Mixed bag- 2013

Somehow, I didn’t like 2013.. The year seemed to take me in a loss. Either it was losing loved ones or self confidence.

I wrote so many post on my preparation for interview and exam for two companies. my bad luck is that, they wanted only fresher’s. I didnt fit in their requirement. Not clearing an written exam really pulled down my confidence. with 5 years of experience, I couldn’t compete with youngsters. May be they are still fresh with book knowledge, which I might lack. Whatever it was,  I was lost.. It took me so many months and days to recover.

On positive side, I bought a new car. Bunty started going to school. Attended one of my Best friend’s wedding. Read so many books and reviewed them. Won few contests. Did some long pending shopping. Over all, it was a balanced year.

Note: got the first scratch on the car even before getting it registered. :(.  I have not added the car pic, in case I don’t get any post for the blogathon, I can add the pic one day. 🙂