Yes i have Smart Suraksha with me and My daughter her

There are so many families in India who just don’t embrace the birth of a female child. let it educated, un-educated, rich-poor, its all the same feel when its comes to this particular aspect. this happened with me too. when my father was not ready to accept me when I was born, as I was a FEMALE, I wish I had smart Suraksha with me to tell him, there is no difference between a girl child and boy child except for the genitals. Though i am still surviving they had a wish to have a SON. that is why i wanted a Suraksha, a self realisation app which can change the mindset of the parents, the minute the button is pressed.

Almost every girl in this world get abused sexually. the severity of the case changes with the person and situations. I was too a victim not once or twice, but for so many years as i was not educated about sexual abuse or child abuse. when I was being touched inappropriately by peon in the school or relative, I wish there was smart Suraksha with me which would send message to my parents, school principal and the teachers and helped me from so many traumatic nights.  yes, I belong to era where openly talking about such things to parents is forbidden. if pressing a button could do it, I wish I had it then.

Sending girls fir higher studies itself is question mark in so many families.  fighting and getting admission in a good college was a great challenge. finally i managed to  get admission in a prestigious university. Still, how many every degree’s a man gets, his physical need and development is more than his mental or knowledge development. when I was in college, there were so many people on the campus road teasing every women crossing the road. the comments invariable used to made me  cry.  especially when those guys goings on triples come so close to scare me, and half the time they succeeded in touching. most of the times, I didn’t even know the culprit to complain, as they hide their faces under the helmet.  I wish there was smart Suraksha with me, which would send message to police station, dean and automatically debar them from college. I was scared of telling this at home, as that would be invariably stopping me from studying further.

Most of the women are sent for work for better earning to the family and finding a better groom in the market. I was also sent to work for the same reason. not that my family survived because of my income. because i had to save for my wedding. I managed to get placed in a good company. when I was at work, there were few higher officials who use to stand behind me in the name of monitoring my work, looked directly into my dress.  Any amount of layers of cloths didn’t protect me from their X-ray eyes.when I try to get up, he would hold my hand and move the computer mouse in the name of checking the document. I wish there was smart Suraksha with me, which would send message to his family ( as they need to know about him)and the CEO of company. yes I was helpless in spite of being capable of handling the situation as the person who misbehaves himself is the in charge of  women grievance in office.

when I was of marriageable age( according to my parent), so many came and saw me as a product in display for buying. few told i was shirt, few felt i was dark, few wanted me to quit work after marriage ,few dared to ask my past indirectly trying to find out about my virginity. I wish there was smart Suraksha with me, which would send message to his and my parents, showing the true nature of their children. though we call ourselves a developing country, our country will never develop with such people and their mentality.

there are so many incidents in which i could have used the smart suraksha in past… So many people fought for women rights and safety in past, so many are doing now. through out only one thing is constant, ” Women safety is always at stake”. May be always their is dependency.

now that I have a daughter of my own, I no more wish I had smart Suraksha with me. as I will be having one to ensure that she is always safe. even if she is not able to communicate with me, I want to ensure that she can reach me any time when she needs me. I need to teach her not depend on others for their approval at any stage of her life. she needs to decide what is right for her. if a person touches her, if she is capable of hitting him back, i will teach her to do that.  that would be SELF SURAKSHA. if a knowledge going to help her, remove the barriers in society, i will teach her the SURAKHSA knowledge.  if she is being abused at later stage, i will teach her the SURAKHSA confidence to move ahead in life( work or partner) . when she is really in need and cant fight herself, then i would give her the Smart Suraksha App. The weapon which would definately save her, when she is in need and cant fight by helrself anymore.

I am participating in the Seeking Smart Suraksha contest at in association with Smart Suraksha App

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