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tomorrow is my history exam. I have so much to study. after getting freedom, now I feel I don’t have freedom to choose what to study. I need to study the complete syllabus and write what teacher expects me to write and get marks to satisfy my parents. hmmm, let me try WeChat and talk to few people, and find out if they can help me??

let me call, Gandhi ji, Bhagat Singh as there is big chapter on them, will pull in my best friend then he can also benefit for the exam from the conversation.

systems-thinkingMe: ( calling B) hey, Barat, how are you? how much have you studied?

images (1)Barat: i don’t know. i am confused what to study and how to start?

systems-thinkingMe: shall we call Gandhi ji directly and know his struggle directly from him then reading from book written by somebody else?

images (1)Barat: don’t forget Bhagat  Singh , history mam said he too is important. a sure question is going to come about him

systems-thinkingMe: yes, i want to try this WeChat, so let me take this opportunity to call them.

GandhiGandhi ji: hello beta, why have you called me at this odd time?

systems-thinkingMe: bappu ji, i am having exam tomorrow, will you help me?

GandhiGandhi ji: no beta.. i dont cheat in exam or pass on Bit paper or show you scan images like Rajini in Robot?

systems-thinkingMe: wow Bappu ji, you are so upto date .. you seem to know a lot about our era, but we are struggling to read about your freedom struggle

GandhiGandhi ji: passion beta. you need to like what you do.. then you will like everything.. Remember Surya’s Dialogue in Gajini???

images (1)Barat: Yes Bappu, if u like doing the difficult thing, then difficult thing also will seem easy. but you saw the movies which is much easier then reading history text books.

GandhiGandhi Ji: great. hmmm.. so what is problem now?

systems-thinkingme: that i have history exam tomorrow, teacher said she will ask question about you and Bhagat Singh.

12Bhagat Singh  then why don’t you talk to your History teacher instead of us? you need to develop courage to ask what you want?

GandhiGandhi Ji: Listen Bhagat, they have exam, if they ask the teacher about the question paper, then they will follow the wrong path. they should be truthful.

12Bhagat Singh: what truth is there? getting marks is ultimate goal. what path we choose is not necessary.

images (1)Barat: Sabash Sari anna poti( sabash, now that’s a nice competition)

systems-thinkingme: stop stop. now just tell me what were your principles, what all you did in short. so that i can write and get marks.

images (1)Barat: what if they ask for 15 marks question? let them tall long story only. even I forget few lines in between, I can make up by Rang de basanti movie. hey by the way can we call  Amir and Om Prakash , so they can tell us better, I mean in the story format so I will remember better.

systems-thinkingme: ok let me call them too..

220px-AamirKhanTIFFSept10Amir: Hi hi  hi.. its nice to see you all..

systems-thinkingme: hello sir.. but we are not in press meeting. you can be casual now.

220px-AamirKhanTIFFSept10Amir: i am always cool.

images (1)Barat: no you are perfectionist.

220px-AamirKhanTIFFSept10Amir: smiles. so beta, why did you call me?

images (1)Barat: wait sir, we are calling Om Ji also

220px-AamirKhanTIFFSept10Amir: so you want me to do a movie for you?

images (1)Barat: no sir

systems-thinkingMe: we want you to talk about your character in Rang de basanti movie.

220px-AamirKhanTIFFSept10Amir: you mean that? hmmm… actually i am out of that character for now. ask me about my new Avatar in female role.

images (1)Barat: but my history teacher would not accept that answer for her freedom struggle question na.

Rakeysh-Omprakash-MehraOm: this is the reason i have stopped making  such movie. i want to convey something, this generation understands something else.

systems-thinkingme: how did we disappoint you sir

Rakeysh-Omprakash-MehraOm: everybody saw foreign lady, Soha’s dressing, Amir bottoms up, songs. they saw everybody’s acting, but not the story line

images (1)Barat: but my history teacher said it’s a good movie. we can learn lot about the freedom fighters from it.

