Music and ME

I didn’t know much about music. It was little complex for me to understand the shruti, ragam, thalam etc etc. When i learnt dancing, the only thing I concentrated was the beats. If the teacher says, 1 to 8. then I used to count that in my mind and do the steps. Even during the school prayers, I used to do only lip movement. I was scared to sing. Once when I sang, somebody said, I am going off the shruti.¬† from then I stopped singing in public.

When my mom thought of putting me in Venna class, I was not taken by the teacher. So, after so many¬† years, I started learning music. yes, it’s been three months now. Just not singing , I am learning an Instrument too. Both are going on parallel . I am learning Alankaram now. I was supposed to sing with a group for pongal. But I am going to chennai on those dates. Bad, I am going to my miss first stage performance in Music.