As Beautiful As Your Work

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just my attempt to describe my beautiful friend, and her work.


there lived a cute little girl, daughter of two scientist.  An all rounder. she always stood 2nd in class  in academics. Dance was her breath.

at age of 14, she met with an accident. Doctors declared, she cant dance anymore. she was bedridden for 6 months.


Her frustration grew, but she didnt loose determination. she studied at home, in spite of not attending the school for half the term, she stood first in school. A CBSE topper, she received NTSE scholarship. she still didn’t left her dance, she would still go, and see other people dancing, though she couldn’t move her head.


after three years, she was allowed to dance.  she gave her best. performed her Arengethram in front of eminent people. she still did not compromise on her studies. she went to the best college in the state, and got placed in Microsoft.

155706_10151571190184254_866932941_nshe has chosen the best.

she enjoys her life with other pals. nothing stopped her from being the best at what she does. 
she proved to be a good student to her guru. 

a good employee to her employer.


living upto her dreams, and making her parents proud.

734965_324612240972940_605799736_n 775040_324612334306264_1693827241_o

she is as beautiful as her work.


Work is her passion. she choose dance as her form of expression. she choose dance to communicate her heart, fight for many social cause, raise funds and help the under privileged.  for me, she is the women who makes work beautiful. she never gave up her passion, chose to leave a meritorious seat at IIT to continue her passion.  she inspires me every time I see her performing.  I can just keep looking at changing expression across the light, on the stage with changing beats of music.

13 thoughts on “As Beautiful As Your Work

  1. Hi, this is a friend of the beautiful person. Sorry for the earlier post :). Lovely article, truly inspirational and she is an amazing person at heart too! feeling proud:).

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