Weekend tales

  • first time after getting married, I saw two movies in a week.
  • had to come out of theatre just before climax as Bunty was becoming more and more restless.  So, watched only 3/4 of movie.
  • went for a telugu movie ” uyalla jampalla”. this is the first movie Bunty watched without moving from her place or asking doubts. Looks like she like only Love stories.
  • Bunty didn’t share her bucket pop corn and coke with me. Yes, we had a fight on it.
  • ended buying more cloths for Bunty , so I can pick up few kurtis from MAX.
  • had lunch at pizza hut. paid 4 digit figure, still came out half stomach. That is when I realized Domino’s is better. 

Ok, i felt the post is too small. So, let me put in a photo too. this is Blouse I bought from Anagha. She really sells super blouses and ships it your address. 


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