8 things about me..


Thanks Momofrs for passing me this award.  so here are 8 things which you didnt know about me.

1. I am a Sagittarian.. true to its nature, can fall in love instantly, hate people.  have multiple crushes, and still move on. of course be loyal to the one I love.

2. when I cook anything for first time, it comes out really well. when my MIL asks me to make it again, I flop it.. dont know why.. either I am extra cautious or careless..

3.I like to keep things organized. I plan a lot. but end of the month, I am all disorganized and redo everything again. whenever I plan, it doesn’t happen.

4. write now, I am desperately trying for a job in Chennai or b’lore. yes, want to stay with hubby and stay as a family together.

5. I still have a confusion on having a second child. whenever I read about fellow blogger writing about sibling flight or talks, I am tempted to have one. when I think of career break and who will take care of baby, I am confused and dont want one.

6.If I hate a person, I keep constantly scolding them to others or in my mind. I keep coursing them too. right now it’s my boss who is the target.

7.I love to sketch, paint and dance. unfortunately not them now. started learning music and Venna. let’s see how long I continue.

8. I have cavities. reason, when I was 9 years or so, I skipped brushing my teeth for a year. My mom had gone to native place for delivering second baby. I was alone with dad. so, I just skipped it. things like this can always happen ok. now I ensure that my little one brushes her teeth.

now whom do i nominate.. I think all the bloggers I know have recieved this award long back and written it also. Tharani, yes next post is for u dear..


10 thoughts on “8 things about me..

  1. Ditto on 6 !! I keep cursing people in my head 😀 !!
    Am paranoid about cavities too…my kids are 5 but I still insist in brushing their teeth myself after they are done 😐
    Thanks for taking up the tag…enjoyed reading about you.
    Hope you get to stay with your husband soon…I know how terrible it is to stay away 😦

  2. Point #8 was cute and scary at the same time, one whole year without brushing your teeth, what were you thinking 😀

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