Tips for your Smart Suraksha

10. It is not always necessary to spend money and buy pepper spray. what you need to do is just carry a packet of chilli powder in external zip of your bag. grab it and throw on the face of person attacking you. note: if the attacking person is alone. sometimes, even a deo which you carry can also come to help. but you need to be sure that you spray on the eyes of the threatening person

9. It is related to point 10. u need to act as though you are falling down, pick up the sand and throw on the face of the culprit and run as fast as possible.

8.incase you know that the person is there to attack only for the money or gold you have, take them out, instead of handing it to the thief, throw it away, and run in opposite direct. the thief would get confused either to grab you or gold.

7.learn some self defense moves. if I am right, they used show it in SUN TV in morning after the news. few moves which can always help you when you are attacked. hitting the private part of the person threatening is best when you need to save your life.

 6.when walking alone on road, talking on phone to someone you trust and telling them where you are, and talk till you reach the destination. or sometimes pretending to be talking on phone also helps.

5.when taking a cab from bus or railway stations, always go with the registered prepaid once, though you may have spend time in queue . they will always posses your details and drivers details.  

4.always better to use public transport when it is available. it’s not that people are going to come and save you. it’s just that the abuser might not dare to attack you in crowd.

3. when you see that you are walking alone on roads, when you see someone coming on bike and you think he/she is going to attack you. walk zig zag or walk under the light or get into to nearest apartment gate where you see the security. and then leave to your place after the bike person leaves.

2. when you see that someone is following you, get into different places. so that person doesn’t come to know the exact place of your residence.

1. best is to download the smart suraksha app. try it out once before the actual situation occurs and use if safely and roam around the world safely. 


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