interview- results are out.

finally the day arrived. I decided to wear my favorite white saree with sky-blue border. a pearl necklace to match with. wore simple make up. I was happy to see my other friends there. looking at one of them, I was sure that she would get selected. don’t know why, it was my gut feeling. PA came and read out the order in which we would attend the interview. I was supposed to go second. I sat in a corner looking at my notes.

my turn came. I went inside with little prayer inside. I was asked to sit. for first time I saw such a big panel. it consisted of 12 member for various disciplines. I was asked various questions. whatever I knew I answered confidently. few I blabbered. for none I kept quite. I was also asked to solve quadratic equation. guess what I couldn’t solve it. then came reverberation time, density, what not. I didn’t expect them to check my physic and mathematics skill. I felt so dumb not answering them. I wanted to bang my head on the wall. came out of the hall with disappointment.  

came back home. I was upset for two days. I knew I am not going to make it. came back to vizag. my boss had called the specialist to ask how I had done the interview. they said I was good. this was the only statement which brought back the smile on my face.

after a long wait, the results are out. and guess what?? I am there in the list, but in waiting list. that too not one.. in three.. again living with a small hope. I just can’t tell you my state of mind. :(.. feeling sad sad.. 

14 thoughts on “interview- results are out.

  1. sorry for being away for a long time, don’t understand what this interview is about… last we exchanged mails I know you’re preparing for something, my bad I forgot 😦 reading your old posts to know….

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