Rakeysh-Omprakash-MehraOm: ( he feels irritates) call your history teacher in line.

systems-thinkingMe: oh.. let me link her up too

imagesTeacher: what is this.. you people are calling me at this time? when i taught in class you people slept, now when i am sleeping you are waking me to ask doubts

images (1)Barat: no mam, sorry. Director Om wants to talk to you.

imagesteacher: yes sir, tell me.

Rakeysh-Omprakash-MehraOm: what made you think Rang de basant i is all about freedom fighters of that era.

imagesteacher: that is what you showed in black and white in movie na.

Rakeysh-Omprakash-MehraOm: so you missed seeing all colour part?

imagesteacher : no sir, we all saw how two couples fell in love, and but you never showed how she got pregnant??

Rakeysh-Omprakash-MehraOm: furious.. you lady.. you cannot take conclusion from what have shown in a movie with so much of money spent , actors acting, etc etc

220px-AamirKhanTIFFSept10Amir: yes OM, you didn’t give me a chance to be close with the heroine, i would have the scene perfect you see.

Rakeysh-Omprakash-MehraOm: shut up and get lost.

220px-AamirKhanTIFFSept10Amir: gets irritated and goes offline’.

imagesteacher: so where were we?

Rakeysh-Omprakash-MehraOm: its my line. don’t copy. i wanted to show how this generation can fight for their right, making impact on society and for its betterment. how they can fight against corruption in this nation taking inspiration from our freedom fighters.

imagesteacher: oh.. you never gave subtitles na sir, so i didn’t understand.

Rakeysh-Omprakash-MehraOm: its not worth talking to you. i am quitting .

GandhiGandhi ji: peace people. you need to talk it out and not fight. what do you say Bhagat?

12Bhagat Singh:  i have lost hopes on India after listening to the conversation. if i am still there, they might take out different meanings for “Inquilab Zindabad!” also. let me go back to sleep and assume India future after my death.

GandhiGandhi ji: hmmm.. there is no patience.

systems-thinkingme: you mean Gandhi giri?? oops Gandhism??

Gandhi Ji: now dont call all circuit family. i have had enough.

imagesTeacher: tell us what you wanted to tell Bappu?

GandhiGandhi Ji: there is no such thing as “Gandhism”, and I do not want to leave any sect after me. I do not claim to have originated any new principle or doctrine. I have simply tried in my own way to apply the eternal truths to our daily life and problems…The opinions I have formed and the conclusions I have arrived at are not final. I may change them tomorrow. I have nothing new to teach the world. Truth and non-violence are as old as the hills.

images (1)Barat: so u mean to say we can too make history and its keeps changing with time.

220px-AamirKhanTIFFSept10Amir: i am back.

systems-thinkingme: ok Amir, thanks for returning. we were discussing on Gandhi ji’s saying. he says we don’t have to study about him, as they were solutions of him at that particular time.

220px-AamirKhanTIFFSept10Amir: exactly. did you see Tare Zameen Par?? that is what i emphasized. why this kind of education system? why “by heart “so much and write for the sake of exams? live for you passion and create an impression . dont leave it as a mark in history. give place for others to make their own story.

imagesTeacher: in all tears.. thanks for teaching me a valuable lesson.

images (1)Barat: doesn’t that mean, i don’t have to write history exam tomorrow?

systems-thinkingme: is that mam?

imagesteacher: no, you have to learn about them, but need to by heart and vomit in exam, but you have take your interpretation. learn for not sake of marks, but out of interest.

images (1)Barat: last minute learning is not the solution.

so, I wasted all night talking to you, and gaining nothing. i could have at least slept or thought of a solution on improvising the education system in India.

jai hind!!!


note: this post is not written to hurt anybody’s sentiments on freedom fighters, teachers or movie starts. i just wanted to bring out the change in thinking about the education system which still follows “by heat and vomit ” procedures, expect kids to remember all the dates, war’s movements and names with places. finally the essence of the history is lost.