Interview series -2

As everybody says, the Process of getting anything done according to employee benefit is difficult in Govt. organization. that to when I had to apply for a post lower than what I am presently in. best part is that, any application has to pass through proper channel. that means, all the people whom I am reporting to have to sign it. 

are you confused?? being an architect, I have a Architect boss, and a civil boss. they report to their respective head, who too have to sign. isn’t it weird?? 

coming back to the process, I was given a chance to apply, consideration was given on basis of *Spouse case*. whatever they call it, my application was forwarded.  because of all this process, everybody in office came to know that I am trying for a job in Chennai. few people even decided that I would leave the organization irrespective of the interview. few planned for treat, considering that I would surely get it.  this was making me more and more uncomfortable. on top of that my boss would come to check my screen if I am working on drawing or preparing for my interview..

at home front, MIL started praying all Gods for my interview. so, there was no peace at office or at home.  

two months passed. from nowhere another person got involved in my  project. his grade was higher than my bosses boss. he came and told me that director of the organization has asked him to stop my application from getting processed. what a stupid thing,  I am in the lowest grade in the organization, and director has stopped my application. what has he to do with me? he doesn’t even know that I exist. oops I forgot to tell you, this super boss is my dad’s friend. instead of doing good to me, he has spoiled everything.