Happy new year 2014

Wish you all a HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2014.

so here let me set few achievable targets for myself for the coming year. hope I fulfill them. So guys wish me good luck with my target 2014.

  • TO make an organizer which works for me.
  • TO review few Architecture books.
  • TO read a subject related topic, and Prepare notes and keep it for future.
  • TO have a proper study time with Bunty, and making it a habit.
  • TO spend consciously, making shopping a need based than impulsive.
  • TO put more heart into my Project than just being deadline oriented.
  • TO be more organized, in everything from dressing to work.
  • TO Learn both Music and Venna perfectly with practice.
  • TO get back to painting and sketching.

There are so many mommy organizers available, but none of them seem to be indianised or they don’t fulfill my requirements. Few of the organizers are this and this. SO now, I want to make my own Organizer.

Next I spent little more than I intended to in buying few architecture books. So, i want to review them.

I think my boss would sent me for promotion next year. In my organization its interview based, not work based. SO, i feel its better I prepare for it. Best part is even If I apply for job else where, It would be useful.

Only the homework part I am taking care. I am not spending time revising what she knows. SO, i want to make it a 30 min routine in evening and make it study time. at least she will learnt to sit in one place.

This ends my list. many more can be added. but these seem to be more important to me right now.. So, tell me Do you have your list ready????

Any online sale i get tempted. I order it. regret for spending later. I bought 3 lip-balms as there was a sale. But, I have not even finished using one, I am getting bored of it. So, I dont want to waste more money on sale or online shopping.

When the deadline reaches, I Just finish the work, dont put in my heart and soul into it. I dont want to do it from now on. Instead I want to borrow extra time, and show my creativity too.

There are days when I have come to office and combed my hear, worn the pants of the dress with stitches out, or come to office with wet hair. From now on, i want to looked dressed up and organized. And hey I have subscribed for Velvettes, Fabbag. So, let me use few makeup things and look groomed.

I joined Music class. I think I told you guys. Now, I want to do it to perfection and practice everyday.

I am scared to start it again. Bunty would take my sketching book and scribble on my work. I dont want to be angry on her. I am not finding time to do. But I want to get back. Let us see, how many sketches I am going to make this year.


I am Participating in Blogathon – Jan 2014 by Maya.. just chk out the other wonderful post too.