Expense tracker

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Most of the days i forget when i paid which bill. There are so many organizers available. few colourful, few for stay at home moms. But I always feel comfortable when its in excel sheet, where i can give simple formula for addition-subtraction and get net result. SO, here is my attempt in making one. Please give your feed back on it. It can be edited and customized. I have just put what all I thought is useful.  In case you found a better tracker, Please let me know.

sheet-1- its gives the general expense. You can start the list with simple milk, to expense of hobby to kids school fees.

sheet-2- it gives month wise expense and also yearly view. you will know where to cut down the expense each month. you will also know the fluctuation of expense. says in summer your electricity bill can be high due to AC usage etc .

Sheet-3- you can call it transaction dates. when you paid how much for what.

sheet-4- this is to know how much net balance you are left out with each month.

sheet-5 months view. its calendar format. either to remember the dates or transaction.

its just the beginning. I thought with your help, by end of few months, I will be able to make a perfect planner. something generic too. If its useful, why not circulate to others.


3 thoughts on “Expense tracker

  1. Hey.. Im really surprised to knowt that you too have a tracker 🙂 I prepared one before my wedding and used it efficiently.. All my marriage expense were also well managed with excel sheets but post wedding, though I have the template, I have never used it 😦 Though I insisted AM on using it, he is least bothered and my transaction now remains in online record 🙂

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