cooling period of MIL. Had to help her cleaning the house and cooking. Me and Bunty did some sand art.
  • We went to express avenue on Sunday.We didnt get any movie tickets. Hubby didnt allow me to enter any shop. he was sure that i would shop something. Actually he was scared what my MIL’s reaction would be if we shop and go. Still i managed to buy a anti-glare glasses and liked something which was not in discount. Now feeling bad as everybody around me in office are saying i am looking old and not stylish with the glasses. If i tell this to hubby, he is going to kick me. we went to Circus. Bunty enjoyed it a lot. she wanted to see more animals. we promised her that we will take her to zoo.
  • Monday was jolly day as my mom was coming to pick me up. She asked if i wanted to go to T.Nagar. I was excited. But hubby said a big NO. Its festival time and we cant enter the street just like that. So, convinced him to take me to express avenue again. First i said lets but some salwar for bunty from fab-india. she has been asking for it from long. we didnt like anything, rather what we liked was very expensive. then we saw sale in SOCH was very tempting. I ended up buying two kurti’s, a salwar set, Dhoti pants and a saree. :). hope now you understand why hubby didnt take me inside any shop the previous day? Finally we reached my parents home.
  • Rest of the days were spent visiting all near and dear once.
  • Friday, we were back in chennai. on the way manged to make a short visit to the book fair.Bought few books for bunty.
  • Saturday we traveled all day in train and reached vizag in midnight. Advice for parents who are travelling with kids. Its better to book ticket in 2 tier. the berth is wider than other. Both you and kid can mange to sleep. less people will be affected by the kids screaming and running.
  • Sunday again was cleaning day. good part is Now left MIL at Chennai and brought Mom with me for few days. So no cooking for me. :).
  • Monday. took the privilege of getting up at 8 in the morning. now, Β have to go for a site visit after great lunch. hope my building has come up the way i designed. :).

10 thoughts on “I am back..

  1. Welcome back! I missed you! you wouldn’t believe even I had a short meet with my MIL, glad she ain’t with me now! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ But, I have to go see her again on Thursday and this time she would come and stay with us!! 😦 I’m already shivering with the dreadful thought!

    1. hey, i stay with her all time dear.. now enjoying the break.. :). don’t worry you can manage.. i learnt the skill of praisng Mil, which solved half the problems. πŸ˜›

  2. guess you had a good break.. wish I could have stayed back in Chennai to meet more of my blogger friends.. I missed many of you guys..
    On a different note, you are the first woman I have heard to be an architect by profession πŸ™‚

  3. You were in Chennai ??? If you had left a msg in my blog, we could have met !! Next time, do not forget to intimate me.
    Shopping is so addictive…you start then you can never stop πŸ˜€

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