interview part-3

because people are not understanding the procedures in govt organization,

incase if a person needs to apply for job in another govt organization, the present organization has to approve it.  in simple words only with NOC, he/she can apply for another job. as far as my knowledge, its easy to get in private firm, but really difficult in Govt. offices.

coming back..

the super boss put it my head that I will not be shortlisted for interview.. even if I get shortlisted,  I will not be selected . I lost all hopes, and prepared to stay at vizag only.

suddenly, a month ago, I got the call letter asking me to attend interview. yes, i was literally jumping around. here i had another problem, few months back a new Regional director was appointed of my office. He has powers to stop me from attending the interview. so, I had to prepare in silence, yet inform other superiors( bosses) that i am going to attend interview. finally they need to sanction me leave na.

I  used to get up at 4 in the morning to study. after that at 7 I had to cook and come to office.  I kept all pdf document windows open along with AutoCAD dwg, would toggle between the windows when nobody is noticing my monitor. I read National Building Code book completely. few other norms, Developmental control rule etc etc. Energy conservation Building code, what not.. made notes. came to office on few Saturdays, so that i can study without disturbances. i had a feeling that i had prepared well.

then I also did few cheating as I am in the department. i got to know interview panel members. tried talking to the specialist people . thought they didn’t tell me what to study or interview questions, they just said they would ask general question . it just helped me to build the confidence.