Bunty tales..

  • she order what has to be packed in her lunch box previous night . I feel blessed, I don’t have to run in morning for the ingredients. generally she demands, idli with sambar, poori or noodles. She also checks her box in the morning before going to school. isnt she smart?? Once I told her how my mother forgot and kept an empty box for my lunch.
  •  she get bored of a toy in a day. with so much of thoughts and money I buy her a toy, she doesn’t even play with it twice.
  •  Bunty likes to dress up. but now a days, she wants to wear only t-shirts and pants. all the frocks are crying to be worn. she loves a spegati top very much. everyday night she wants to wear that only. SO, like the 50 dates movie, we need to wash it and keep it ready for her every day.
  •  Bunty likes repeat everything I do. one day, she was getting late to school. her grandma was about to lock the door and take her. Bunty asked her not to lock the door. she ran inside. she took my lip balm, applied it on her lips. applied little moisturizer on her hands and came out running it seems. everybody started laughing .

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