By the time this post is published, I will be happily enjoying my time with Hubby and Bunty in Chennai. Yes guys, I will be in chennai for a week. Not sure if I will get time to write new post. SO, here I am scheduling posts for a week. I also made sure that I use this Blogmarathon for publishing Book reviews which I am supposed to write long back , but was little lazy to publish them. Don’t be surprised if you are going to 3-4 book reviews in a line.

SO what are you guys doing this Pongal??  This reminds me, did you guys check out the holiday list this year. I am so happy that only 2 holidays are going waste on a Sunday. Or else its perfect year for taking your CL’s and EL/PL. If you have not seen, Check out October month.  2nd, 3rd and 6th are holidays. without you taking any leave, you get 5 days holiday. I am already planning so much for that month. Didn’t I tempt you on a Sunday morning. Enjoy your holiday.

Note: all this is fun, only if you have a 5 day a week. In case you are working on a Saturday or abroad, sorry guys. :P. ( sticks out tongue)