Beautiful Home part-1

Just the word MY HOME brings in lots of happiness to me. Who would have a dream home?. I am sure most of us have a dream home in our mind. some of us fulfill our wises, some reach it near, and for some it just stays as dream.

I think with current economic statistics, most of us spend all our savings to build our Dream home. We put in so many ideas, interact with planners, Architects, Interior decors . We plan, budget it , wait and fulfill our dreams is it?

here let me explain my dream house, a beautiful home.


everybody has their own requirements based on needs. I look for a duplex in an apartment.  Yes, I want to stay connected with other and yet have a feeling of staying in a independent house. I need three bedrooms, an open kitchen with dining. A formal and Informal living room. A big sit out.

now that my needs are established. I get into planning. I don’t believe in vastu, but I believe in science. I need natural light entering my home, and good breeze to prevail. So, I orient my apartment to the prevailing wind direction. A good light always makes a home warm and bright. I also save on energy use.

home-design-plans-425x282Kanchanjunga_Plan_1 Kanchanjunga_Plan_2

for the exterior painting of the apartment. As its a tall building, its nice if we stick on to the lighter shades, as it doesn’t obstruct or distract a traveler view, or a vehicle riders eyes. Still to add in a details, only for the sit out and balcony, bright colour is used. IT balances the look of the building, and breaks the monotony. I am going to used, Asian paint Apex weatherproof emulison. Asian Paints Apex Weatherproof Emulsion is a smooth, water-based, modified acrylic, exterior wall finish with silicon additives.

Apex Waterproof Emulsion
Product benefits
1Weather Guard

Apex is specially formulated to withstand extreme tropical conditions of high rainfall, humidity and heat.

2Excellent Protection against UV Attack

Apex provides extremely good protection against alkali and UV degradation, thus ensuring that the shade doesn’t fade for a long time and the paint lasts longer.

3Excellent Anti-algal Performance

Apex provides excellent resistance from growth of algae and fungi on the walls. This prevents appearance of black spots due to algal growth.

ca-3 1311110784-charles-correa-5-528x310

to give an idea here I have a example of Charles Chorea’s Kanchanjunga apartment, located in Mumbai.  Now that we have done the planning part, let get into the details.

the following are the tips given in Asian Paint website. I like it a lot. I am going to use thier ideas to make my home a better home.

Following are the primary ways of making colour combinations

  • Monochromatic- ( i am going to use them for Bedrooms)
  • Complementary ( for the sit out)
  • Analogous ( for the kitchen and study)


  • Do not use more than two primary colours in one room
  • Too many colours in a room create chaos
  • Build the colours in the room around the colour of the feature wall
  • Dark colour should be used against a light background
  • Accents or strong colours provide points of focus in a room
  • Keep the background colour white / light / toned down to highlight details like accents or trim or niches / corners etc
  • Use warm accents in a cool colour scheme


  • Dark rooms require plenty of light and need to be painted in light colours
  • Rooms used at night need colours that look best in artificial lights – white or yellow


  • Large areas may be painted with dark and bright colours
  • Identical colours on wall and woodwork create a clean and uncluttered look
  • Colours of natural material need to be considered while planning the room
  • Colours of the upholstery / carpet and curtains have to be in sync with the wall colours. They can either be in analogous or complementary combinations with the wall colour.

living room:

I like the textures given by Asian Paint. So would like to use them in my home.


Red colour adds in life to the building. Its kind of a warm colour which adds in boldness to the room. Hence i would like to experiment the brick red colour on my walls.


bedroom-2008 here I have struck to single colour Black. You can call them as complementary colours.  Painting Black brings in a kind of elegance and power to the room.

children bedroom 2:

Blue-Tween-Girl-Bedroom-Ideas-Top-Floor-Apartment-L-Shape-Bed-Bunka child bedroom, should have little more of colours, yet not disturbing the  taste or personality of the kid. Here the tree adds in a little creativity. the bed cum storage provides more space to the room. Bringing in natural light inside the room gives a live spirit to the room.  Blue is the colour of my kids bedroom.

guest bedroom:

bedroom-light As better to keep the guest bedroom neutral. So, I have decided upon the earthy colours. keeping it simple, is helpful for guest and also for us to clean as its going to be used once in a while.

study room:


images I am going for a must plain look here. Simple reason, I dont like any distraction in my study area. It needs to have a bookshelf, table and nice light. So, making the room with wooden finish gives in all the attributes required.


ultra-modern-kitchensbig-modern-kitchen-simple-home-decoration-acgraou7 kitchen is always good, when its all white and counter tops are of black granite. Cleaning is easy. Here a mild texture is added to the walls, still not very bright, but sober.

sit out:

Charles Correa’s Kanchanjunga apartment block

Sit out, is nice when its bright. It needs to add colour to the home. Brighter colour needs little less of maintenance, so when its outside, even if we don’t clean it regularly, it should looks bright and nice.

this post is written as part of Asian Paints Home Solutions  contest .

7 thoughts on “Beautiful Home part-1

  1. Ah, I have a tree similar to the one in the children’s room in my living room. Just wrote about it. You do seem to be going the detailed way of enhancing the home. Will wait for part 2 of this note. Good luck!

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