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Music and ME

I didn’t know much about music. It was little complex for me to understand the shruti, ragam, thalam etc etc. When i learnt dancing, the only thing I concentrated was the beats. If the teacher says, 1 to 8. then I used to count that in my mind and do the steps. Even during the school prayers, I used to do only lip movement. I was scared to sing. Once when I sang, somebody said, I am going off the shruti.  from then I stopped singing in public.

When my mom thought of putting me in Venna class, I was not taken by the teacher. So, after so many  years, I started learning music. yes, it’s been three months now. Just not singing , I am learning an Instrument too. Both are going on parallel . I am learning Alankaram now. I was supposed to sing with a group for pongal. But I am going to chennai on those dates. Bad, I am going to my miss first stage performance in Music.



I welcome you here! My blog is primarily a blank paper with chronicles of my everyday thoughts and happenings around me spilling like colours. It has various hues, bright, cheerful at times dark episodes of my life. I like to speak a lot and tell stories, but rarely find patient listeners. So, here I am venting out, everything crossing my mind. it is also a record book of my little Barbie’s antics and growth. It is just not about the baby ,but also helps me to keep track of fights and special moments with husband, in-laws and friends. I am an Architect by profession working for an Govt. away from husband because of job location. I love writing, painting, reading and cooking (occasionally).I like roaming around and window shopping. But, now unable to move even an inch outside, because of my daughter. I am originally from Andhrapradesh and have lived in Tamilnadu for 25 years and now back in Andhra. So you will find mix of words from both the languages and me trying to settle down in this new place. Thanks for stopping by. I would love to hear from you. Please email me at

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