Bunty tales:

now a days, we really need to be careful while taking in front of Bunty. She just picks up the words which we never wanted her to use now.


we were browsing for something. A lady’s image popped up. So being little ignorant I was confused between Poonam Pandey and Sherlin chopra. Hubby with little enthu tried explain me. Little did we know that Bunty who is busy playing with her toys is over hearing us. She came to us and asked,” are we going to see Porn eating pop corn now”.  hubby was dumb struck. I couldn’t control my laughter. Even When I am tying this I am finding it hard to control my laughter. I was just thinking, will a day come when Bunty would ask me to make pop-corn for her girls night out?. From then, it’s all signals used to various terms. Either we spell out the words or talk in ears.

another day, when I really didnt feel like cooking, asked hubby if we can go out for dinner. Hubby teasing questioned, ” If I am asking for a date?”. Bunty went out for bedroom and announced to In-laws that , she is going on date with her dad. Nobody should disturb them.

did you guys ever had such embarrassing moments because of kids?