Only One Life to Give: Book review.

I have heard of stories of Army , Air officers. But, I never read a complete book on it. Here is Book which tells different tales Of Air force officers and their life style.


Book Review:

An Air Force officer who upholds the nation’s dignity, a sister who gives up her life to care for her younger sibling, a bureaucrat who pays with his life for upholding the nation’s values, a father who rises above personal grief… Only One Life to Give is a collection of stories of such individuals who live by the values of compassion, honesty and dignity. The collection is an attempt to create a circle of influence that encourages us to extend a helping hand to strangers, family and friends.

Imprint Frog Books
ISBN 9789382473763
Height In Cm 5.5″ x 8.5″
Binding Paperback
Publisher Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd
Author Wing Commander Arun Kaul (Retd.)
Pages 190

My Review:

I started reading the Book without much expectations. But started developing a liking towards it. It is a collection of stories, filled with various emotions. It makes one cry and laugh, at times think how hard life if for our men. Language was Simple yet formal.( May be because its written by wing commander). I felt it was like another Chickens Soup. Small book, easy read while travelling, can be read in parts. The Book is dived into 4 parts. Professional, life, His family and stories from other people. Goodness of the writing style is, you can easy visualize the life of the person. Every story has a lesson to be learnt from. TI cover various topics from a flowering garden, strict supervisor to corruption . Over all it’s a nice read.

About The Author :

Wing Commander Arun Kaul spent his school years in St. Xaviers, Jaipur. He is a post graduate in Literature from St. Stephens College, Delhi and in Management from the Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi.After a career in the Indian Air Force, he had been the Group Head-Human Resources in Arvind Mills, Ahmedabad followed by a stint in the healthcare industry. He lives in Ahmedabad, pursuing his passion of creative writing.Only One Life to Give is his first published complete work of non-fiction.Arun Kaul can be reached at Or write to him at